SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birthrecords were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmedfrom the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse.The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, andparents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more informationthan I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the abovementioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler CountyHistorical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation.

Birth Records, Book2, 1885-1903, Pages 43 – 49

Page 43
2558Valentine Rebman14 Feb. 1889, Rushville Tp.Ida (Strong) RebmanWm. Rebman
2559female Lee23 Feb. 1889, Rushville Tp.Sarah Jane (Lynch) LeeTheodore M. Lee
2560male Hoots1 Mar. 1889, RushvilleLucy (Peterson) HootsEdwin Hoots
2561female Fetterton22 Dec. 1888, RushvilleLouisa Etta (Six) FettertonStephen Fetterton
2562Charles Elmer Wimer23 Feb. 1889, ButlersvilleMary (Litchfield) WimerGeorge W. Wimer
2563Henrietta Burrell15 Feb. 1889, ButlersvilleEmiline BurrellDavid Burrell
2564Charles Ingles23 Nov. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Sarah Ann (Lashbrook) InglesBartlett Ingles
2565female Ashley4 Jan. 1889, RushvilleAlice (Staton) AshleyMathew R. Ashley
2566Mabel Armer24 Nov. 1888, Buenavista Tp.Ethel May (Sargeant) ArmerEdward C. Armer
2567Bessie May Sargeant21 Jan. 1889, Buenavista Tp.Americus F. (Tribby) SargeantJohn Sargeant
2568Charles Thomas Menely20 Jan. 1889, RushvilleSusan (Smith) MenelyThomas Menely
2569Loa Stockwell20 Nov. 1888, Rushville Tp.Salinda E. (Sipes) StockwellJames M. Stockwell
2570Paul Young Sargent19 Feb. 1889, Rushville Tp.Catherine R. (Young) SargeantChas. E. Sargeant
Page 44
2571John Robt. Hamilton18 Sep. 1889 [1888], Rushville Tp.Elizabeth (Malcomson) HamiltonRobt. H. Hamilton
2572Lola Elizabeth McGraw8 Dec. 1888, RushvilleLydia Ann (Stoke) McGrawHenry C. McGraw
2573female Strong9 Dec. 1887, Bainbridge Tp.Helen A. (Crosier) StrongThomas Q. Strong
2574George W. Madden15 Aug. 1887, Buenavista Tp.Ida (Luthy) MaddenCharles Madden
2575Lawrence W. Kinsey2 Jan. 1889, Woodstock Tp.Adelia (Miller) KinseyWm. H. Kinsey
2576Wm. W. Byers14 Aug. 1888, RushvilleChristine M. (Landon) ByersWm. E. Byers
2577Arley Dean Sylvester24 Feb. 1889, BrowningMary M. (Kingen) SylvesterLafayette Sylvester
2578male Loring3 Mar. 1889, FrederickLaura M. (Farrar) LoringEdward Loring
2579Chas. E. Cooper16 Mar. 1889, BrowningAnnie (Fisher) CooperAble J. Cooper
2580Frederick Earl Bates20 Mar. 1889, BrowningAgnes (Campbell) BatesJohn W. Bates
2581male Greer24 Mar. 1889, LittletonJennie (Armer) GreerJ. L. Greer
2582Nellie J. Gray15 Mar. 1889, BrooklynAnna (Parks) GrayTaylor Gray
2583Luther Melvin Horton3 Mar. 1889, LittletonMartha M. (Morrell) HortonLuther M. Horton
Page 45
2584female Green23 Mar. 1889, LittletonHannah (Thomas) GreenJames W. Green
2585Lizzie Wetzger19 Jan. 1889, Buenavista Tp.Katie (Sitzler) WetzgerWm. Wetzger
2586male McVay13 Mar. 1889, RushvilleSusan J. (Welch) McVayWm. McVay
2587Homer W. Strong19 Jul. 1888, Bainbridge Tp.Adeline (Cornman) StrongChas. K. Strong
2588Lulu Maple Robinson23 Mar. 1889, BrowningMary Ellen (Wilcox) RobinsonJohn Robinson
2589male Stambaugh16 Mar. 1889, BrowningSusan (Robertson) StambaughAlbert S. Stambaugh
2590male Reno22 Jan. 1889, BrowningEmma (Workman) RenoBenjamin Franklin Reno
2591Helen Ethel Noel1 Apr. 1889, BirminghamHarriet C. (Sharon) NoelCharles Noel
2592Daisy L. Mason26 Feb. 1889, Buenavista Tp.Lydia Masonnot given
2593male Fry7 Apr. 1889, RayEaster (Brown) FryDavid Fry
2594male Mullins4 Apr. 1889, RayHenrietta (Custer) MullinsJefferson Mullins
2595Robert Wardell10 Mar. 1889, WoodstockNancy J. (Robins) WardellFrancis M. Wardell
2596Caleb Mathis5 Apr. 1889, BrowningMartha Jane (Frew) MathisAlford Mathis
Page 46
2597Jennie Ruth Carrick16 Jul. 1888, Rushville Tp.Mary E. (Davis) CarrickWm. F. Carrick
2598male Lawrence13 Aug. 1888, RayMary Ellen (Baxter) LawrenceFrank Lawrence
2599male Peterman14 Aug. 1888, Rushville Tp.Lorinda Jane (Vanorder) PetermanT. C. Peterman
