SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 92 – 98

Page 92
1155female Griggs15 Jun. 1881, BrowningJulia Ann (Bryant) GriggsWilliam Griggs
1156Annie Barbara Eppert29 May 1881, Browning Tp.Elizabeth (Schuman) EppertWilliam Eppert
1157Bertt Justus22 Jun. 1881, BrowningAnnfield (McCombs) JustusGeorge Cyrus Justus
1158male22 Jun. 1881, Hickory Tp.Nancy (Venters) Mace [sic]W. S. Mays
1159Everet H. Hedgecock7 Jun. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Virginia (Griffith) HedgecockTrux Hamilton Hedgecock
1160Etta Bell Wilson23 Jun. 1881, Littleton Tp.Minnie (Seward) WilsonEdward Wilson
1161male Legg27 Jun. 1881, Littleton Tp.Letha M. (Smiley) LeggJohn F. Legg
1162female Lawler27 Jun. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Eliza M. (Welker) LawlerGeo. W. Lawler
1163Henry Wade27 Jun. 1881, BainbridgeSarah Catharine (Tolle) WadeHorace Wade
1164Mary Ervin20 Jun. 1881, Buenavista Tp.Cordelia (Clements) ErvinWilliam H. Ervin
1165male Phillips23 Apr. 1881, Buenavista Tp.Alice (Harman) PhillipsAbraham Phillips
1166Dora May Mullen3 Apr. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Ruth H. (Pennington) MullenCharles Garrett Mullen
Page 93
1167male Patterson5 May 1881, Frederick Tp.Charlott Ann (Lane) PattersonWilliam Patterson
1168male Allen4 Jul. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Etta (Adkinson) AllenThomas Philo Allen
1169female Loring23 Jun. 1881, Frederick Tp.Mary (Parks) LoringDavid K. Loring
1170Clarke Graff20 Apr. 1881, RushvilleSarah Eliza (Wilson) GraffHiram Graff
1171female Wagner22 Jul. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Azora Jane (Lawler) WagnerJohn Wagner
1172Stella May Eales22 Nov. 1880, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Frances (Eales) EalesGeorge Henry Eales
1173male Clemens10 May 1881, Rushville Tp.Cornelia Ann (Wilmot) ClemensWilliam Daniel Clemens
1174male Bowling27 May 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Elizabeth (Wilmot) BowlingAlbert Ross Bowling
1175Frances Loucinda Richey22 Jun. 1881, Rushville Tp.Catharine Frances (Sands) RicheyFrancis Patterson Richey
1176Easley Herman Wilson7 Apr. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Laura (Wiggins) WilsonSylvanus Wilson
1177female Haines9 Jul. 1881, BrowningRebecca (Burger) HainesWarren V. Haines
1178Flora Adella Carpenter5 Jul. 1881, BrowningFlora (Brown) CarpenterLafayette Carpenter
Page 94
1179John Enoch Steward27 Jul. 1881, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth S. (Reed) StewardFranklin V. T. Steward
1180female Ingels27 Jul. 1881, CamdenJane (Edmonston) IngelsJohn Ingels
1181Lana Gail Rebman28 Jul. 1881, Frederick Tp.Louisa (Messerer) RebmanBenjamin F. Rebman
1182Edward Theodore Lynch2 Aug. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Clara Ann (Randall) LynchSilas Lynch
1183George Leroy Doyel2 Jul. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Sarah M. (Burton) DoyelWilliam H. Doyel
1184female Cooper14 Jul. 1881, Huntsville Tp.Mary (Harris) CooperJohn Wesley Cooper
1185female McCollum15 Jul. 1881, Huntsville Tp.Louisa Bertil (Carpenter) McCollumThomas McCollum
1186female Harden15 Jul. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Nancy (Holland) HardenWilliam Harden
1187female Decamp10 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Louisa (Redfield) DecampSamuel Decamp
1188female McPhearson8 Aug. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Mary T. (Fowler) McPhearsonColumbus B. McPhearson
1189male Wells1 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Minnie (Wood) WellsJohn Wells
1190Raymond Hinton24 Jul. 1881, Browning Tp.Addie (Wampler) HintonCharles Hinton
Page 95
1191Carl Owen Utter4 Aug. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Maggie (Parks) UtterJohn Henry Utter
1192male Brown17 Jul. 1881, Oakland Tp.Ellen Virginia (Baxter) BrownJohn L. Brown
1193Carrie Alice McKenzie16 Aug. 1881, Rushville Tp.Mary Agnes (Wilmot) McKenzieEdwin E. McKenzie
1194female Lynch18 Aug. 1881Malinda (Skiles) LynchEzra J. Lynch
