SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 141 – 147

Page 141
1767Bessie & Jessie Stockwell (female &male)3 Aug. 1884, RushvilleCatherine StockwellJoel Stockwell
1768Oscar Earl Anderson23 Aug. 1884, RushvilleMattie J. (Berry) AndersonWm. J. Anderson
1769male Price4 Feb. 1884, Rushville Tp.John Price
1770female Hanning26 Jul. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Jane (Young) HanningPierson Hanning
1771female Gregg6 Aug. 1884, Frederick Tp.Mary L. (Holland) GreggDavid Gregg
1772Charles Andrew Utter9 Sep. 1884Isabella A. (Piles) UtterStephen A. D. Utter
1773male Bellomy4 Sep. 1884, Rushville Tp.Frances A. (Geer) BellomyGeo. W. Bellomy
1774Joseph Valentine Fisher24 Aug. 1884, Hickory Tp.Luhcia (Workman) FisherSamuel Perry Fisher
1775Amanda Roe14 Sep. 1884, Bluff CityElizabeth Ann (Gobble) RoeWm. Riley Roe
1776Bertha Meekum2 Nov. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Mary (Clark) MeekumMilan Meekum
1777male Burnett30 Oct. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Emily (Bilderback) BurnettJohn M. Burnett
1778Melissa Pearl Jones7 Aug. 1884, Hickory Tp.Nancy Ann (Martin) JonesFrancis Marion Jones
1779male Danner10 Oct. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Mary (Stauffer) DannerDavid Danner
Page 142
1780Lias Perry Roberts8 Apr. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Hester Hannah (White) RobertsFrancis A. Roberts
1781Anthony Verne Strong11 Oct. 1884, Bainbridge Tp.Laura F. (Furnace) StrongMaro S. Strong
1782male Landon23 Oct. 1884, PleasantviewMary E. (Weltch) LandonHenry R. Landon
1783male Ward27 Nov. 1884, Bainbridge Tp.Martha A. (Dodds) WardJackson Ward
1784Prudie Leona Belle Geiman26 Sep. 1884, Browning Tp.Lydia Ann (Walton) GeimanJefferson Geiman
1785Wm. O. Gossage15 Sep. 1884, Browning Tp.Annie (Houser) GossageAbraham Gossage
1786female Sherrill2 Sep. 1884, Browning Tp.Mary M. (Skiles) SherrillGeorge W. Sherrill
1787Kate Campbell27 Sep. 1884, Browning Tp.Sarah E. (Garrison) CampbellJames P. Campbell
1788male Worley12 Sep. 1884, BrowningLena (Stauffer) WorleyConrad Worley
1789male Grigg26 Sep. 1884, BrowningJulia (Bryant) GriggsWm. H. Griggs
1790male Melvin23 Oct. 1884, CamdenHannah (Fortner) MelvinIsaac Porter Melvin
1791male Harris16 Oct. 1884, HuntsvilleAdeline (Merritt) HarrisCourtney Harris
1792Cordia May Sackman30 Aug. 1884, Hickory Tp.Melinda (Tiree) SackmanL. O. Sackman
Page 143
1793female Pierson25 Oct. 1884, Oakland Tp.Eliza Jane (Cramer) PiersonGreen S. Pierson
1794female Beghtol17 Oct. 1884, Oakland Tp.Dora (Thompson) BeghtolSimon P. Beghtol
1795Edith Elzade Walton2 Nov. 1884, Browning Tp.Phebe Ellen (Miller) WaltonJohn Morris Walton
1796Samuel Switzer3 Oct. 1884, Browning Tp.Alice Victoria (Moul) SwitzerWalter Switzer
1797females Morgan – three births16 May 1884, RushvilleMary Ann (Hicklin, Jessup) MorganJohn Henry Morgan
1798Clyde Ephriam Daniels8 May 1884, RushvilleAnnie (Hill) DanielsGeorge Daniels
1799female Elgin31 Mar. 1884, WoodstockIda Virginia Elgin
1800male King27 Oct. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Fannie King
1801Frederick Taylor Eales18 Oct. 1884, Bainbridge Tp.Ann E. (Taylor) EalesJohn G. Eales
1802Pearl Ashley6 Jul. 1884, 1884, RushvilleMary Isabel (Wallis) AshleyAlonzo C. Ashley
1803Guy Elgin19 May 1884, RushvilleMinnie Elgin
1804Blanche May Skiles2 Nov. 1884, BrowningElizabeth C. (Sherrill) SkilesJames Franklin Skiles
1805Lovey Dell Byers23 Nov. 1884, BrowningMary Ellen (Sherrill) ByersRiley Byers
Page 144
1806Bessie Lee Sylvester10 Nov. 1884, BrowningAlice B. (Severns) SylvesterAlphonso Sylvester
1807Clarence Smith Loring27 Jan. 1885, RushvilleMary Elizabeth (Steele) LoringJames Loring
1808male Wardell4 Aug. 1884, WoodstockNancy Jane (Robins) WardellFrancis M. Wardell
1809Mary E. Cashman12 Dec. 1884, WoodstockEveline (Wainman) CashmanJames Cashman
1810Ethel May Howell29 Dec. 1884, WoodstockMartha (Marriman) HowellWm. O. Howell