2600female Williamson19 Aug. 1888, RushvilleElizabeth (Coffman, Cole) WilliamsonDavid Williamson
2601Verne Martin Corman24 Aug. 1888, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth (Martin) CormanSam Wallace Corman
2602female Kirkham22 Apr. 1889, LittletonSarah J. (Carnes) KirkhamRobt. J. Kirkham
2603George Lewis Garrison3 Apr. 1889, LittletonEllen N. (Legg) GarrisonW. E. Garrison
2604female Shaver15 Apr. 1889, LittletonCatherine (Green) ShaverJ. M. Shaver
2605Guy Franklin Cagle30 Mar. 1889, Littleton[unnamed] (Boice) CagleJ. M. Cagle
2606Hazel May Deane1 May 1889, PleasantviewMary M. (Stockwell) DeaneMartin M. Deane
2607male Stoner15 May 1889, BirminghamRosetta (Moore) StonerArden Stoner
2608Joseph Arthur Reed16 Mar. 1889, Brooklyn Tp.Lena E. (Dark) ReedGeorge B. Reed
2609Jessie Melvina Burton18 Mar. 1889, Brooklyn Tp.Mary O. (Duncan) BurtonJohn O. Burton
Page 47
2610Mansel Morris19 Mar. 1889, BrooklynLizzie (Reed) MorrisIsaiah Morris
2611male Doyle23 Mar. 1889, BrooklynMary (Green) DoyleWm. Doyle
2612male Burton27 Mar. 1889, Brooklyn Tp.Eliza (Rigsbee) BurtonJames E. Burton
2613male Presson7 Apr. 1889, Wayland, Ills.Annie (Pickinpaugh) PressonEdwin M. Presson
2614male Johnson10 May 1889, BrooklynEffie (White) JohnsonGeo. Johnson
2615Lula Anna Pearson27 Apr. 1889, Browning Tp.Emily Jane (Ruark) PearsonThos. A. Pearson
2616Sarah Elizabeth Hoover27 May 1889, Browning Tp.Mary (Walton) HooverGeo. Hoover
2617male Webber1 Jun. 1888, LittletonIda D. (Ritchey) WebberCyrus Webber
2618male Newingham17 May 1889, BrooklynEllen (Dean) NewinghamMarshall Newingham
2619male Cox6 Jun. 1889, LittletonBarbara (Rader) CoxAlbert H. Cox
2620male Ramsey20 May 1889, LittletonParthena (Cooper) RamseyJames N. Ramsey
2621male Wood3 Jun. 1889, HuntsvilleFrances H. (Wright) WoodWm. H. Wood
2622female Hedrick6 Jun. 1889, HintsvilleLiny (Ellis) HedrickGeorge W. Hedrick
Page 48
2623female Malcomson3 Jul. 1889, PleasantviewAddie L. (Dunlap) MalcomsonJames Malcomson
2624Bessie Elizabeth Strong2 Jul. 1889, PleasantviewAnnie (Bennett) StrongFred Strong
2625Eddie Rachels13 May 1889, Pea RidgeEliza E. (Sprotes) RachelsW. Rachels
2626male Bertholf8 Apr. 1889, HuntsvilleDora (Wood) BertholfJames Bertholf
2627male Price24 Apr. 1889, Birmingham Tp.Minnie (Hill) PriceJefferson Price
2628female Tharpe29 Apr. 1889, HuntsvilleAlice (Perry) TharpeHenry C. Tharpe
2629male Pratt17 May 1889, HuntsvilleLyle (Sanford) PrattLemuel Pratt
2630female Alter11 Jul. 1889, HuntsvilleMinnie (Hillyer) AlterElla Alter
2631female Elliott20 Jun. 1889, Pea RidgeSarah (Ausmus) ElliottJoseph Elliott
2632female McDonald11 Apr. 1889, HuntsvilleManda Josephine (Knight) McDonaldWm. McDonald
2633male Skidmore16 Apr. 1889, RushvilleEmma (Nelson) SkidmoreDouglass Skidmore
2634male Kinnerman19 May 1889, RushvilleRosa (Dixon) KinnermanChas. Kinnerman
2635Cora Elizabeth Vanwinkle16 Jun. 1889, LittletonAnnie (Race) VanwinkleHarrison Vanwinkle
Page 49
2636male Finch20 Jul. 1889, BuenavistaJosephine (Wyckoff) FinchAce Finch
2637male Bartman6 Jul. 1889, OaklandEliza (Kimble) BartmanJames Bartman
2638Clifford Forrest Horney18 Jun. 1889, LittletonFrancis (Raper) HorneySamuel M. Horney
2639female McQuade21 Jul. 1889, CamdenHellia (Owens) McQuadeJames McQuade
2640female Perkins9 Jul. 1889, CamdenMary A. PerkinsJackson Perkins
2641female Hedrick19 Jul. 1889, HuntsvilleJane (Adams) HedrickThomas H. Hedrick
2642male Denison18 Jul. 1889, HuntsvilleSarah E. (Saxon) DenisonW. Robert Denison
2643Grover Edgar Trayer15 Aug. 1889, BrowningPolly Ann (Wilson) TrayerSimon Rock. Oliver Trayer
2644Mary Melissa Anderson29 Jul. 1889, BrowningAnna L. (Gabbert) AndersonMark W. Anderson
2645Clarence & Lawrence Layer7 Jul. 1889, BrowningSarah Ann (Wilcox) LayerJohn W. Layer
2646male Alters30 Jul. 1889, HuntsvilleAlma A. (Cleek) AltersG[?] Alters
2647female Griffith2 Aug. 1889, BirminghamMary F. (Foster) GriffithJames L. Griffith
2648female Young24 Jul. 1889, BrooklynEliza (Coats) YoungWilliam Young

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