SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 113 – 119

Page 113
1407male Cox30 Aug. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah Etta CoxViceroy Cox
1408male Adkins9 Aug. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Elizabeth (Phelps) AdkinsNorris Adkins
1409male White20 Sep. 1882, HuntsvilleLouise (Robinson) WhiteJohn White
1410Maurice Harey Wells22 Aug. 1882, RushvilleLide (Turney) WellsChas. H. Wells
1411Hettie Runkle8 Sep. 1882, Littleton Tp.Jeanie (Snyder) RunkleJohn Bagby Runkle
1412male Winters17 Sep. 1882, LittletonBelle (Crandell) WintersGeorge W. Winters
1413female Webster14 Sep. 1882, BrooklynSarah A. (Thomas) WebsterEdwin Webster
1414male Glandon17 Sep. 1882, BrooklynMary E. (Johnson) GlandonJames W. Glandon
1415Cora Adelphia Lantz23 Sep. 1882, BrooklynClara Jane (Horney) LantzThomas Albert Lantz
1416female Carnes24 Sep. 1882, CamdenCarrie (Henry) CarnesDennis Carnes
1417female Craft[no date], CamdenAlice (Fost) CraftSamuel Craft
1418male Beebe4 Oct. 1882, CamdenElsie (Wining) BeebeJacob Beebe
Page 114
1419Anna Laura Vail14 Sep. 1882, FrederickNettie May (Cummings) VailWarren Calloway Vail
1420Earl Kirkham17 Sep. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Caroline (Tyson) KirkhamZ. T. Kirkham
1421male Lantz[no date], ErwinMary (Erwin) LantzSamuel Lantz
1422female Harris31 Jul. 1882, RushvilleSamantha (Fey) HarrisIsaac D. Harris
1423male Spillers30 Aug. 1882, RushvilleAddie (Farr) SpillersGeo. E. Spillers
1424Mabel Parks4 Sep. 1882, Rushville Ellen Jane (Allen) ParksThomas Parks
1425Ethel Ashley21 Aug. 1882, Rushville Tp.Alice (Slayton) AshleyMatthew R. Ashley
1426Evalena Daisy Lawler31 Oct. 1881, BainbridgeEmily (Black) LawlerJas. W. Lawler
1427female Gobble7 Dec. 1881, FrederickDeannah (McColley) GobbleEzekiel Gobble
1428child SmedleyFlorence (Newberry) SmedleyThos. J. Smedley
1429male Suddeth7 Jan. 1882, BainbridgeMargaret J. (Colister) SuddethThos. J. Suddeth
1430female Wardel11 May 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Judith (Ingles) WardelWm. Wardel
Page 115
1431female Icenogle4 Mar. 1882, BainbridgeRachel (Powers) IcenogleChas. Icenogle
1432male Gregg23 Mar. 1882, FrederickMary L. (Holland) GreggDavid Gregg
1433female McCormick11 May 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Mary (Jackson) McCormickDavid McCormick
1434male Williams19 Jul. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Jeanette M. (Griffith) WilliamsThomas Williams
1435male Lamb31 Jul. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Mary E. (Griffith) LambEdmond Lamb
1436male Rabenan[no date], FrederickElizabeth (Skillman) RabenanLewis Rabenan
1437male Hood5 Oct. 1882, BainbridgeMary C. (Drawve) HoodWilliam C. Hood
1438Edna Earl Eales4 Jul. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Francis (Eales) EalesGeorge Henry Eales
1439male Nell14 Jul. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Henritta (Orth) NellGeorge Nell
1440Ruth Worthington Glass23 Sep. 1882, RushvilleSarah Greer (Worthington) GlassDavid Hufford Glass
1441male Lawler2 Sep. 1882, RushvilleMaria E. (Green) LawlerChas. Edwd. Lawler
1442female Dotssour11 May 1882Kathreen DotssourMartin Dotrsour
Page 116
1443Shelton Thornton9 Nov. 1882, Browning Tp.Martha Ellen (Thornton) ThorntonWm. S. Thornton
1444female Hartley18 Aug. 1882, BadersMatilda (Beck) HartleyEli Hartley
1445Francis Marion Sherrill14 Aug. 1882, BrowningHarriett Isabel (Hickman) SherrillPhilip Sherrill
1446Nettie White24 May 1882, BrowningElizabeth (Carlisle) WhiteThos. White
1447male Reno5 Jun. 1882, Browning Tp.Joann (Garrett) RenoLewis Bryon Reno
1448female Dray16 May 1882, BrowningNancy Harriett (Venters) DraySherman Dray
1449Fidelia Ambrous30 Aug. 1882, Browning Tp.Nancy (Serrat) AmbrousChristian Ambrous
