SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 106 – 112

Page 106
1323Nathan Anno10 Dec. 1881, Browning Tp.Adda (Shannon) AnnoStephen Anno
1324female Beck12 Jan. 1882, Hickory Tp.Maggie (Weaver) BeckJonas Beck
1325Sarah H. Stambaugh3 Feb. 1882, Browning Tp.Susan (Robertson) StambaughAlbert Stambaugh
1326male Glymps13 Jan. 1882, BadersSarah Jane (Sherley) GlympsJames Glymps
1327male Panter23 Feb. 1882, Hickory Tp.Matilda (Wigant) PanterLemuel Panter
1328Stella Catherine Lear3 Feb. 1882, BrowningSarah Ann (Wilcox) LearJohn W. Lear
1329male Shisler7 Feb. 1882, Browning Tp.Amanda (Robertson) ShislerMartin Shisler
1330Harry Carlisle13 Mar. 1882, BrowningMary (Bates) CarlisleElias G. Carlisle
1331James Harvey Daly5 Apr. 1882, CamdenMary Ellen (Cook) DaileyCharles Marion Daly
1332male Carnes23 Mar. 1882, Camden Tp.Mary CarnesWilliam Lewis Carnes
1333female Window8 Apr. 1882, RushvilleLouisa Rebecca WindowWilliam Henry Window
1334Ettie Katherine Clemens4 Feb. 1882, Buenavista Tp.Mary Ann (Beard) ClemensLeonidas E. Clemens
Page 107
1335male Acheson27 Nov. 1881, Bainbridge Tp.Jane (Herron) AchesonJames Acheson
1336Bessie Goodwin15 Feb. 1882, RushvilleIsabella (Sands) GoodwinGideon Goodwin
1337female Ballew25 Nov. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Angeline (Suddeth) BallewBenjamin Ballew
1338female Robinson22 Mar. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Lear Ann (Shuler) RobinsonWm. H. Robinson
1339George Willis Swift24 Apr. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Margaret Jane (Lickey) SwiftLeroy Swift
1340male Waymack13 Apr. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Elizabeth (Frakes) WaymackBuckner Waymack
1341Myrtle Isabella McCabe16 Oct. 1881, Littleton Tp.Clara E. (Seeley) McCabeArthur A. McCabe
1342Bettie Naoma Stoker4 Feb. 1882, BrooklynRhoda Ann (Weaver) StokerUella Stoker
1343Eliza Vidia1 Mar. 1882, LittletonClara (Lint) VidiaSeth Vidia
1344male Daniels4 Apr. 1882, LittletonRosanna (Weaver) DanielsRandolph Daniels
1345Ann Mary McColloch1 Mar. 1882, LittletonAlla (Barnes) McCullochDavid Andrew McCulloch
1346Nathan W. Billingsley24 Mar. 1882, Oakland Tp.Belle (Skiles) BillingsleyBenjamin Billingsley
Page 108
1347Laurette Carter28 Apr. 1882, Browning Tp.Elmira (Pain) CarterRichard Carter
1348Charles Clarence Walton[no date], Browning Tp.Phoebe Ellen (Miller) WaltonJohn Morris Walton
1349William Edward Justus4 May 1882, OsceolaSarah Elizabeth (Maxall) JustusJohn Oscar Justus
1350William Bayne14 May 1882, Littleton Tp.Adelia (Horney) BayneWm. A. Bayne
1351male Pain19 Apr. 1882, Littleton Tp.Alice (Hill) PainLerster S. Pain
1352Bertha & Winfred Beebe11 Apr. 1882, Rushville Tp.Jessie (Fisher) BeebeJohn C. Beebe
1353Esther Mabel Messerer14 Apr. 1882, Frederick Tp.Sophia (Hinderer) MessererWinfield S. Messerer
1354Bertha Bell16 Apr. 1882, PleasantviewAmanda E. (Vancil) BellCharles H. Bell
1355male Ambrosius1 May 1882, Rushville Tp.Susan (Garrett) AmbrosiusElijah Ambrosius
1356female Bagby18 Feb. 1882, RushvilleLoucella Ann (Walker) BagbyJohn Scripps Bagby
1357male Logsdon21 Feb. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Lizzie (Byers) LogsdonPerry Logsdon
1358female Hutton27 Feb. 1882, RushvilleEllen (Frisby) HuttonThomas J. Hutton
Page 109
1359Winnie Abbe Hutton9 Jan. 1880, RushvilleEllen (Frisby) HuttonT. J. Hutton
1360Charles Augustus Peters10 May 1882, RushvilleLizzie Creal (Bracker) PetersCharles Augustus Peters
1361Lillie Belle Paup12 May 1882, RushvilleAnn Eliza (Baker) PaupHenry Lenhart Peters
1362George Bowker1 Jun. 1882, HuntsvilleKate (Laughlin) BowkerFranklin William Bowker
1363female Raper12 May 1882, Littleton Tp.Emily A. (Irvin) RaperR. C. Raper
1364Kitty Belle Herron17 May 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah J. (Wren) HerronJohn Herron
1365male Pechin12 Jun. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Ellen (Everhart) PechinPeter Pechin
