SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation.

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 148 – 154

Page 148
1858Samuel Runkle20 May 1885, Browning Tp.Anna Mary (Wetsel) RunkleRoland A. Runkle
1859Ernest Blacker9 Jul. 1885, BuenavistaCaroline ( Katzenberger) BlackerWm. Blacker
1860C. B. Quigley14 May 1885, RayRebecca (Childers) QuigleyB. H. Quigley
1861Gracie Ann Sours18 Apr. 1885, RayFrancis (Moore) SoursIsaac Sours
1862Gertrude Stockton7 Jun. 1885, Oakland Tp.Rebecca (Burress) StocktonOscar F. Stockton
1863Claude K. Bowers8 Jun. 1885, CamdenEsther V. (Kinman) BowersJohn H. Bowers
1864Martha J. Marlow12 May 1885, CamdenJemima (Weightman) MarlowJohn W. Marlow
1865female Adkinson26 Apr. 1885, RushvilleMolly Ann (Hodges) AdkinsonGeo. W. Adkinson
1866male Sanders25 Mar. 1885, BuenavistaMatilda Isabel Ann (Campbell) SandersR. B. Sanders
1867male Stockwell26 Feb. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Salinda Ellen (Sipes) StockwellJames M. Stockwell
1868male Swick26 Feb. 1885, BainbridgeJane (Walkins) SwickS. J. Swick
1869male Crandall16 Dec. 1884, Buenavista Tp.Mary Agnes (Sands) CrandallHarvey Foster Crandall
1870male Scott5 Dec. 1884, Woodstock Tp.Elizabeth (Harrison) ScottRichard Menter Scott
Page 149
1871male Yates26 Nov. 1885 [sic], Rushville
recorded 21 July 1885
Anna Grace (Beals) YatesAmos Yates
1872Katharine McAllister Bagby29 Oct. 1884, RushvilleLucilla (Walker) BagbyJohn Scripps Bagby
1873male Hermetett24 Sep. 1884Ellen (Logsdon) HermetettJames F. Hermetett
1874male Logsdon22 Jul. 1885, Rushville Tp.Mary (Howe) LogsdonJohn Logsdon
1875male Copeland20 Jul. 1885, Rushville Tp.Naomi Jane (Berry, Dennis) CopelandThomas Copeland
1876Gertrude May Jordan14 Apr. 1885, Frederick Tp.Agnes (Langner) JordanJohn Jordan
1877Hattie Herron12 Apr. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah J. (Wren) HerronJohn Herron
1878Jesse Arman Beatty14 May 1885, Rushville Tp.Mary J. (Meadows) BeattyJohn S. Beatty
1879female Allen2 Jun. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Marguarita (Adkinson) AllenThomas Allen
1880Matilda Agnes Beebe6 Jun. 1885, Rushville Tp.Jessie (Fisher) BeebeJohn C. Beebe
1881Anna Pearl Garrison29 May 1885, Browning Tp.Emma L. (Trimble) GarrisonHarlow Garrison
1882female Tipton18 Jun. 1885, Rushville Tp.Lydia (Kinnall) TiptonHenry J. Tipton
1883Wm. Van Zant Palmer25 Jun. 1885, Browning Tp.Sarah L. (Kelly) PalmerHarlow C. Palmer
Page 150
1884Clarance Roy Ward15 May 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Emily J. (Davis) WardMajer A. Ward
1885male Hanning1 May 1885, Birmingham Tp.Nancy (Vance) HanningRobert Hanning
1886Inya Ann McWilliams9 Jun. 1885, RushvilleIsadora SherrellJohn Harvey McWilliams
1887male & female Harrison6 Dec. 1884, Woodstock Tp.Edith J. (Irwin) HarrisonElisha Harrison
1888male Deal28 Nov. 1884, Woodstock Tp.Emily C. (Powers) DealElisha Deal
1889male Eryler7 May 1885, Woodstock Tp.Philopeon (Mittenberger) EylerOlander Euyler
1890female Vancil20 Jun. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.E. J. (Icenogle) VancilJohn M. Vancil
1891Hattie Mae Smith1 May 1885, RushvilleSusan L. (Young) SmithJohn W. Smith
1892Mabel Blanche Farrar21 Apr. 1885, Buena Vista Tp.Isabel (Vancleve) FarrarJames W. Farrar
1893male Rader1 Apr. 1885, RushvilleElmira E. (Scott) RaderWilliam H. H. Rader
1894male Detra28 Mar. 1885, WoodstockMary E. (Himer) DetraAbel Detra
1895male Rhinehart8 Jan. 1885, Buena Vista Tp.Mary E. (Corbin) RhinehartJohn W. Rhinehart
1896Grover Carl Vancil10 Jan. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Rosanna (Kelly) VancilBenj. F. Vancil
Page 151
1897male Shaffer14 Jan. 1885, RushvilleRosina (Barnes) ShafferCharles M. Shaffer
1898Harvey Clay Corbridge19 Nov. 1884, RushvilleCalista (Black) CorbridgeA. L. Corbridge
1899Lore Vernon Lawler17 Dec. 1884, BainbridgeLou. M. (Campbell) LawlerDwight E. Lawler
1900male Moore9 Mar. 1885, Buenavista Tp.Salona (Detra) MooreGeorge T. Moore
1901male Williamson27 Jan. 1885, RushvilleLucy (Black) WilliamsonFrancis M. Williamson