1450female Taylor14 Oct. 1882, Woodstock Tp.Addie L. (Turncliff) TaylorWm. H. Taylor
1451male Lawler8 Oct. 1882, Rushville Tp.Mary C. (Morris) LawlerOliver T. Lawler
1452male Pomeroy1 Oct. 1882, BrooklynMary Isabella (Little) PomeroyOrland Pomeroy
1453male Cowdry15 Oct. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Mary (Meachem) CowdryLewis Cowdry
1454male Tipton11 Oct. 1882Lydia (Kinman) TiptonHenry J. Tipton
Page 117
1455male Allen18 Oct. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Marietta (Adkinson) AllenThomas P. Allen
1456male Strong24 Sep. 1882, Rushville Tp.Josephine (Trochmel) StrongThomas W. Strong
1457Chester James Ballou29 Sep. 1882, RushvilleMary (Malcomson) BallouJohn A. Ballou
1458female Frakes2 Nov. 1882, BrooklynHarriett (Stoneking) FrakesRobert Frakes
1459male Gibbs20 Oct. 1882, Huntsville Tp.Sarah Nancy (Anderson) GibbsChristopher L. Gibbs
1460male Campbell1 Nov. 1882, CamdenFannie (West) CampbellJames Campbell
1461Andrew Jackson Chapman20 Oct. 1882, CamdenNancy (Harris) ChapmanJames Chapman
1462Paul Raymond Davis25 Oct. 1882, Buenavista Tp.Martha C. DavisTollman H. Davis
1463female Hamilton1 Dec. 1882, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth (Malcomson) HamiltonRobert H. Hamilton
1464Hattie McClintock14 Nov. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Mary (Armstrong) McClintockWm. McClintock
1465Mollie Emily Walton18 Dec. 1882, BrowningRachel (Walton) WaltonJoseph Marsh Walton
1466female Dettra26 Nov. 1882, RushvilleMary E. (Hymer) DettraAbel Dettra
1467female Wheelhouse22 Oct. 1882, RushvilleNancy J. (Black) WheelhouseSamuel Wheelhouse
Page 118
1468female Tyson17 Dec. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Mollie S. (Jackson) TysonCornelius V. Tyson
1469female Green12 Dec. 1882, RushvilleEliza J. (Cagle) GreenAlpheus F. Green
1470male Goodwin14 Nov. 1882, RushvilleEtta P. GoodwinAsa M. Goodwin
1471male Shaffner19 Dec. 1882, CamdenMary C. (Brown) ShaffnerAlbert Shaffner
1472male Gillespie12 Dec. 1882, HuntsvilleAlice Emma (Robinson) GillespieSimon Gillespie
1473Franklin P. Illman27 Nov. 1882, WoodstockCatherine E. (Rhinehart) IllmanCharles Illman
1474female Eifurt8 Sep. 1882, Buenavista Tp.Mary (Schwagelsberger) EifurtLewis Eifurt
1475James Harvey Clark7 Nov. 1882, WoodstockSarah (Avery) ClarkJames Clark
1476male Payne22 Dec. 1882, Littleton Tp.Bella (Jennings) PayneMaro Farwell Payne
1477male Runkle7 Dec. 1882, Littleton Tp.Sue (Little) RunkleJoseph C. Runkle
1478Minnie Ethel Tyson28 Dec. 1882, Buenavista Tp.S. Lizzie (Ambrosius) TysonZephaniah Tyson
1479Ethel McFetridge10 Dec. 1882, PleasantviewAmanda (Spillers) McFetridgeTheo D. McFetridge
1480Harvey William Learned27 Dec. 1882, RushvilleAlice Mary (Sykes) LearnedRemulus Learned
Page 119
1481female Keegan31 Dec. 1882, RushvilleEllen (OReilly) KeeganThomas Keegan
1482male Farrar10 Jan. 1883, RushvilleAbbie (Nall) FarrarGeo. W. Farrar
1483Walter C. Winans25 Dec. 1882, BirminghamRedelia (Griffith) WinansCharles E. Winans
1484Ora Evaline Cashman18 Jan. 1883, WoodstockEvaline M. (Mariman) CashmanJames Cashman
1485Lorin Taylor Camp6 Nov. 1882, BrooklynFinette (Taylor) CampJulian E. Camp
1486Charles G. Davis16 Feb. 1883, BrowningSarah (Sayres) DavisWilliam Davis
1487James Arthur Thompson18 Jan. 1883Margaret J. (Arthur) ThompsonWm. Thompson
1488Charles Guy Briggle27 Jan. 1883, WoodstockMary E. (Thompson) BriggleRice T. Briggle
1489Joseph Perry Thompson25 Jan. 1883Hulda (Zanders) ThompsonWash Thompson
1490John J. Fowler20 Feb. 1883, BrooklynDorothy Olive (Pelson) FowlerJames A. Fowler
1491child Wood7 Feb. 1883, BrooklynJane (Black) WoodJohn O. Wood
1492Harriet Mildred Roach16 Feb. 1883, RushvilleHelen (Montgomery) RoachJohn N. Roach
1493child Fowler3 Mar. 1883, BirminghamAlice BaileyGeo. Fowler

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