SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 134 – 140

Page 134
1676female Sweeney8 Jan. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Lucretia (Lake) SweeneyJohn Sweeney
1677female Dace15 Jan. 1884, Woodstock Tp.Sarah E. (Clark) DaceEdwin Dace
1678male Trone19 Jan. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Mary (Neidy) TroneGeorge Trone
1679Dwight Royalty Cunningham24 Jan. 1884, BuenavistaCaroline C. (Unger) CunninghamCharley D. Cunningham
1680Mark Earl Spencer20 Apr. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Sarah E. (Vanormer) SpencerEgbert Spencer
1681female Hellyer4 Feb. 1884, BrooklynJulia Ann (Higgins) HellyerThomas Hellyer
1682male Abercrombie20 Jan. 1884, BrooklynEdith (Chipman) AbercrombieThomas B. Abercrombie
1683female Bleeker19 Jan. 1884, CamdenHellena Allie (Taggart) BleekerMartin Colbaugh Bleeker
1684female Dark18 Jan. 1884, Brooklyn Tp.Mary A. (Andrews) DarkAndrew J. Dark
1685George Wesley Carey10 Jan. 1884, BrooklynMargaret Eveline (Frakes) CareyJames Riley Carey
1686female Hersh2 Jan. 1884, CamdenLucy Ann (Doyle) HershFinley Marcus Hersh
1687Edna Blackburn25 Jan. 1884, BrooklynFlora P. (Kidder) BlackburnJames Edwin Blackburn
1688William A. Harris18 Feb. 1884, Browning Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Wheeler) HarrisSolomon Harris
Page 135
1689Silence Ann Reece5 Feb. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Lucy (Hanning) ReeseSamuel V. Reese
1690male Hedrick21 Mar. 1884, CamdenEmily J. (McPherson) HedrickJohn Hedrick
1691male Atherton23 Jan. 1884, RayMartha (Elwell) AthertonMilton Atherton
1692male Copes31 Mar. 1884, Oakland Tp.Sarah L. (Waugh) CopesJames Copes
1693Everett Deal12 Dec. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Deal
1694Margaret Lavina Bellomy20 Jan. 1884, Bainbridge Tp.Lucy (Geer) BellomyDarins Bellomy
1695Fenner Beal21 Feb. 1884, FrederickCenera L. (Bradley) BealJoseph Beal
1696male Larash7 Dec. 1884, RushvilleE. Anna (Horney) LarashWm. I. Larash
1697female Bartlett21 Feb. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Bella (Mason) BartlettLeewellen Bartlett
1698male Hodge3 Mar. 1884, RushvilleMatilda Florence (Clepper) HodgeWilliam Hamilton Hodge
1699Frederick Grover Boice20 Mar. 1884, RushvilleElizabeth Jane (Whitsel) BoiceJohn H. Boice
1700John Cebern Cagle12 Mar. 1884, RushvilleAddie (Boice) CagleJohn Franklin Cagle
1701Jasper Cleon Lawler12 Feb. 1884, BainbridgeLizzie Luella (Suddith) LawlerChas. Albert Lawler
Page 136
1702male Young8 Jan. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Louisa (Ryan) YoungAlexander Young
1703Amanda Screna Schisler1 Nov. 1883, Browning Tp.Amanda (Robertson) SchislerMartin Schisler
1704female Stambaugh20 Mar. 1884, Browning Tp.Susan (Robertson) StambaughAlbert Stambaugh
1705Geo. B. Hartley13 Mar. 1884, BadersMatilda (Beck) HartleyEli Hartley
1706female Johnson17 Mar. 1884Emma J. (Switzer) JohnsonEnoch Johnson
1707female Swartsbaugh27 Jan. 1884, BadersSarah (Worley) SwartsbaughIsrael Swartsbaugh
1708George Clem Sours15 Jan. 1884, BrowningSarah A. (Lowdry) SowersWm. Riley Sours
1709female Robertson1 Feb. 1884, Browning Tp.Lydia E. (Walton) RobertsonJoel Robertson
1710female Emick14 Jan. 1884, Hickory Tp.Polly (Mumme?) EmickJessie Emick
1711Pearl Haffner24 Jan. 1884, Browning Tp.Emeline (Lau) HaffnerSamuel H. Haffner
1712male Anno26 Nov. 1883, Browning Tp.Adda (Shuman) AnnoStephen T. Anno
1713Ruth Reno3 Dec. 1883, BrowningMatilda (Thornton) RenoJasper M. Reno
1714male Noyes25 Mar. 1884, PleasantviewHarriett V. (Hangstter?) NoyesFrank Noyes
Page 137
1715Willis Walker7 Mar. 1884, RushvilleCarrie (Black) WalkerJohn W. Walker
1716Ora Olanzo Wheelhouse3 Feb. 1884, RushvilleNancy Jane (Black) WheelhouseSamuel Wheelhouse
1717male Scripps16 Feb. 1884, RushvilleHarriett T. SimpsonFred T. Scripps
1718female Whitehead17 Feb. 1884, BuenavistaCarrie E. (Sargeant) WhiteheadJosiah Whitehead
