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The following birth records wereextracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from theoriginal Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The informationbelow lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It shouldbe noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County HistoricalJail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation 🙂

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 15- 21


Page 15
183William Henry Clayton1 May 1878, Camden Tp.Hester Ann (Agens) ClaytonGreen Berry Clayton
184Walter Clinton Burton4 May 1878, BrooklynEliza M. (Ribsby) BurtonJames E. Burton
185male Icenogle4 Jun. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Rachael (Powers) IcenogleCharles Icenogle
186Robert Putman Vail13 Nov. 1877, FrederickCarrie M. (Putman) VailEdward Potter Vail
187Pearl Jeanette Baker9 Dec. 1877, FrederickHannah V. (Beals) BakerEdward Baker
188Lucy Spillers2 Jan. 1878, Frederick Tp.Sarah Elizabeth (Jenkins) SpillersIsaac M. Spillers
189William Henry Parks20 May 1878, Rushville Tp.Nancy (Trimble) ParksHenry Parks
190Oliver Lawrence Byers30 May 1878, PleasantviewChristina Mallitta (Landen) ByersWilliam Irvin Byers
191Cora Garrett21 May 1878, Rushville Tp.Laonia Jane (Vance) GarrettJames Garrett
192Leonard Spisey Pasley16 May 1878Hannah NanslyThos. J. Pasley
193Mary Louise Stivers20 May 1878Elizabeth NasbyThos. Stivers
194Sherman Ervin12 May 1878, Buenavista Tp.Maria (Phillips) ErvinHarrison Ervin
195Martha Narden18 Apr. 1878, Woodstock Tp.Mary E. (Shupe) NardenCharles F. Narden
Page 16
196Mary Davis24 May 1878, Buenavista Tp.Elisabeth (Phillips) DavisThomas Davis
197Freddy Curry29 Jan. 1878Ann Marie (Kent) CurryJames Curry
198Frank W. Bull21 May 1878, Huntsville Tp.Mary H. (Dilling) BullNelson W. Bull
199Mary Overstreet22 May 1878, HuntsvilleSusan Jane (Kaneise?) OverstreetJames B. Overstreet
200Fred Sapp30 May 1878, Birmingham Tp.Ida (Futhey) SappStephen B. Sapp
201female Nelson21 May 1878, Littleton Tp.Mary Jane (Little) NelsonTeel Nelson
202Jesse Pearl Allphin23 May 1878, CamdenHannah Elizabeth (Harris) AllphinOliver Perry Allphin
203Laura Edith Carnes29 May 1878, CamdenMary Alice (Higgins) CarnesLewis Thomas Carnes
204female Sells9 Jun. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Malinda Phoebe (Snyder) SellsSolomon Sells
205Joseph Greenleaf24 May 1878, Birmingham Tp.Mary S. (Bodle) GreenleafAdis Elonzo Greenleaf
206Homer Salts24 May 1878, Birmingham Tp.Seville Ellen (Hinebaugh) SaltsWilliam Salts
207Millard Filmore Justus19 Jun. 1878, BrowningMelvina (Saffer) JustusThomas Jefferson Justus
208John Theodore & Christian T. Walton26 May 1878, Browning Tp.Catherine Ann (Roudybush) WaltonGeo. Washington Walton
Page 17
209male Pettigrew24 Jun. 1878, BrowningElviria (Noah) PettigrewMathew Pettigrew
210Sarah Jane Walker9 Jun. 1878, Oakland Tp.Joann (Chapman) WalkerJohn Walker
211Alford Kelly2 Jun. 1878, RayMary (Roberts) KellyJames Kelly
212Maude Hoskinson3 Apr. 1878, RushvilleDeniga (Sanford) HoskinsonHenry H. Hoskinson
213Granvil Patterson19 Apr. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Lydia [also Lyda] C. (Anderson) PattersonRobert Patterson
214Nellie Orena Roeder12 Jun. 1878, RushvilleFredonia (Boman) RoederJoseph F. Roeder
215Schuyler R. Toland18 Apr. 1878, RushvilleMartha TolandJohn Jones
216Martha Fifer10 May 1878, RushvilleMartha Ann (Silsby) FiferGeorge Fifer
217male Garrison30 May 1878, Littleton Tp.Anna (Justus) GarrisonHenry W. Garrison
218male Morris18 Jun. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Lorena Josphine (Peterson) MorrisMosses Allen Morris
219male Matheny18 Jun. 1878, Littleton Tp.Mahala A. (Lotu?) MathenyGeorge Morgan Matheny
220Thomas Wesley Norris28 Jun. 1878, BrowningNancy Ellen (Ficke) NorrisRobert Norris
221Garrett Goodwin12 Jun. 1878, RushvilleSusan (Thomas) GoodwinOscar Goodwin
Page 18
222Lizzy May Sackman18 Jun. 1878, Hickory Tp.Nancy Ann (Tyree) SackmanGeorge Sackman
223female Morris28 May 1878, WoodstockSallie (Campbell) MorrisSamuel Morris
224male Ashley24 Jun. 1878, RushvilleAlice (Staton) AshleyMathew R. Ashley
225female Sargent9 May 1878, RushvilleSarah Francis (Tucker) SargentArthur Sargent