1366female Hughey2 Jun. 1882, Rushville Tp.Pracilla (Moore) HugheyJames T. Hughey
1367male Turner12 Jun. 1882, Rushville Tp.Julia (Adkinson) TurnerWillis J. Turner
1368Delona Franklin Meeks16 May 1882, Rushville Tp.Emma (Hughes) MeeksEdward R. Meeks
1369female2 Jun. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Nancy VanceRobert Hanning
1370male7 Jun. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Jane YoungPierson Hanning
Page 110
1371male Harris16 Jun. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Margaret Isabelle (Miller) HarrisJohn Jackson Harris
1372Walter Atchley9 Jun. 1882, BrooklynSarah Jane (Wilhelm) AtchleyThos. A. Atchley
1373male Croyle5 Jun. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Amanda M. (Shank) CroyleJohn H. Croyle
1374Amanda Maude Tweedell30 Jun. 1882, HuntsvilleBeulah Ann (Harding) TweedwellWilliam Burnett Tweedell
1375female Walker6 Jun. 1882, Brimingham Tp.Martha (Alexander) WalkerWilliam Walker
1376male Shirley[no information]Ella (Flickinger) ShirleyJames W. Shirley
1377Frederick Fowler9 Dec. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Mary Ellen (Bennett) FowlerThomas Fowler
1378male Kountz10 Jul. 1882, CamdenMaggie (Snodgrass) KountzWilliam Kountz
1379female Stone26 Jun. 1882, BadersA. E. (Stevens) StoneSamuel J. Stone
1380male Pittenger1 Jul. 1882, Oakland Tp.Sarah (Sullivan) PittingerJohn Pittenger
1381Minnie Esther Markell1 Jul. 1882, Oakland Tp.Maggie (Taylor) MarkellJ. C. Markell
1382Earnest Mullen28 Jun. 1882, RayRetta (Caster) MullenJeff Mullen
Page 111
1383male Sipes10 Jul. 1882, Rushville Tp.Cora (Skiles) SipesMiles Sipes
1384Emery Elmer Mitchell14 Jul. 1882, Browning Tp.Mary Ann (Frew) MitchellFrancis Marion Mitchell
1385male Curtiss28 Jul. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Nancy Ellen (Frakes) CurtissGeo. W. Curtiss
1386Wilbur Brines Sims13 Jul. 1882, Huntsville Tp.Lenora Adeline (Benson) SimsDavid Newton Sims
1387Mary Gertrude Bruner14 Mar. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Margaret (Sigler) BrunerJames R. Bruner
1388Della Agnes Curry25 Apr. 1882, Buenavista Tp.Ann M. (Kent) CurryJames Curry
1389Charles S. Trone27 Apr. 1882, Buenavista Tp.Mary (Neidy) TroneGeorge Trone
1390female Ramsey18 May 1882, Rushville Tp.Susan (Humphrey) RamseyJasper Ramsey
1391female Teel22 May 1882, Buenavista Tp.Amanda Melvina (Martin) TeelFrancis Marion Teel
1392male Hermetet28 Jun. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Ellen (Logsdon) HermetetJames F. Hermetet
1393female Hickman2 Aug. 1882, Rushville Tp.Virginia (Coffman) HickmanThomas Hickman
1394female Wheeler3 Aug. 1882, Rushville Tp.Susan Ann (Cornman) WheelerDaniel Wheeler
Page 112
1395male Dixon5 Aug. 1882, Littleton Tp.Tibitha J. (Payne) DixonSamuel H. Dixon
1396male Goff9 Jul. 1882, Littleton Tp.Priscilla (Dark) GoffNewton J. Goff
1397female Culp28 Jul. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Mary (Gardner) CulpIsaac Culp
1398female Hanning24 Jun. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Minerva (Henderson) HanningWorden Hanning
1399Ethel Davenport3 Aug. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Annie (Pigg) DavenportGeorge E. Davenport
1400male Deal16 Aug. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Emily (Powers) DealElisha Deal
1401Ruby Kennedy27 Jun. 1882, Rushville Tp.Ellen J. (Malcomson) KennedyLeander Kennedy
1402William Jesse Emerick22 Jul. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Catherine (Rishie) EmerickJacob Emerick
1403Harry Wardell6 Aug. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Nancy Jane (Robins) WardellFrancis M. Wardell
1404female McElhenny21 Aug. 1882, Littleton Tp.Harriet (McCoy) McElhennyRobert C. McElhenny
1405male Kriebell31 Jul. 1882, BrooklynSarah (Redfield) KriebellJohn W. Kriebell
1406female Corbridge29 Jul. 1882, RushvilleCalista (Black) CorbridgeHLC Corbridge

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