1719female Roberts10 Apr. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Mary E. (Robinson) RobertsGeo. H. Roberts
1720Ambrose McHatton7 May 1884, CamdenMourning Ann (Watts) McHattonRobert Green McHatton
1721female Watts16 May 1884, CamdenFlorence (Sapp) WattsBarrett Parker Watts
1722Wm. Franklin Lear16 Apr. 1884, BrowningSarah Ann (Wilcox) LearJohn William Lear
1723Stephen Hickman12 May 1884, BrowningWillie Ann (Chapman) HickmanChas. W. Hickman
1724Fairie Bryant4 May 1884, BadersAlice Ann (Ivins) BryantJohn Bryant
1725Francis M. Gibson2 May 1884, BrowningMary (Williams) GibsonIra U. Gibson
1726male Glympas19 Apr. 1884, BadersSarah J. (Shelley) GlympasJames Glympas
1727female Simpson18 Apr. 1884Leilly (Utter) SimpsonJohn W. Simpson
Page 138
1728female Beebe12 May 1884, Rushville Tp.Jessie (Fisher) BeebeJohn C. Beebe
1729male Nelson2 Jun. 1884, Rushville Tp.Eliza A. (Allen) NelsonAndrew J. Nelson
1730male Carroll7 Apr. 1884, Oakland Tp.Frances (Hand) CarrollGeorge Carroll
1731female Day19 Apr. 1884, Oakland Tp.Nettie (Nall) DayGeorge Day
1732male Stroops6 Jun. 1884, Rushville Tp.Eliza (Kalebaugh) StroopsGeo. Stroops
1733male Jones10 May 1884, Birmingham Tp.Sarah Jane (Gordan) JonesWm. Thomas Jones
1734female Hedgecock8 Jun. 1884Viola (Peacock) HedgecockJoshua Hedgecock
1735Mildred Ann Schultz23 May 1884, BadersEllen Jane (Lester) SchultzGeorge Reuben Schultz
1736Harry William Walton2 Jun. 1884, Browning Tp.Nancy Jane (Cloud) WaltonMazina? Walton
1737male Weightman13 Jun. 1884, CamdenLilian (Starkweather) WeightmanWilliam Weightman
1738Andrew Jackson Peterson8 Apr. 1884, BainbridgeJulia (Perkins) PetersonJohn Peterson
1739male Strong1 Jul. 1884, BainbridgeJosephine (Trochmel) StrongThos. Strong
1740male Parks25 Jun. 1884, PleasantviewEllen Jane (Allen) ParksThomas Parks
Page 139
1741male Cook27 May 1884, RushvilleChristina CookSamuel M. cook
1742Maude May Beaston28 Apr. 1884, WoodstockSarah E. (Lawler) BeastonJohn H. Beaston
1743female Grubb10 Jul. 1884, RushvilleAddie (Johnson) GrubbHorace Grubb
1744female Stutsman26 Apr. 1884, WoodstockKatie (Eyler) StutsmanAlbert H. Stutsman
1745Edna Erwin Wells28 May 1884, RushvilleTede T. (Turney) WellsCharles H. Wells
1746male Christianson2 Apr. 1884, RushvilleSusanna M. (Walker) ChristiansonJohn Christianson
1747female Bridgewater26 May 1884, BainbridgeEliza Jane (Robinson) BridgewaterAlfred F. Bridgewater
1748female Tucker7 Apr. 1884, BainbridgeLucy Nell (Travis) TuckerGeorge Tucker
1749female Beatty18 Mar. 1884, RushvilleLydia M. (Vancleave) BeattyJames B. Beatty
1750Lilian Patterson26 Feb. 1884, RushvilleElizabeth (Cramer) PattersonRobert Patterson
1751Carl Henry Bowling28 Apr. 1884, RushvilleSarah E. (Wilmot) BowlingAlbert R. Bowling
1752male Rose11 Mar. 1884, RushvilleEmily C. (Noble) RoseMatt Rose
1753female Reed25 Feb. 1884, RushvilleH. L. (Smith) ReedReuben E. Reed
Page 140
1754Don Garrison2 Jun. 1884, Browning Tp.Rosa (Kinnear) GarrisonCharles Garrison
1755Eveanna Shippy19 Jun. 1884, BrowningCaroline (Willard) ShippyMartin H. Shippy
1756male Carpenter20 Jun. 1884, BrowningFlora (Brown) CarpenterLafayette Carpenter
1757male Briney22 Jun. 1884, Hickory Tp.Caroline (Widdle) BrineyJames Briney
1758Bertha Ethel Ellis10 Jun. 1884, RushvilleMary Alice (Hill) EllisTheodore Wilbur Ellis
1759Edith Lincoln Bogue20 Apr. 1884, RushvilleIda Housekeeper (Sweeny) BogueMark Bogue
1760Lloyd Loren Jackson31 May 1884, RushvilleMary Ann (Green) JacksonFelix Jackson
1761male24 Apr. 1884, RushvilleMeda Wright
1762male Young5 Apr. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Lilly (Dewitt) YoungJohn N. Young
1763female Montooth11 Jun. 1884, RushvilleAnna Bell (Colt) MontoothJames Montooth
1764female Bell10 May 1884, RushvilleElizabeth M. (Beatty) BellJohn B. Bell
1765female Thurman18 Jul. 1884, RushvilleMargaret Eliza (Williams) ThurmanJohn Thurman
1766female Reno8 Jul. 1884, Browning Tp.Joe Anna (Garrett) RenoLewis Byron Reno

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