SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birthrecords were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmedfrom the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse.The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, andparents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more informationthan I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the abovementioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler CountyHistorical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation.

Birth Records, Book2, 1885-1903, Pages 29 – 35

Page 29
2378Harry Gyles11 Apr. 1887, RushvilleMinnie (Kricke) GylesIsaac W. Gyles
2379Orion Hodge28 Jun. 1887, RushvilleMatilda (Clapper) HodgeWm. H. Hodge
2380Olive Hodge28 Jun. 1887, Rushvillesamesame
2381Alta Lawler5 Jun. 1887, RushvilleEliza M. (Welker) LawlerGeorge W. Lawler
2382Edith May McFeeters21 May 1887, RushvilleElvira C. (Black) McFeetersJohn G. McFeeters
2383female Dean18 May 1887, Schuyler Co.Martha F. (Eckroy) DeanJames Dean
2384Esta Hersh21 Apr. 1887Lucy Ann (Doyle) Hershsame [sic]
2385Leonard Scudder11 Jan. 1888, Schuyler Co.Etta A. (Vail) ScudderJames Marion Scudder
2386Minnie Hickman11 Jan. 1888, BrowningMillie Ann (Chapman) HickmanChenley Hickman
2387Edwin Johnson10 Jan. 1888, PleasantviewMary (Farrar) JohnsonJohn Johnson
2388Walter Louderback18 Jan. 1888, Hickory Tp.William [sic] Christine (Harlow)
Norris Louderback
2389female Sadder21 Sep. 1887, BuenavistaSadder
2390Maud Flomerfelt17 Jan. 1888, RushvilleMartha (Polinsky) FlomerfeltThomas Flomerfelt
Page 30
2391Ward Henry Lambert7 May 1887, Littleton Tp.Millie R. (Spragg) LambertGeorge H. Lambert
2392Charles Edward Teel24 May 1887, Rushville Tp.Amanda Melvina (Martin) TeelFrancis M. Teel
2393male Lawler8 Feb. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Olive (Hodges) LawlerTheodore Lawler
2394Bulah Dunn22 Jan. 1888, RayBelle (Farrar) DunnJohn Dunn
2395male Ash1 Nov. 1887, Birmingham Tp.Ida Belle (Nichols) AshAlbert Madison Ash
2396Margrett Inis Alters5 Nov. 1887, Birmingham Tp.Margaret Elsie (Dusher) AltersNathaniel Alters
2397male Croxton9 Nov. 1887, HuntsvilleJosephine Alice (Byrns) CroxtonJoel Erwin Croxton
2398male Burton3 Feb. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah (Marlow) BurtonRobt. M. Burton
2399female Fowler28 Jan. 1888, BrooklynMary A. (Glandon) FowlerJohn C. Fowler
2400male Smith28 Jan. 1888, CamdenMary J. (Starr) SmithJohn F. Smith
2401female Atchley10 Jan. 1888, BrooklynSarah J. (Wilhelm) AtchleyThos. A. Atchley
2402male Crone4 Jan. 1888, BrooklynSarah J. (Auchenback) CroneJonas Crone
2403Mamie Jones3 Feb. 1888, BrowningEliza Francis (Cox) JonesHenry McCombs Jones
Page 31
2404female Skiles8 Jan. 1888, BrowningLaura F. (Woodford) SkilesWilliam D. Skiles
2405Clarence Crafton29 Jan. 1888, BrowningLaura Ann (Warren) CraftonHenry Crafton
2406Flossie May Mallory1 Feb. 1888, RushvilleNettie (Farrar) MalloryEugene Mallory
2407male Stockwell31 Jan. 1888, PleasantviewMary (Roudebush) StockwellMarion Stockwell
2408Fred Stockwell31 Jan. 1888, Pleasantviewsamesame
2409male Hedgecock1 Feb. 1888, Birmingham Tp.Laura A. (Bolton) HedgecockRobert Hedgecock
2410Sal[unreadable] Lancaster27 Feb. 1888, BrowningMary Caroline (Sherrill) LancasterJohn Lancaster
2411Frank Ruby25 Feb. 1888, BrowningMary E. (Rhoads) RubyJohn C. Ruby
2412female Sherrill3 Mar. 1888, Browning Tp.Nettie (Tyson) SherrillWilliam Franklin Sherrill
2413male Dodds2 Mar. 1888, PleasantviewNancy E. (Ward) DoddsThomas Dodds
2414George H. Kinsey26 Sep. 1887, Rushville[unreadable] May (Miller) KinseyWilliam Harrison Kinsey
2415Ferol Fern Grimwood29 Feb. 1888, FrederickArilla Alice (Barthlow) GrimwoodWesley Merritt Grimwood
2416Winford Thompson[unreadable] Feb. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Myra (ONeal) ThompsonJefferson E. Thompson
Page 32
2417male Thompson27 Feb. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Margaret J. (Arthur) ThompsonWilliam J. Thompson
2418male Kade14 Mar. 1888, RushvilleMollie (Smith) KadeWm. Kade
2419Nellie Cook[no date], Oakland Tp.Laura B. (Strausbaugh) CookWm. T. Cook
