SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 127 – 133

Page 127
1585Ethel May Cady13 Nov. 1883, CamdenLuana Stillman (West) CadyWm. H. Cady
1586Bertha May Anderson15 Nov. 1883, HuntsvilleSusan (Merritt) AndersonCharles S. Anderson
1587Jesse Elijah Walton12 Sep. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Pheobe Ellen (Miller) WaltonJohn Morris Walton
1588male Wade25 Sep. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Catherine (Tolle) WadeHenry Wade
1589Orson Marion Davis[no date], Camden Tp.Lucinda (Sharp) DavisWilliam J. Davis
1590Jesse Milbern Hale11 Oct. 1883, Camden Tp.Lovina Florence (Warrington) HaleJohn Wesley Hale
1591male Schroder10 Sep. 1883, BainbridgeMinnie (Hiff) SchroderJames Schroder
1592female Ryan15 Oct. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Rebecca Ann (Miller) RyanWm. Morgan Ryan
1593Lelah Edith Johnson4 Oct. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Mary Jane (Horney) JohnsonLee Everett Johnston
1594male Copeland28 Sep. 1883, Rushville Tp.Naomi (Berry) CopelandThomas Copeland
1595female Ray3 Sep. 1883, RushvilleMay (Caldwell) RayWm. Bolinger Ray
1596Adra Mabel Coffman12 Aug. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Elizabeth (Cole) CoffmanRobert Coffman
1597female Hartman10 Aug. 1883, RushvilleCarrie N. (Pelton) HartmanGeo. Hartman
Page 128
1598Harriet Agnes Nieman1 Aug. 1883, RushvilleAnna Maria (Clark) NiemanHenry A. Nieman
1599Ollis Alexander Ogal30 Aug. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Mary Ellen (Henderson) OgalJohn Ogal
1600male Raymond15 Oct. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Ida (Wilson) RaymondBenjamin Raymond
1601Ida May Frew16 Oct. 1883, Browning Tp.Anna (Ruark) FrewAlex Frew
1602Jessy Strong23 Sep. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Laura A. (Furnace) StrongMaro L. Strong
1603Emma E. Brewer3 Oct. 1883Mary (Easton) BrewerWm. H. Brewer
1604male & female Gabbert6 Oct. 1883(Portwood) GabbertSylvester Gabbert
1605male Brown7 Sep. 1883Sarah Louisa (Mansen) BrownArthur F. Brown
1606male Sargeant17 Sep. 1883America (Tribby) SargeantJohn Sargeant
1607female Burnham26 Sep. 1883, RushvilleIsabel (Moxy?) BurnhamThomas Burnham
1608Lena May Wheadon17 May 1883, BrowningMinnie (Cassell) WheadonEdwin R. Wheadon
1609Frederick Ruby28 Jan. 1883, Browning Tp.Emma (Rhodes) RubyJohn C. Ruby
1610male Hoke13 Apr. 1883, Hickory Tp.Sarah (Danner) HokeGeorge Hoke
Page 129
1611female Farwell25 Jun. 1883, BadersEliza (Shields) FarwellWm. A. Farwell
1612female Johnson17 Mar. 1882, BrowningEmma (Switsher) JohnsonEnad? Johnson
1613Carl Abraham Trone3 Apr. 1882, Browning Tp.Nancy (Stambaugh) TroneAbraham Trone
1614female Kunkle6 Oct. 1883, Browning Tp.Anna (Helsel) KunkelLeonard Kunkle
1615Jonathan Reno22 Jun. 1883, Browning Tp.Rebecca (Trone) RenoWm. D. Reno
1616Lanta Jones27 Jun. 1883, Hickory Tp.Anna (Gieman) JonesWm. B. Jones
1617male Lane20 Jun. 1883, Hickory Tp.Martha (Burrell) LaneAdrian Lane
1618Laura Pettigrew30 Jun. 1883, BrowningElvira (Noah) PettigrewMatthew Pettigrew
1619Laura Lucretia Arnold7 Sep. 1883, BrowningMary E. (Line) ArnoldDavid O. Arnold
1620female Stambaugh6 Oct. 1883, Browning Tp.Eliza A. (Moore) StambaughMichael Stambaugh
1621Lawrence Edward Fox17 Jun. 1883, RushvilleElla (Purcell) FoxPeter Fox
1622male Ritchey4 Oct. 1883, Rushville Tp.Catherine (Sands) RitcheyFrancis Patterson Ritchey
1623female Foster4 Aug. 1883, Rushville Tp.Martha Ellen (Foulks) FosterJohn Foster
Page 130
1624George R. Elgin10 Aug. 1883, WoodstockSarah (Mrs. Sarah Haverhousen) ElginIsaac Tempe Elgin
1625Robert Roscoe Burnside29 Sep. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Nancy Jane (Rittenhouse) BurnsideThomas G. Burnside
1626Charles Harrison Milby12 Oct. 1883, Rushville Tp.Minerva Ellen (Roudebush) MilbyWilliam Frank Milby
1627male Dean6 Oct. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Berthena (Knight) DeanJoseph M. Dean
1628Roland Edgar Stambaugh18 Oct. 1883, RushvilleLousa (Lashmits) StambaughMichael Stambaugh
1629John Henry Factor19 Nov. 1883, RushvilleCatherine (Miller) FactorJohn Factor
1630male Montgomery27 Nov. 1883, RushvilleMary (Hampton) MontgomeryNathan Montgomery