1811John Vance9 Jan. 1885, ButlersvilleMissouri Ann (Ray) VanceWm. Vance
1812Mary Betsey Walton20 Jan. 1885, Browning Tp.Rachel (Walton) WaltonJoseph M. Walton
1813John Shuman23 Oct. 1884, Browning Tp.Amanda (Worley) ShumanJohn Shuman
1814Clara Lasatar23 Oct. 1884, BrowningAddie (Pettigrew) LasatarWm. L. Lasatar
1815Annie Lancaster18 Oct. 1884, BrowningClara Etta (Chapman) LancasterJabeth Lancaster
1816male Sears15 Nov. 1884, BrowningMary L. (Gossage) SearsDavid Sears
1817William Erastus Harris18 Dec. 1884, Browning Tp.Sarah (Norton) HarrisJohn Harris
1818male Seward18 Dec. 1884, Browning Tp.Ella Martha (Walton) SewardJohn F. Seward
Page 145
1819Pearl Ashley6 Jul. 1884, RushvilleMary E. (Wallis) AshleyAlonzo C. Ashley
1820female Anderson25 Jan. 1885, CamdenMary (Allen) AndersonEdward Anderson
1821male Meyer25 Jan. 1885, CamdenMary Jane (Kingman) MeyerNicholas Meyer
1822Ray Elmer Carnes2 Jan. 1885, CamdenCarrie Etta (Henry) CarnesDennis Carnes
1823male Lawson5 Dec. 1884, CamdenMary E. (Weightman) LawsonJoseph Lawson
1824Erl Albert Stewart12 Dec. 1884, Birmingham Tp.Lydia (Bartell) StewartThomas C. Stewart
1825male McFetridge25 Jan. 1885, FrederickAmanda (Spillers) McFetridgeTheodore McFetridge
1826Donna Grace Reddick3 Feb. 1885, Oakland Tp.Angeline (Bly) ReddickWm. H. Reddick
1827Bertha Carroll11 Feb. 1885, Oakland Tp.Sarah E. (Beghtol) CarrollCharles Carroll
1828Edith Austin12 Feb. 1885, CamdenMelissa (Allphin) AustinWilliam Austin
1829Mary Louisa Morton28 Dec. 1884, Canden Tp.Nellie C. (Matthews) MortonGilbert W. Morton
1830male Brewer30 Jan. 1885, PleasantviewMary E. (Easton) BrewerWm. Brewer
1831male Kennedy23 Feb. 1885, Rushville Tp.Ellen J. (Malcomson) KennedyLeander Kennedy
Page 146
1832William Everett Hedgcock4 Feb. 1885, Birmingham Tp.Elizabeth Ann (Wode) HedgcockJohn F. Hedgcock
1833female Frew22 Feb. 1885, Browning Tp.Anna (Ruark) FrewAlex Frew
1834female Shaffner3 Mar. 1885, CamdenMary (Brown) ShaffnerAlbert Shaffner
1835male Plunkett3 Mar. 1885, CamdenMargaret Alice (Clark) PlunkettStephen Douglas Plunkett
1836male Kennedy25 Feb. 1885, Buenavista Tp.Florence M. (Terrill) KennedyRobert Kennedy
1837male Howard26 Feb. 1885, Woodstock Tp.Cora Lee (Parrick) HowardJohn Howard
1838David Factor3 Jan. 1885, WoodstockSarah (Bosley) FactorGeorge W. Factor
1839Fred Miller31 Jan. 1885, Buenavista Elizabeth  Ann (Green) MillerJohn Miller
1840male Rebman28 Mar. 1885, PleasantviewMarian (Parish) RebmanGeo. F. Rebman
1841female Ambrosius14 Mar. 1885, RushvilleSusan (Garrett) AmbrosiusElijah Ambrosius
1842male Hickerson4 Apr. 1885, PleasantviewEmma (Hunter) HickersonW. Hickerson
1843George Cleaveland Walton3 Feb. 1885, BadersMary E. (Fowler) WaltonBenjamin Walton
1844male Folsom19 Jan. 1885, BrowningMinerva (Murphy) FolsomWm. Folsom
Page 147
1845female Schissler11 Mar. 1885, Browning Tp.Amanda (Robertson) SchisslerMartin Schissler
1846Fanny Bates30 Mar. 1885, BrowningAgnes M. (Campbell) BatesJohn W. Bates
1847Fred Anderson22 Feb. 1885, BrowningAnna E. (Gabbert) AndersonMark Anderson
1848Daria White22 Feb. 1885, BrowningElizabeth (Carlisle) WhiteThomas H. White
1849male Mitchell20 Jan. 1885, BrowningMary Ann (Frew) MitchellFrank Mitchell
1850female Furnace1 Apr. 1885, BrowningNancy (Sears) FurissSamuel Furniss
1851male Moose31 Jan. 1885, BadersJosephine (Wishaar) MooseColumbus Moose
1852Joseph Homer Sharon24 Mar. 1885, Birmingham Tp.Ellen (Stephens) SharonAlex Sharon
1853Lawrence Wesley Dean19 Jan. 1885, Woodstock Tp.Marth Frances (Paisley) DeanJames McClellan Dean
1854Elmer Herrington17 Jan. 1885, Buenavista Tp.Lizzie May (Boice) HerringtonGeorge S. Herrington
1855May Evaline Mantonya14 Mar. 1885, RushvilleMary Jane (Lee) MontonyaJames M. Montonya
1856male McCombs9 Apr. 1885, Browning Tp.Martha (Miller) McCombsAlex McCombs
1857male Morrell8 Apr. 1885, CamdenEmily F. (Owen) MorrellTheodore Morrell

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