SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 99 – 105

Page 99
1239Ada Belle Foote3 Jul. 1881, RushvilleBelle (McEllise) FooteAlfred Foote
1240female Nall [Hall?]26 Oct. 1881, RushvilleRachel Ann (Lynch) NallWm. F. Nall
1241male Clothier15 Sep. 1881, RushvilleLeethey (Garrett) ClothierWm. Clothier
1242Vincent Greer Bellomy4 Oct. 1881, BainbridgeLucy M. (Geer) BellomyDavies Bellomy
1243male19 Oct. 1881, Rushville Tp.George H. Stroops
1244James Franklin Beaty27 Sep. 1881, Rushville Tp.Mary P. (Meadows) BeatyJohn Beaty
1245male Trimble6 Sep. 1881, Frederick Tp.Maggie (Seeley) TrimbleElex Trimble
1246Crety Ellen Lancaster9 Oct. 1881, BrowningTriphena (McCoombs) LancasterAugustus Ceaser Lancaster
1247Luly Fowler31 Aug. 1881, BrowningJulia (Hunter) FowlerGeorge W. Fowler
1248female[no date], BrowningJames Montgomery
1249Edna Gibbs2 Sep. 1881Hattie (Harte) GibbsSmith Gibbs
1250Geo. Harry Staffer10 Sep. 1881, BadersLovinia (Schaffer) StafferSeth Stauffer [sic]
Page 100
1251Fearby Ann Kendall19 Oct. 1888 [sic], Hickory Twp.Annie (Helsel) KendallLeonard Kendall
1252Ansel Shippey10 Sep. 1881, Browning Caroline (Willard) ShippeyMartin Shippey
1253female Pemberton8 Nov. 1881, Oakland Tp.Elizabeth (Bates) PembertonThomas Wesley Pemberton
1254female Mason25 Oct. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Jane (Robinson) MasonAden P. Mason
1255James and Addie Simpson16 Nov. 1881Susan (Thompson) SimpsonNewton Simpson
1256Charles Clinton Ward28 Sep. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Jennie C. (Lamaster) WardCyrus A. Ward
1257Ida Ethel Knous9 Nov. 1881, BainbridgeLydia (Quinn) KnousJames Knous
1258George Washington McLain30 Nov. 1881, Littleton Tp.Sarah E. (Morrell) McLainSamuel D. McLain
1259Maude E. Johnson29 Nov. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Sophia (Bailey) JohnsonRichard Johnson
1260male[no date], Birmingham Tp.Prudence HendersonMartin Ogal
1261David Jackson17 Nov. 1881, RushvilleFannie J. (Bowen) JacksonDavid Jackson
1262Noah Vance17 Oct. 1881, Hickory Tp.Missouri (Norton) VanceWilliam Vance
Page 101
1263Lydia Josephine Wilson17 Oct. 1881, Hickory Tp.Barbara E. (Louderback) WilsonNathan Wilson
1264Lora A. Stedman14 Nov. 1881Angeline (Moore) StedmanDavid Stedman
1265Ethel Belvie Kruse30 Apr. 1881, RushvilleHattie Ellen (Beard) KruseFranz Henry Kruse
1266Robert Paull Kruse15 Feb. 1879, RushvilleHattie Ellen (Beard) KruseFranz Henry Kruse
1267Berthie Allis Long13 Dec. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Emma W. (Smith) LongJohn M. Long
1268male Cady31 Dec. 1881, CamdenLeeanna (West) CadyWilliam Norris Cady
1269Carrie May Shupe20 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah Louisa (Rinehart) ShupeGeorge Shupe
1270female Ryan23 Dec. 1881, Buenavista Tp.Ellen M. (Shields) RyanJames S. Ryan
1271female Cunningham20 Nov. 1881, Buenavista Tp.Margaret (Green) CunninghamWilliam Cunningham
1272Mary Byrns15 Jul. 1881, RushvilleMary W. (Wells) ByrnsAlbert James Byrns
1273Margaret Roach16 Dec. 1881, RushvilleHellen (Montgomery) RoachJohn H. Roach
1274male6 Jan. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Tom Arrington
Page 102
1275Alfred Mason Adkins18 Aug. 1881, BirminghamClara (Sawtell) AdkinsGeorge Adkins
1276male Clark29 Aug. 1881, Huntsville Tp.Martha (Green) ClarkEgbert G. Clark
1277Elizabeth Pierson4 Jan. 1882, Browning Tp.Emily Jane (Ruark) PiersonThomas Austin Pierson
1278female Bonser6 Jan. 1882, BainbridgeSarah (Quinn) BonserHenry Bonser
1279male Corbin2 Oct. 1881, Rushville Tp.Sarah Elizabeth Virginia (Hare) CorbinJames H. Corbin
1280Lena Nieman24 Dec. 1881, RushvilleAnna Maria (Clark) NiemanHenry Adolf Nieman
1281female Brent11 Jan, 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Mary J. (Clugston) BrentGeorge S. Brent
