SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birthrecords were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmedfrom the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse.The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, andparents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more informationthan I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the abovementioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler CountyHistorical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation.

Birth Records, Book2, 1885-1903, Pages 36 – 42

Page 36
2469female Bridgewater2 Jan. 1888, BainbridgeAmanda (Robinson) BridgewaterChristopher B. Bridgewater
2470male Nelson10 Feb. 1888, RushvilleClara (Smith) NelsonChas. Nelson
2471Charles Morris27 May 1888, BrowningRose Ann (Walton) MorrisSamuel Morris
2472Ernest Seth McLain19 Jan. 1888, LittletonSusan (Morrell) McLainS. D. McLain
2473Gertrude Maurer24 May 1888, RushvilleRosie (Johnson) MaurerJacob Maurer
2474Annie Laura Sells12 Jun. 1888, BirminghamPolly (Miller) SellsBarney Sells
2475male Long5 Jun. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Emma W. (Smith) LongJohn M. Long
2476male Pearson28 May 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Mary E. (Cox) PearsonJas. P. Pearson
2477female Reed3 Jun. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Cora (Sellers) ReedHenry D. Reed
2478Robert F. Dean9 Jul. 1888, Birmingham Tp.Melissa A. (Price) DeanJohn F. Dean
2479male Mecum28 Jun. 1888, BirminghamMary A. (Clark) MecumDavis Mecum
2480female Ferrell27 Jun. 1888, Pea Ridge, Ill.Eveline (Maxwell) FerrellJoseph E. Ferrell
2481male Kinnerman2 Jun. 1888, RushvilleMartha Jane KinnermanHarvey Levi Kinnerman
Page 37
2482Stephen Henry Hickman16 Jun. 1888, BrowningMaggie May Wisdom (unmarried)Steven Henry Hickman
2483Mertie May Riddle1 May 1888, BrowningJennie (Willitts) RiddleCharles Henry Riddle
2484male Reno23 Jun. 1888, FrederickMinnie E. (Pettigrew) RenoCharles B. Reno
2485Elmer Schuman7 Jun. 1888, Browning Tp.Addie Elizabeth (Lane) SchumanMichael Schuman
2486John Stambaugh23 Jun. 1888, BrowningCarrie L. (Warren) StambaughLouis B. Stambaugh
2487female Tremor (Trimmer)5 Apr. 1888, BadersEmma Tremor (Trimmer)Levi Tremor (Trimmer)
2488Lore Verne Bader27 Apr. 1888, BadersMary Jane (Eppert) BaderW. P. Bader
2489male Schissler11 May 1888, BrowningAmanda (Robertson) SchisslerMartin Schissler
2490Estella I. Weaver18 Jul. 1888, Littleton Tp.Sarah J. (Enfield) WeaverDavid Weaver
2491Wesley Carter13 Jul. 1888, Hickory Tp.Nellie (Payne) CarterRichard Carter
2492male Foley31 Jul. 1888, LittletonIda B. (Turner) FoleyJohn B. Foley
2493Willie Hoover10 Jun. 1888, Browning Tp.Mary Jane (Walton) HooverGeo. W. Hoover
2494Sylvia Aulgur9 Aug. 1888, LittletonMaggie (Cox) AulgurJohn W. Aulgur
Page 38
2495Elva Francis Winters16 Aug. 1888, LittletonGrace B. (Snyder) WintersHorace B. Winters
2496Ruth Estelle Camp1 Aug. 1888, BrooklynFanette (Taylor) CampJulian E. Camp
2497male Frakes26 Aug. 1888, BrooklynLucinda (Willey) FrakesNathan Frakes
2498male Hickman11 Aug. 1888, BrowningEmma (Castleberry) HickmanSimon P. Hickman
2499Annie Margaret Walton2 Sep. 1888Melvina (Cox) WaltonWm. John Walton
2500female Cunningham7 Mar. 1888, BuenavistaCaroline (Unger) CunninghamChas. Cunningham
2501Philips23 Jun. 1888, BuenavistaAdeline (Burke) PhilipsStephen Thomas Philips
2502female Cunningham6 Apr. 1888, BuenavistaMargaret (Greene) CunninghamWm. Cunningham
2503male Ambrosius27 Mar. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Nancy J. (Serrott) AmbrosiusJohn C. Ambrosius
2504Alpha Clyde Buckley6 Sep. 1888, BuenavistaMary (Finch) BuckleyJames A. Buckley
2505male Kettering9 Sep. 1888, BirminghamMartha A. (Leech) KetteringFrederick O. Kettering
2506male Chockley30 Sep. 1888, LittletonLydia A. (Starr) ChockleyFrank M. Chockley
2507George Washington Green7 Oct. 1888, LittletonJane (Cagle) GreenAlpheus Green
Page 39
2508male Lambert1 Oct. 1888, LittletonElla R. (Pollock) LambertWilliam L. Lambert
2509Jesse Ray Woodford17 Sep. 1888, HuntsvilleNola Adelaide (Hill) WoodfordJohn Henry Woodford
2510Fred Wilbert Agans28 Aug. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Ida Viola AveryLevi Agans
