SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 120 – 126

Page 120
1494female Stuart12 Mar. 1883, BrooklynMary (Cox) StuartJohn R. Stuart
1495male Shanks13 Mar. 1883, BrooklynJosephine (Croyle) ShanksTaylor Shanks
1496male Dean26 Feb. 1883Mary (Stockwell) DeanOliver M. Deane
1497Nora Olive Loring17 Feb. 1883Mary E. (Steele) LoringJames Loring
1498Charles Edward Sargeant12 Mar. 1883, RushvilleMary E. (Steinberger) SargeantThoms Sargeant
1499female Benton26 Jan. 1883, BrooklynEliza (Riggsbee) BentonJames E. Benton
1500male Sites24 Dec. 1882, RushvilleIrene (Anderson) SitesHenry T. Sites
1501female Steel[no date], Rushville Tp.Sarah J. (Jones) SteelBery S. Steel
1502male Dace23 Feb. 1883, RushvilleKate (Delapp) DaceHenry M. Dace
1503male Cornman5 Jan. 1883, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth (Martin) CornmanWallace Cornman
1504female Deane19 Oct.  1882, Buenavista Tp.Darah Ann (McNeely) DeaneThomas Deane
1505male Adkinson8 Oct. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Nola Ann (Hodges) AdkinsonGeo. W. Adkinson
1506female Farrer2 Mar. 1883, RushvilleElizabeth (Vancleve) FarrarJames W. Farrar
Page 121
1507male Foote4 Feb. 1883, RushvilleMary Jane (Alderman) FooteJohn Walter Foote
1508male Crandall27 Jan. 1883, RushvilleMary Agnes (Sands) CrandallHarvey F. Crandall
1509Robert Elmer Miller12 Mar. 1883, Oakland Tp.Priscilla (Abbott) MillerEzra Miller
1510female Higgins14 Mar. 1883, BrooklynEridocia M. (Crook) HigginsJames M. Higgins
1511male Higgins6 Apr. 1883, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah (Gossage) HigginsHenry Higgins
1512Blanche Baldwin27 Oct. 1882, BrowningJulia A. (Frankfort) BaldwinJeremiah Baldwin
1513female Wallace18 Oct. 1882, BrowningLaura (Lancaster) WallaceSamuel F. Wallace
1514female Briney27 Nov. 1882, Hickory Tp.Callie (Weddle) BrineyJames Briney
1515female Hoke11 Dec. 1882, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth (Falkenstine) HokeHenry Hoke
1516Harry Stauffer17 Dec. 1882, Browning Tp.Lovina (Shaffer) StaufferSeth Stauffer
1517females Ebbert (twins)7 Jan. 1883, BadersElizabeth (Sherman) EbbertWm. Ebbert
1518female Reno29 Jan. 1883, BadersLucy O. (Shields) RenoEdward Reno
1519Ida Beam18 Jan. 1883, Browning Tp.Harriet (Litchfield) BeamJohn G. Beam
Page 122
1520male McCombs12 Mar. 1883, Browning Tp.Martha E. (Miller) McCombsAlexander McCombs
1521Male Stambaugh17 Mar. 1883, Browning Tp.Susan (Robertson) StambaughAlbert W. Stambaugh
1522Anna Bradley24 Mar. 1883, Browning Tp.Marada (Lupton) BradleyThomas H. Bradley
1523female Seward12 Apr. 1883, Browning Tp.Ella (Walton) SewardJohn F. Seward
1524male Carden12 Apr. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Elizabeth (Scoggens) CardenDavid P. Carden
1525Jesse Pearl Powers9 Apr. 1883, BainbridgeSarah (Bridgewater) PowersWilliam Powers
1526Harry Farwell5 May 1883, Birmingham Tp.Fannie (Ward) FarwellCharles Farwell
1527Curtis Evart Reeve17 Oct. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Irene (Ward) ReevesPulaski Reeves
1528female Henington1 Jan. 1883, Buena Vista Tp.Lizzie (Boice) HeningtonGeorge S. Henington
1529Frances Speed19 Jan. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Sarah Jane (Anderson) SpeedMatthias Speed
1530James Wm. Vanorder24 Apr. 1883, RushvilleFrances (Fowler) VanorderJames Vanorder
1531male Robbins2 May 1883, Woodstock Tp.Sarah A. (Logsdon) RobbinsFrancis W. Robbins
1532Mary Aloways13 Apr. 1883, Hickory Tp.Melissa (Ackerman) AlowaysDave F. Aloways
Page 123
1533male Dennis25 Jan. 1883, Littleton Tp.Ann P. (McCallough) DennisOsborn Dennis
1534female Moore25 Dec. 1882, Littleton Tp.Mary (Bartman) MooreSamuel Moore
1535female Gillenwater13 May 1883Susan (Parr) GillenwaterJohn Wesley Gillenwater
1536female Gillenwater15 May 1883Catherine (Kelly) GillenwaterCharles Gillenwater
1537male Suddith1 Jan. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Mary E. (Clark) SuddithWillis Suddith
1538male Seeley19 Mar. 1883, RushvilleIzarah Freelove (Bowman) SeeleyLuke Seeley
1539female Kelly24 Feb. 1883, RushvilleRuth Bell (Stedman) KellyHenry P. Kelly
1540female Hindman24 Mar. 1883, RushvilleJulia A. (Ward) HindmanSamuel B. Hindman