1282female Bartlow19 Jan. 1882, Littleton Tp.Mary J. (Townsend) BartlowSelvetus Bartlow
1283female Reece18 Jan. 1882, Brooklyn Tp,Annie Eliza (Parish) ReeceThos. B. Reece
1284female King13 Jan. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Ellen (Lewis) KingChas. D. King
1285male Neill18 Jan. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Lucy J. (Greer) NeillJames E. Neill
1286male Silsby5 Dec. 1881, Rushville Tp.Sarah (Fisher) SilsbyGeorge W. Silsby
Page 103
1287Ida Briney1 Feb. 1882, Hickory Tp.Isa (Wolfe) BrineyGeorge W. Briney
1288Josephine Roberts12 Dec. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Martha (Jones) RobertsRichard Roberts
1289male Smith5 Feb. 1882, Littleton Tp.Emily (Kelley) SmithLucius Smith
1290Clara Cleek25 Dec. 1881, Camden Tp.Lydia Ann (Welty) CleekMarion Marcelus Cleek
1291Florence Stone31 Jan. 1882, Camden Tp.Cynthia Ann (Davis) StoneWm. Stone
1292female Cleek14 Nov. 1881, Camden Tp.Nancy C. (Wells) CleekRichard F. Cleek
1293male Marlow10 Nov. 1881, Camden Tp.Mary A. (Evans) MarlowWilliam F. Marlow
1294Effie May Copes15 Feb. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah (Waugh) CopesJames Copes
1295female Cain28 Jan. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Mollie Jane (Hosler) CainRussell Cain
1296female Stoneking25 Feb. 1882, Rushville Tp.Lucinda Catherine (Jenkins) StonekingDaniel Webster Stoneking
1297female Cowdry30 Jan. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Jane (King) CowdrySpencer Cowdry
1298male Williams2 Mar. 1882, Camden Tp.Nancy Amanda (Allen) WilliamsRobert A. Williams
Page 104
1299male Bryant3 Mar. 1882, Browning Tp.Sarah Elizabeth (Tolle) BryantJames Bryant
1300Ida May Ashley15 Jan. 1882, RushvilleMary Emma (Moork) AshleyRobert E. Ashley
1301female Foote28 Jan. 1882, RushvilleSusannah (Webber) FooteGeorge Herbert Foote
1302Ernest Alexander Howell17 Jan. 1882, WoodstockElla C. (Dillon) HowellJohn J. Howell
1303female Lawler17 Feb. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Bessie M. (Patterson) LawlerJohn W. Lawler
1304male Pollock3 Mar. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Nancy H. (Gunning) PollockWilliam Alvin Pollock
1305Henry Hillyer2 Mar. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Hannah J. (Brooks) HillyerWilliam R. Hillyer
1306female Little8 Mar. 1882, Littleton Tp.Mable (Lambert) LittleGeorge T. Little
1307William Franklin Phillips2 Feb. 1882, Buenavista Tp.Alice (Harmon) PhillipsAbraham R. Phillips
1308Mary Agnes Dace29 Jan. 1882, WoodstockSarah E. (Black) DaceEdwin Dace
1309Israel Stephens12 Mar. 1882, WoodstockMartha J. (Landeth) StephensDavid Stephens
1310George Edwards15 Mar. 1882, PleasantviewElthenia (Glover) EdwardsCharles M. Edwards
Page 105
1311Mary Alberta Huffman[no date], Camden Tp.Martha HuffmanWilliam W. Huffman
1312Eva May Black20 Feb. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Samantha Jane (Stephens) BlackRichard Black
1313male Eades23 Mar. 1882, Rushville Tp,Sophronia E. (Lenover) EadesJohn Die. Eades
1314female Belden5 Mar. 1882, Camden Tp.Nancy Ann (Weightman) BeldenAlonzo K. Bilden
1315male Pierce21 Feb. 1882Velora (Alters) PierceClauson Pierce
1316Perry Bird Morrell28 Sep. 1881, Camden Tp.Emily F. (Owne) MorrellTheodore Morrell
1317male Avery19 Mar. 1882, CamdenZuba (Haley) AveryCharles Avery
1318male Weightman20 Mar. 1882, CamdenMinnie (Starkweather) WeightmanWilliam Weightman
1319female Anderson20 Nov. 1881, BrowningSarah (Pettigrew) AndersonJames Calvin Anderson
1320Thomas Edward Furnis26 Nov, 1881, Browning Tp.Hanah Jane (Sears) FurnaceThomas Sears
1321Nannie T. Sipes15 Nov. 1881Eldora PerkinsRobert Sipes
1322female Davis5 Dec. 1881, BrowningDiademma (Lasiter) DavisDavid Davis

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