1902male Stevens26 Jan. 1885Mary J. (Eason) StevensWm. M. Stevens
1903male Rader2 Apr. 1885, Buena VistaAdra A. (Sparks) RaderWm. F. Rader
1904male Strong2 Aug. 1885, PleasantviewMary D. (Curin) StrongFrank P. Strong
1905female Kinsey5 May 1885, Rushville Tp.Delia M. (Miller) KinseyWm. H. Kinsey
1906Clarence Toland28 Jun. 1885, Oakland Tp.Johanna (Caster) TolandSolomon Toland
1907Dallas Grover Shirley20 Jul. 1885, RayMelvina (Winner) ShirleyFrank M. Shirley
1908female Rigg20 Jul. 1885, CamdenBelle (Jackson) RiggAndrew J. Rigg
1909female Lung18 Jul. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Nora (Elmore) LungHenry Lung
Page 152
1910Sadie Grace Low13 Sep. 1885, RayEtta (Frampton) LowDempsey Low
1911Ralph Emerson Burnsides18 Jul. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Nancy (Rittenhouse) BurnsidesThomas Burnsides
1912Dora Elizabeth Wade14 Jul. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Catherine (Tolle) WadeHorace Wade
1913male McCrary17 Aug. 1885, Birmingham Tp.Almeda (Burmood) McCraryLewis J. McCrary
1914female Fowler19 Apr. 1885, Camden Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Holiday) FowlerKelly M. Fowler
1915Mary E. McPheeters15 Feb. 1885, Birmingham Tp.Carrie (Allen) McPheetersJohn C. McPheeters
1916female Anderson9 Aug. 1885, HuntsvilleSusan (Merritt) AndersonCharles Anderson
1917male Whitson9 Mar. 1885Nettie (Tulles) WhitsonJ. Walter Whitson
1918Cathrine Jane Keegan20 Aug. 1885, RushvilleEllen (O’Reilly) KeeganThomas Keegan
1919Frederick Vincent2 Jul. 1885, Buenavista Tp.Mollie (Paisley) VincentCharles Vincent
1920Lillie Myrtle Sargeant9 Jun. 1885, Buenavista Tp.Martha A. (Young) SargeantJames J. Sargeant
1921male Campbell14 Jul. 1885, Rushville Tp.Ellie (Hawkins) CampbellPeter L. Campbell
1922Ethel S. Goodwin5 Jul. 1885, RushvilleMary D. (Stewart) GoodwinJohn Wm. Goodwin
Page 153
1923female Humphries25 Aug. 1885Minda (Marsh) HumphriesJohn A. Humphries
1924Ellen Francis S. May20 Aug. 1885, Bainbridge Ellen J. S. (Apple) MayOliver J. May
1925Olive May Neill1 Sep. 1885, Bainbridge Tp.Lucy J. (Greer) NeillJames E. Neill
1926female Black2 Sep. 1885, Frederick Tp.Hannah M. (Kershaw) BlackRandall Black
1927male Dean1 Sep. 1885, PleasantviewMary M. (Stockwell) DeanMartin M. Dean
1928male Briney23 Aug. 1885, Hickory Tp.Caroline (Weddell) BrineyJames Briney
1929Nina Mitchell3 Aug. 1885, BadersNancy (Venters) MitchellGeorge Mitchell
1930male Stauffer5 Aug. 1885, Browning Tp.Lovina (Shafer) StaufferSeth Stauffer
1931Bernice Gibbs22 Jul. 1885, BadersHattie (Hart) GibbsSmith Gibbs
1932Sarah Ellen Walton6 Jun. 1885, Browning Tp.Melvina (Cox) WaltonWilliam J. Walton
1933Grover C. Venters29 Jul. 1885, BadersMaggie (Geiman) VentersMaro Venters
1934Jessie & Bessie Sherrill20 Jun. 1885, BrowningBell Harriett (Hickman) SherrillPhilip C. Sherrill
1935Flora Ethel Balldon4 Jul. 1885, Browning Tp.Julia Ann (Frankford) BalldonMike Balldon
Page 154
1936male Glympse12 Jul. 1885, BadersSarah (Shelley) GlympseJames Glympse
1937male Walter17 Jul. 1885, Hickory Tp.Ludia (Philips) WalterCharles H. Walter
1938Anna Schisler15 Apr. 1885, Browning Tp.Julia (Kalnider) SchislerLewis Schisler
1939male Jones11 Jul. 1885, Hickory Tp.Annie (Geiman) JonesWilliam B. Jones
1940Carban Perkins22 Jun. 1885, BrowningLydia Ann (Schneider) PerkinsGeorge Perkins
1941Virdie Lancaster1 Sep. 1885, BrowningMary Caroline (Sherrell) LancasterJohn C. Lancaster
1942male Long27 Aug. 1885, Camden Tp.Emma (Smith) LongJohn M. Long
1943Fred Wilcox1 Sep. 1885, BrowningJulia Ann (McCombs) WilcoxBenjamin Edward Wilcox
1944James Everett Knous6 Sep. 1885Cornelia Ellen (Ivens) KnouseNicholas Knouse
1945Clarence Virgil Bader29 Jul. 1885, Browning Tp.Lucetta (Saucer) BaderH. O. Bader
1946male Pittinger15 Aug. 1885, near RayMary (Hetrick) PittingerNicholas Pittinger
1947Dwight S. Aten5 Sep. 1885, RayLaura (Walker) AtenFremont Aten
1948Ida May Thomas26 Aug. 1885, Oakland Tp.Maggie (Humphrey) ThomasGeorge Thomas

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