1631male Newell20 Oct. 1883, RushvilleDora (Gragg) NewellJonathan Newell
1632Guy F. Aten12 Nov. 1883, Oakland Tp.Laura (Walker) AtenWm. Allison Fremont Aten
1633Myrtle Morris27 Nov. 1883, Oakland Tp.Nancy T. (Allen) MorrisEdward Page Morris
1634Herbert Elzic Valentine11 Nov. 1883, WoodstockSarah A. (Shupe) ValentineWesley Sylvester Valentine
1635male Rigsbee27 Oct. 1883, BrooklynFlora E. (Berton) RigsbeeLamack T. Rigsbee
1636child Devold27 Oct. 1883, BrooklynCatherine (Wormack) DevoldSteven Devold
Page 131
1637male Harris[no date], Brooklyn Tp.Margaret Isabel (Miller) HarrisJohn Jackson Harris
1638male Mason24 Nov. 1883, Brooklyn Tp.Eliza (Pierce) MasonAden Mason
1639female Markee2 Dec. 1883, BirminghamMary B. (Pierce) MarkeeNoah R. Markee
1640female Pittinger6 Dec. 1883, Oakland Tp.Mary (Hetrick) PittingerNicholas T. Pittenger
1641female Howard21 Aug. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Elmira (Avery) HowardAlvin Howard
1642female Philips28 Oct. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Alice (Harmon) PhilipsAbraham R. Philips
1643female Ervin11 Aug. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Cordelia (Clements) ErvinWm. H. Ervin
1644Jessie Budella Shupe5 Sep. 1883, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah Louisa (Rhinehart) ShupeGeorge Shupe
1645female Doyle22 Mar. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Sabrean (Hodges) DoylePinkney Jas. Doyle
1646Herman Jennings23 Jan. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Ann (Bushnell) JenningsWm. Jennings
1647Etta Ruth Garrett4 Dec. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Luta (McGuffer) GarrettJohn W. Garrett
1648female Bonser29 Nov. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah (Quinn) BonserHenry Bonser
1649female Soward18 Dec. 1883, Oakland Tp.Frances (Moore) SowardIsaac Soward
Page 132
1650Sarah Sells24 Sep. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Solomon Sells
1651Edward Fowler26 Aug. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Mary (Burrett) FowlerThomas Fowler
1652Andrew Sipes25 Nov. 1883Anna J. (Eastly) SipesWm. Sipes
1653Margarett Luetta Walton14 Dec. 1883, Browning Tp.Catherine (Roudebush) WaltonGeorge W. Walton
1654Sarah Lucetta Walton14 Dec. 1883, Browning Tp.Catherine (Roudebush) WaltonGeorge W. Walton
1655Estella Griffith29 Dec. 1883, RushvilleBelle (Campbell) GriffithFrank W. Griffith
1656female Coe[no date], RushvilleMaggie A. (Grist) CoeSamuel T. Coe
1657Zelma Lenhart28 Dec. 1883, RushvilleSarah (Krone) LenhartAlfred Lenhart
1658male Pruett7 Nov. 1883, RushvilleMary J. PruettJacob Pruett
1659male Wheelhouse10 Oct. 1883, RushvilleClara (Lenhart) WheelhouseGeo. Wheelhouse
1660female Stevens9 Oct. 1883, WoodstockAnn M. (Hooker) StevensGeo. W. Stevens
1661female Eifert29 Sep. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Josie (Hester) EifertCharles Eifert
1662male Jackson25 Sep. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Laura Jane (Colton) JacksonWilliam Jackson
Page 133
1663male Seeley21 Oct. 1883, RushvilleAlice (Griffith) SeeleyCarl Seeley
1664male HarrisOct. 1883, RushvilleSamanthan (Fey) HarrisIsaac F. Harris
1665female Allison27 Dec. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Serana (Vance) AllisonThomas J. Allison
1666female Shupe4 Dec. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Edith Alida Paisley ShupeWm. Shupe
1667male Hooker6 Jan. 1884, RushvilleSarah Jane (Beghtol) HookerJasper Hooker
1668male McCoy5 Jan. 1884, RushvilleSarah Ann (Heflin) McCoyRobert McCoy
1669Robert Orren Portwood17 Dec. 1883, RushvilleFrances Ellen (Keiley) PortwoodSimon Portwood
1670Isabel Carter19 Jan. 1884, Hickory Tp.Elmira (Payne) CarterRichard Carter
1671Francis Lucinda Philips22 Apr. 1884 [filed 
Feb. 14 1884], Buenavista Tp.
Jane (White) PhilipsHugh Philips
1672Zelma Houser4 Jan. 1884, Woodstock Tp.Elizabeth (Eckroy) HouserAugust Houser
1673male Bartlett2 Jan. 1884, BuenavistaFrancis (White) BarttellSamuel Barttell
1674William Nathan Icenogle27 Oct. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Anna Louisa (Harrison) IcenogleJohn Edward Icenogle
1675male Curry17 Dec. 1883, Buenavista Tp.Emma (Avery) CurryWilliam Curry

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