1195female Bryant5 Apr. 1881, Hickory Tp.Mahala (Louderback) BryantGeo. W. Bryant
1196male Bleeker21 Feb. 1881, Browning Tp.Ollie (Taggart) BleekerM. C. Bleeker
1197Isaac M. Hummel11 Apr. 1881, Hickory Tp.Susan (Burgat) HummelPeter Hummel
1198female Baker28 Jul. 1881Lyde (Sherrill) BakerRichard Marion Baker
1199female Morris10 Aug. 1881, Browning Tp.Joanna (Workman) MorrisJohn Wesley Morris
1200male Reno8 Aug. 1881, BrowningRebecca (Wallace) RenoWilliam C. Reno
1201Samuel French Lancaster7 Aug. 1881, BrowningMary Caroline (Sherrill) LancasterJohn Grenade Lancaster
1202William Bryant Bitts10 Jul. 1881, Hickory Tp.Arilla (Gregory) BittsZacharia Bitts
Page 96
1203Mary Elizabeth Euler4 Sep. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Mena (Carl) EulerLouis Euler
1204female24 Jul. 1881, Camden Tp.Armilda WeltyIllegitimate
1205Clara Price12 Sep. 1881, Camden Tp.Mary Ellen (Alters) PriceGeo. W. Price
1206male Cokenhour26 Jun. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Emiline (Stephens) CokenhourAbraham Cokenhour
1207male Duchardt17 Jan. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Ruth (Dale) DuchardtHenry B. Duchardt
1208Patrick Henry Lawler29 Mar. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Josephine (Lawler) LawlerAlbert Lawler
1209Lora Edith Chitwood30 Jan. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Harrett (Dodds) ChitwoodAllen Chitwood
1210 Lizzie M. Whitney25 May 1881, Huntsville Tp.Susanna (Benzing) WhitneyJohn Whitney
1211male Bridgewater6 Apr. 1881, BainbridgeMary (Davis) BridgewaterWm. Bridgewater
1212William John Blodgett17 Jul. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Ida Ella (Shultz) BlodgettFred Steve Blodgett
1213male Tutt6 Jul. 1881, BrooklynEmily (Carty) TuttGeo. W. Tutt
1214Orestes? Foster Crandall3 Jul. 1881, Rushville Tp.May Agnes (Sands) CrandallHarry Foster Crandall
Page 97
1215female How12 Sep. 1881, HuntsvilleMargarett (Grafton) HowJames How
1216female Mansir7 Sep. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Rosella (Miller) MansirJames Mansir
1217male Bennett31 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Elizabeth (Carder) BennettJohn Bennett
1218Ethel Pearl Ellis27 Aug. 1881, Oakland Tp.Sarah Amanda (Jefferies) EllisFrancis Valentine Ellis
1219Harold Thomas Packard15 Sep. 1881, RushvilleBette M. (Odell) PackardNathan Packard
1220male Vincent24 Apr. 1881, Buena Vista Tp.Mary Francis Paisley VincentCharles Vincent
1221Robert Henry Draine3 Oct. 1881, RushvilleMary E. (Williams) DraineCharles R. Draine
1222female Sellars2 Oct. 1881, Buena Vista Tp.Mahalia Emiline (Moore) SellarsLeroy Sellars
1223female Kruse12 Aug. 1881, RushvilleMargaret Annie (McKee) KruseGeorge W. Kruse
1224Bessie Dace1 Jun. 1881, RushvilleKate (Delapp) DaceHenry M. Dace
1225Leyda Catherine Root18 Sep. 1881, BainbridgeAlice (Wright) RootWilliam Root
1226Jessie Agnew7 Oct. 1881, Littleton Tp.Louisa (Hodgson) AgnewJames Agnew
Page 98
1227Dora Pain6 Oct. 1881, Littleton Tp.Dora (Yaap) PainDavid Pain
1228Carl Downs14 Sep. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Miranda (Kimbell) DownsZephaniah L. Downs
1229female Huff14 Aug. 1881, BainbridgeAnn (Thompson) HuffLawrence O. Huff
1230Clarence Garrison7 May 1881, Browning Tp.Emma L. (Trimble) GarrisonWash. Garrison
1231female Teel14 Feb. 1881, Rushville Tp.Amanda Melvina (Martin) TeelFrancis Marion Teel
1232male Scott27 Jan. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Elizabeth (Harrison) ScottRichard M. Scott
1233male Hite30 Aug. 1881, RushvilleAmanda E. (McKee) HiteHenry Hite
1234female Yates28 Aug. 1881, RushvilleAnna G. (Buell) YatesAmos Yates
1235male Fey18 Sep. 1881M[?] (Serrott) FeyChristian Fey
1236male Armstrong11 Oct. 1881, RushvilleAmma (Miller) ArmstrongJohn Armstrong
1237female Larash17 Oct. 1881, RushvilleEmilia A. (Horney) LarashWm. J. Larash
1238femaleTectridge11 Jul. 1881, Rushville Tp.Amanda M. (Spillers) TectridgeTheodore M. Tectridge

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