2420male Martin2 Jan. 1888, Oakland Tp.Minnie (Campbell) MartinJonathan Oliver Martin
2421male Moore29 Feb. 1888, Oakland Tp.Serra Annie HillDavid L. Moore
2422Moore [no sex listed][no date], RayMary E. (Lambert) MooreSolomon C. Moore
2423Bula Blanche DunnIsabel (Farrar) DunnJohn Franklin Dunn
2424male Sowers16 Mar. 1888Francis (Moore) SowersIke Sours
2425Clatens Heaton27 Jan. 188, Oakland Tp.Margaret (Hess) HeatonJohn D. Heaton
2426male Pittinger28 Jan. 1888Mary (Hetrick) PittingerN. T. Pittinger
2427Gertrude McNeeley14 Mar. 1888, Browning Tp.Susan (Isabel) McNeeleyJames McNeeley
2428Charles Dennis Schultz26 Mar. 1888, Browning Tp.Ellen Jane (Lester) SchultzGeorge R. Schultz
2429George Earl Allen3 Mar. 1888, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth (Stockwell) AllenJames T. Allen
Page 33
2430female Pratt1 Feb. 1888, HuntsvilleLyle (Sanford) PrattLeonard J. Pratt
2431Susan Francis Gapen10 Mar. 1888, Rushville Tp.Isabella (Williamson) GapenThomas Gapen
2432Mary Agnes Dunn15 Nov. 1887, PleasantviewMary (Hafer) DunnDaniel Dunn
2433female Sipes4 Apr. 1888, Rushville Tp.Anna Jane (Eastly) SypesWilliam Sypes
2434Nell Little Young16 Apr. 1888, BuenavistaElizabeth (Dewitt) YoungJohn A. Young
2435Walter Oran Wilson4 Apr. 1888Sarah (Boyd) WilsonElijah H. Wilson
2436male Nesbitt16 Mar. 1888, RushvilleAnna A. (Hancock) NesbittWm. M. Nesbitt
2437male Stremmel15 Mar. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Sophia (Kistler) StremmelWilliam Stremmel
2438Robert Sproul Montooth23 Feb. 1888, RushvilleAnna (Colt) MontoothJames Montooth
2439male Heaton12 Feb. 1888, Schuyler Co.Sarah (Winner) HeatonSanford Heaton
2440[unreadable]lia Mary Avery20 Mar. 1888, Schuyler Co.Mary (Howard) AveryGeorge Avery
2441male Robinson27 Mar. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Annie (McCormick) RobinsonSilas Robinson
2442Claneia Albertina Higgins8 Mar. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Dora M. (Fowler) HigginsJohn R. Higgins
Page 34
2443Annie Lucretia White7 Mar. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Almeda (Lantz) WhiteWarren White
2444male Custer29 Apr. 1888, HuntsvilleMary M. (Buchanan) CusterRobert Custer
2445male Carden21 Apr. 1888, BirminghamMary S. (DeGarmo) CardenJohn S. Carden
2446Rosanna Hedrick16 Apr. 1888, HuntsvilleJane (Adams) HedrickThomas H. Hedrick
2447male Hedrick24 Apr. 1888, HuntsvilleLivy (Ellis) HedrickGeorge Hedrick
2448female Denny24 Apr. 1888, HuntsvilleSalina (Watts) DennyCharles Denny
2449George Milton Geer20 Apr. 1888, Browning Tp.Delilah A. (Rebman) GeerBenjamin Franklin Geer
2450female Kinnear27 May 1888, Browning Tp.Ellen (Strong) KinnearAlonzo Kinnear
2451Zelma Maude Gragg17 May 1888, Bainbridge Tp.Nellie (Worsham) GraggGeorge W. Gragg
2452male Runkles17 May 1888, Bainbridge Tp.Susan (Little) RunkleRough Runkles
2453Eva Pearl Rittenhouse14 Feb. 1888, Bainbridge Tp.Alice (Hodges) RittenhouseHiram Rittenhouse
2454male Foote30 Jun. 1886, RushvilleSusan (Weber) FootGeorge H. Foot
2455male Armstrong[no date], RushvilleEmma (Miller) ArmstrongJohn Armstrong
Page 35
2456male Young1 Aug. 1886, Buenavista Tp.Mary J. (Cribble) YoungJoseph Young
2457male Wheelhouse16 Aug. 1886, RushvilleNancy Jane (Black) WheelhouseSamuel D. Wheelhouse
2458female Schramm17 Nov. 1886, Woodstock Tp.Mary C. (Dace) SchramChas. Schramm
2459female Cook28 Sep. 1886, RushvilleChastinia (Cornelius) CookSamuel M. Cook
2460Ida May Howell3 Oct. 1886, Bainbridge Tp.Anna M. HowellLoring C. Howell
2461Mary Florence Patterson28 Sep. 1887, BuenavistaElizabeth (Gamer) PattersonRobert Patterson
2462female Lenhart27 Sep. 1887, RushvilleSarah (Crone) LenhartA. R. Lenhart
2463female Persinger19 Nov. 1887, Woodstock Tp.Delila (Rittenhouse) PersingerLewis M. Persinger
2464male Meneely8 Dec. 1887, RushvilleSusan (Hutchinson) MeneelyThomas Meneely
2465male Harris1 Jan. 1888, RushvilleSamantha (Foy) HarrisIsaac Harris
2466female Greer3 Jan. 1888, RushvilleLena N. (Adams) GreerMilton H. Greer
2467Elizabeth Rebman11 Jan. 1888, RushvilleRosann (Beatty) RebmanJohn F. Rebman
2468male Hooker6 Feb. 1888, RushvilleJane (Beghtol) HookeJasper Hooke

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