226Edwin Dyson Turner[no date], Rushville Tp.Julia (Atkinson) TurnerWillis Turner
227Edwin Ross Wier3 Jul. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Mary E. (McPherson) WierGeorge H. Wier
228male Parr24 Jun. 1878, Rushville Tp.Mary S. (Smith) ParrWilliam Henry Parr
229David Oscar Severns4 Jul. 1878, Butlersville, Hickory Tp.Melissa (Kelly) SevernsDaniel Severns
230Caroline Lewis6 Jul. 1878, Hickory Tp.Sarah Ann (Moor) LewisEldred Lewis
231male Ellis17 Jul. 1878, Oakland Tp.Mary C. (Bary) EllisJames D. Ellis
232Dora Edminston17 Jul. 1878, Oakland Tp.Mary (Jones) EdminstonNewton Edminston
233male Beatty16 Jul. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Lydia M. (Van Cliff) BeattyJames B. Beatty
234Walter Sowers27 Jun. 1878, Littleton Tp.Francis (Moor) SowersIsaac Sowers
Page 19
235female Fowler15 Jul. 1878, Littleton Tp.Mary S. (Chockley) FowlerHiram Fowler
236Hattie Elizabeth Cook29 Jun. 1878, Oakland Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Beghtol) CookEli Cook
237John Lee Moore5 Jul. 1878, Oakland Tp.Elizabeth (Moore) MooreFrank Moore
238Curtis Ashcraft24 Jul. 1878, Oakland Tp.Susan (Tracy) AshcraftAbner Ashcraft
239Ida May Miller [sic]23 Jun. 1878, Rushville Tp.Elisabeth Jane (Davidson) MilbyEdward Thomas Milby
240Jesse A. Ballow4 Jul. 1878, Rushville Tp.Mary (Malcomson) BallowJohn Alexander Ballow
241male Boling12 Jul. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah Elisabeth (Wilmot) BolingAlbert Ross Boling
242Alvey & Alice Cox15 Jul. 1878, Browning Tp.Mary Ann (Walton) CoxJames Cox
243female Coursey25 Jul. 1878, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah Jane (Allen) Corsey [sic]John W. Coursey
244Sarah Jane Ulpchurch13 Jul. 1878, Camden Tp.Mary Jane (Franklin) UlpchurchRobert Ulpchurch
245Sarah Elizabeth Morrell19 Jul. 1878, Camden Tp.Emily Francis (Owens) MorrellTheodore Morrell
246Robert E. Smith17 Jul. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Mary E. (Hill) SmithGeorge W. Smith
247Lewis Thomas Smith18 Jul. 1878, Hickory Tp.Lavina (Price) SmithLewis W. Smith
Page 20
248male Bentzel25 Jul. 1878, RushvilleJulia (Johnson) BentzelJohn Bentzel
249Sophia Knous30 Jul. 1878, RushvilleLydia (Quinn) KnousJames Knous
250male Devalld31 Jul. 1878, Brooklyn Tp.Sarah (Willey) DevalldJames Devalld
251female22 Jun. 1878, Brooklyn Tp.Jas. M. Edwards
252Lewis Cooper19 May 1878, Birmingham Tp.Malissa J. HarrisLewis M. Cooper
253male Stater9 Aug. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Eliza A. (Green) StaterHenry Stater
254female24 Jul. 1878, Huntsville Tp.Nettie RamseyThomas Roberts
255female Agans8 Aug. 1878, Camden Tp.Louisa (Eifert) AgansStephen Henson Agans
256male Plunkett24 Jul. 1878, CamdenLucy (Keene) PlunkettWilliam Plunkett
257Mary Eifert29 Jun. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Mary (Schmagelsberger) EifertGeorge Eifert
258male Sargent22 Aug. 1878, RushvilleNancy (Stockwell) SargentJohn S. Sargent
259Charles L. Laudrith28 Jul. 1878, WoodstockIsabelle (Robins) LaudrithGeo. W. Laudrith
260– Moore30 Jul. 1878, Oakland Tp.Sarah Ann (Hill) MooreDavid Moore
Page 21
261female McKee1 Aug. 1878, Huntsville Tp.Emma (Saylor) McKeeJames McKee
262male Loop23 Aug. 1878, Huntsville Tp.Mary Ellen (Milton) LoopJosiah Loop
263Ella Beckerdite2 Aug. 1878, Huntsville Tp.Mary J. (Carter) BeckerditeJohn Beckerdite
264female Pettijohn29 Jul. 1878, Huntsville Tp.Susan (Thornhill) PettijohnJerome Pettijohn
265female Parke[no date], Schuyler Co.Rose Ann (Reddick) ParkeOverton Parke
266male Hermetet11 Aug. 1878, Woodstock Tp.Mary Ellen [also: Ellen Mary] (Logsdon)HermetetJames T. Hermetet
267female Ellis22 Aug. 1878, Oakland Tp.Sarah Amanda (Jefferies) EllisFrank Valentine Ellis
268female Lovely2 Aug. 1878, BirminghamAnn (Giddens) LovelyHenry Lovely
269male1 Sep. 1878, Oakland Tp.Bettie BishopJohn Jones
270Hellen May Abbott6 Aug. 1878, Oakland Tp.Lutecia (Moore) AbbottEphraim Abbott
271male Termin1 Sep. 1878, Oakland Tp.Sarah (Harris) TerminBenjamin F. Termin
272Maud Pittenger9 Aug. 1878, Oakland Tp.Sarah (Sullivan) PittengerJohn Pittenger
273Rose Millslagle6 Aug. 1878, Oakland Tp.Lavina (Smith) MillslagleLevi Millslagle

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