1541female Foot26 Mar. 1883, RushvilleSusannah (Webb) FootGeo. Herbert Foot
1542Mark HarveyApr., RushvilleMargaret Ellen (Wall) HarveyJohn Harvey
1543Prudence May Yates2 May 1883, RushvilleCatherine (Spoonermore) YatesMartin Yates
1544male Aten17 May 1883, Woodstock Tp.Isabell (Trembel) AtenJohn Calvin Aten
1545Maud Garrison27 Apr. 1883, Browning Tp.Emma Letitia (Trimble) GarrisonHarlo Garrison
Page 124
1546male Scott25 Apr. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Lucilla (Goodwin) ScottWilliam Walter Scott
1547male Axel2 May 1883, WoodstockCaroline (Foster) AxelJacob Axel
1548William Pinkney Stevenson24 Jun. 1883, RushvilleSusan (Walker) StevensonFrank Lewis Stevenson
1549female Sanders24 Jun. 1883, Rushville Tp.Matilda Isabell (M.J.A. Cambell) SandersReuben Benjamin Sanders
1550male Moork31 May 1883, Rushville Tp.Huldah Louisa (Frederickson) MoorkChristian Moork
1551female Stoneking10 Jun. 1883, PleasantviewCathrine (Jenkins) StonekingDan W. Stoneking
1552Myrtle Utter2 Jul. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Isabelle A. (Piles) UtterStephen A. D. Utter
1553Britha Lovell Mitchell16 Jul. 1883, Browning Tp.Rebeca (Hardin) MitchellA. L. Mitchell
1554males Willmot (twins)8 May 1883, Rushville Tp.Ann (Gorsuch) WillmotMart Willmot
1555Fred Langner Ashwood31 May 1883, Rushville Tp.Lettie (Langner) AshwoodEdwin Ashwood
1556female Fowler23 May 1883, RushvilleJosaphine (Blackly) FowlerBenjamin F. Fowler
1557Minnie Mae Livingston4 Apr. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Mary J. (Armstrong) LivingstonHenry Livingston
1558Ottis Dean6 Jun. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Lucy (Howard) DeanWallace Wm. Dean
Page 125
1559Ross Peirson2 Jul. 1883, Browning Tp.Emily Jane (Ruark) PeirsonThomas Austin Peirson
1560female Goodwin22 Jul. 1883, RushvilleCorrie (Monnance) GoodwinDewitt Clinton Goodwin
1561female Bridgewater12 Jul. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Jane (Davis) BridgewaterWilliam Bridgewater
1562James Edward Browning15 Jun. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Emma Jane (King) BrowningCharles Edward Browning
1563Charles N. Crawford19 Jun. 1883, BirminghamElizabeth (Carden) CrawfordJames M. Crawford
1564Bessie Demoss24 Apr. 1883, RushvilleAnna (Steel) DemossJames Wm. Demoss
1565male Smith16 Jul. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Kate (McCombs) SmithEdward Alexad? Smith
1566Daniel Webster Holmes18 Jun. 1883, RushvilleSarah Catherine (Ashley) HolmesJoseph Holmes
1567Susie Beatty1 Jul. 1883, RushvilleSarah Ann (Ratcliff) BeattyJohn Andrew Beatty
1568Stella Anderson26 May 1883, RayVictoria (McFarland) AndersonEdwin R. Anderson
1569Herman Fetch16 Jul. 1883, CamdenClara (James) FetchElias Fetch
1570female Weightman28 Jul. 1883, CamdenSarah Ellen (Starkweather) WeightmanCharles Weightman
1571Sarah E. Icenogle3 Aug. 1883, BainbridgeLydia (Root) IcenogleJames Icenogle
Page 126
1572male Tolle31 Jul. 1883, RushvilleLydia Jane (Smith) TolleRobert J. Tolle
1573Lemuel Arthur Furness23 Aug. 1883, BrowningHannah Jane (Sayres) FurnessThomas Furness
1574Dana Kent Gibbs4 Aug. 1883, BadersHattie (Hart) GibbsSmith Gibbs
1575Marion Franklin Ambrosius18 Aug. 1883, Browning Tp.Nancy (Serrott) AmbrosiusChris Ambrosius
1576female Robinson22 Aug. 1883, BrowningAmanda (Oakley) RobinsonGideon Robinson
1577Glen Ventres25 Jul. 1883, Browning Tp.Maggis (Diamond) VentresWallie M. Ventres
1578males Perkins (twins)25 Jul. 1883, Browning Tp.Lydia Ann (Snyder) PerkinsGeo. W. Perkins
1579John Reno Bates31 Jul. 1883, Browning Tp.Matilda Ann (Reno) BatesWilliam J. Bates
1580Roy Jackson Glass14 Aug. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Mary Jane (Hedgecock) GlassAlbert S. Glass
1581female Strong21 Aug. 1883, Browning Tp.Rossie (Minton) StrongLewis Strong
1582male McNeely18 Jul. 1883, Browning Tp.Drusilla (Isabell) McNeelyJame McNeely
1583Hiram Geer11 Aug. 1883, Browning Tp.Delilah A. (Rebman) GeerB. F. Geer
1584Mabel Etta Tweedwell23 Sep. 1883, CamdenVesta (Kirkham) TweedwellMatthew Tweedwell

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