2511Rhoda Emily Pierson Frew3 Oct. 1888, near BrowningAnna (Ruark) FrewAlexander Frew
2512William Earl Bartlow22 Oct. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Arrabell (Hightower) BartlowJohn Thomas Bartlow
2513Homer Leonard12 Aug. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Martha (Wood) LeonardGeo. Leonard
2514Ben H. Hillyer3 Sep. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Carrie (Burton) HillyerWillis S. Hillyer
2515male Bectell17 Oct. 1888, LittletonLouisa W. (Mitchell) BectellWilliam Bectell
2516male Wheat20 Oct. 1888, LittletonRosa H. (Asher) WheatDavid H. Wheat
2517male Sloan19 Oct. 1888, LittletonKate F. (Snyder) SloanFrank M. Sloan
2518female Roudebush14 Oct. 1888, Rushville Tp.Siota (Gossage) RoudebushGeo. W. Roudebush
2519Roy Vern Simpson8 Nov. 1888, Bainbridge Tp.Lizzie Anna (Plummer) SimpsonJesse James Simpson
2520Ellen Gertrude Parr6 Nov. 1888, Rushville Tp.Martha Ann (Silsby) ParrPeter B. Parr
Page 40
2521male Louderback27 Jul. 1888, HuntsvilleMaggie (Rumpley) LouderbackFrank Louderback
2522male Allphin1 Aug. 1888, HuntsvilleCarrie (Rose) AllphinHenry Allphin
2523Myrtle Beebe18 Oct. 1888, HuntsvilleMary (Veatch) BeebeJerome Bonaparte Beebe
2524female Dace14 Oct. 1888, HuntsvilleElizabeth (Harmon) DaceJonathan E. Dace
2525Maurice Haney Donnald26 Oct. 1888, CamdenViola (Rigg) DonnaldJohn E. Donnald
2526Sherman Burnett Wilcox15 Oct. 1888, BirminghamMary Jane (Price) WilcoxSamuel Wilcox
2527female Burmood13 Nov. 1888, BirminghamAnna M. (Allphin) BurmoodJames W. Burmood
2528female Allen10 Nov. 1888, BirminghamMargaret C. (Crosby) AllenWilson E. Allen
2529female Thixton1 Aug. 1888, RushvilleIda May (Finley) ThixtonHenry D. Thixton
2530male Haber27 Nov. 1888, Littleton Tp.Lola E. (Griffith) HaberDaniel F. Haber
2531male Blackwell10 Aug. 1888, Littleton Tp.Alvina (Sanders) BlackwellJames P. Blackwell
2532male Wilmot27 Nov. 1888, Buena VistaSaderah H. (McGraw) WilmotWm. H. Wilmot
2533male Foley9 Nov. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Margaret Ann (Weaver) FoleyAugust C. Foley
Page 41
2533Addie Walton28 Nov. 1888, BadersMary Ann WaltonJoseph H. Walton
2534female Burnett19 Nov. 1888Emily (Bilderback) BurnettJ. M. Burnett
2535George Herman Roberts3 Dec. 1888, BirminghamMary E. (Robinson) RobertsGeorge Roberts
2536male Van Ormer21 Nov. 1888, Huntsville Tp.Emma B. (Harris) Van OrmerHiram Van Ormer
2537Ethel May Snowden22 Oct. 1888, Oakland Tp.Lucinda (Lybarger) SnowdenD. O. Snowden
2538Karl Thurman Brown2 Sep. 1888, BrowningElla (Hollingsworth) BrownWm. Perry Brown
2539male Cornelius4 Sep. 1888, Browning Tp.Barbara (Huston) CorneliusJames W. Cornelius
2540male Eppertnot givenNancy (Stambaugh) EppertJohn Eppert
2541Amos Wilcox7 Oct. 1888, BrowningLucinda (Norton) WilcoxWm. H. Wilcox
2542Ethylle Ann Long24 Sep. 1888, BadersOlley May (Stambaugh) LongCharles Long
2543Dana Jones17 Oct. 1888, BadersLuella (Ventres) JonesGeorge Jones
2544male Phillips5 Dec. 1888, LittletonLouisa (Wilkison) PhillipsEdward F. Philips
Page 42
2545Sarah Emma Boyd8 Dec. 1888, Schuyler Co.Mary E. (Smith) BoydBlair Boyd
2546female Stargel2 Feb. 1889, LittletonIola May (Sellers) StargelFrancis E. Stargel
2547female Barnes15 Jan. 1889, LittletonSophia (Greer) BarnesJoseph G. Barnes
2548female Melvin7 Feb. 1889, Huntsvillenot givenGeo. F. Melvin
2549Robert J. Nelson16 Sep. 1888, HuntsvilleCarrie (Anderson) NelsonWm. Nelson
2550William Foster Huffman30 Jan. 1889, WoodstockEllen (Riggall) HuffmanWm. W. Huffman
2551female Jones7 Jan. 1889, Birmingham Tp.Sarah (Gordon) JonesWm. Jones
2552female Snyder25 Feb. 1889, LittletonAnalysa T. (Applegate) SnyderHarrison R. Snyder
2553Myrtle McLain4 Feb. 1889, LittletonCharlotte (David) McLainJoseph M. McLain
2554Clyde Wilson27 Jan. 1889, Schuyler Co.Anna Luretta (Roberts) WilsonTheodore F. Wilson
2555Byron Wesley Ambrosius11 Feb. 1889, FrederickJennie (Scott) AmbrosiusChas. W. Ambrosius
2556male Messerer26 Feb. 1889, Frederick Tp.Sophia (Hinderer) MessererWinfield Messerer
2557Mammie May Allen19 Feb. 1889, PleasantviewMarietta (Adkinson) AllenThomas Allen

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