SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birthrecords were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmedfrom the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse.The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, andparents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more informationthan I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the abovementioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler CountyHistorical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation.

Birth Records, Book2, 1885-1903, Pages 50 – 56

Page 50
2649male Payne15 Aug. 1889, LittletonAlice (Payne) HillLester S. Payne
2650female Lincoln15 Aug. 1889, LittletonAnna (Palmer) LincolnChas. Lincoln
2651Martha Arretta Powell2 Aug. 1889, Browning Tp.Martha (Sayres) PowellLorenzo D. Powell
2652Geo. H. Beard30 Aug. 1889, Woodstock Tp.Martha Jane (Wright) BeardEnos Marion Beard
2653male Utter3 Sep. 1889, Frederick Tp.Sarah M. (Simpson) UtterLyman Edwin Utter
2654William Franklin Cooney22 Jun. 1889, Rushville Tp.Alice Melissa (Campbell) CooneyWm. Douglass Cooney
2655Fred Rodewald Dawson22 Jun. 1889, Rushville Tp.Sarah C. (Grubb) DawsonLuther N. Dawson
2656Ruth Milby27 Aug. 1889, RushvilleFlorentine (Settles) MilbyClement Milby
2657Hugh Whitson8 Sep. 1889, Rushville Tp.Nettie (Tullis) WhitsonJames Walter Whitson
2658male Strong30 Aug. 1889, PleasantviewMary A. (Quinn) StrongFrancis Strong
2659Everette Halstedd Croxton13 Sep. 1889, PleasantviewMary Ann (Ambrosius) CroxtonWalter E. Croxton
2660male Furnace30 Sep. 1889, BrowningMartha J. (Sayres) FurnaceSamuel W. Furnace
2661Chauncey King1 Oct. 1889, PleasantviewMary C. (Bell) KingEdwin B. King
Page 51
2662Gladys Esther Campbell24 Aug. 1889, RushvilleElla (Hawkins) CampbellPeter L. Campbell
2663male & female Work18 Jul. 1889, RushvilleLaura (Crownover) WorkSaml. Work
2664Marguerite Fey27 May 1889, RushvilleEmma (Westlake) FeyJohn Fey
2665male Adkinson21 Sep. 1889, Rushville Tp.Bertha Adkinsonunknown
2666male Moore4 Oct. 1889, RushvilleLeurana (Williamson) MooreGeorge A. Moore
2667female Strong6 Oct. 1889, Bainbridge Tp.Adaline (Cornman) StrongChas. K. Strong
2668David Wallace Shanks24 Sep. 1889, BrooklynGrace (Weaver) ShanksJames F. Shanks
2669female Henderson29 Sep. 1889, BrooklynSarah (McClintock) HendersonJames Henderson
2670male Bartlow2 Oct. 1889, BrooklynAnna (Hendricks) BartlowSylvester Bartlow
2671female Mitchell9 Sep. 1889, LittletonRebecca J. (Cox) MitchellSydney F. Mitchell
2672Grace Belle Bly19 Aug. 1889, LittletonIsabel (McMillen) BlyW. F. Bly
2673Comma McFarland21 Aug. 1889, Round PrairieSarah Belle (Sapp) McFarlandWm. McFarland
2674female Lang9 Oct. 1888, PleasantviewSusan (Hearnes) LangJames M. Lang
Page 52
2675male Reno11 Sep. 1889, Browning Tp.Elizabeth (Pettigrew) RenoChas. B. Reno
2676Alina Caroline Winkelhake3 Oct. 1889, BrowningMary (Jokisch) WinkelhakeHenry F. Winkelhake
2677male Eastley29 Oct. 1889, RushvilleAlbertha (Stephens) EastlyRaymon E. Eastley
2678Maria Louderback17 Oct. 1889, Hickory Tp.Mary (Seward) LouderbackAndrew J. Louderback
2679female Fry14 Oct. 1889, PleasantviewHannah (Green) FryJohn Fry
2680female Utter30 Oct. 1889, FrederickPriscilla (Ward) UtterGeorge Utter
2681male Loring31 Oct. 1889, FrederickLily (Harden) LoringJosiah F. Loring
2682Jane Fegley10 Oct. 1889, Woodstock Tp.Ellen (McCombs) FegleyGeorge Fegley
2683female Lambert22 Oct. 1889, LittletonAnna M. (Shirk) LambertJohn W. Lambert
2684male Thixton7 Oct. 1889, LittletonMartha A. (Lent) ThixtonWilliam J. Thixton
2685male Miller15 Nov. 1889, LittletonMary (Burrows) MillerLewis Miller
2686male Smith22 Oct. 1889, HuntsvilleSophia (Peters) SmithAndrew Smith
2687Helen Mary Billiter31 Oct. 1889, LittletonAlice (Yates) BilleterJames L. Billeter
Page 53
2688Mamie M. Thompson30 Nov. 1889, Woodstock Tp.Myra (Oneal) ThompsonJ. S. Thompson
2689Nora Hinton16 Nov. 1889, Browning Tp.Maggie (Reno) HintonThomas E. Hinton
2690Bessie Irene Winston20 Nov. 1889, Browning Tp.Fannie (Lindsay) WinstonCharles Winston
2691female Hawkins5 Dec. 1889, HuntsvilleMaggie (Campbell) HawkinsMose Hawkins
2692male Queen8 Dec. 1889, Huntsville Tp.Nettie (Cleek) QueenWm. Queen
2693female Jackson17 Dec. 1889, Oakland Tp.Nancy Ellen (Waugh) JohnsonAndrew J. Jackson
2694male Rebman7 Dec. 1889, Browning Tp.Mary (Elliott) RebmanJohn Edward Rebman
2695Glenn Blankenship19 Nov. 1889, BrowningMary (Vaughn) BlankenshipJohn F. Blankenship
2696male Angel16 Dec. 1889, BrowningIda May (Parkes) AngelGeorge W. Angel
2697female Cornelius30 Nov. 1889, BrowningBarbara E. (Huston) CorneliusJas. W. D. Cornelius
2698female Bader13 Dec. 1889, BadersLusetta (Saucer) BaderH. O. Bader
2699Owen Reno3 Dec. 1889, BrowningClara (Bates) RenoA. J. Reno
2700male Venters30 Oct. 1889, BadersMaggie (Diamond) VentersMaro Venters
Page 54
2701female Hagans12 Dec. 1889, BrowningLaura A. (Bates) HagansZachariah Hagans
2702Guy Foster Dean7 Dec. 1889, BrowningSarah E. (Stambaugh) DeanGeo. H. Dean
2703female Smith28 Oct. 1889, BrowningMagdaline (Lind) SmithEathrial Smith
2704Jesse William Stambaugh13 Oct. 1889, Browning Tp.Mary E. (Stroops) StambaughHenry W. Stambaugh
2705female Harris12 Dec. 1889, BrowningSarah (Norton) HarrisJohn Harris
2706male Harmon27 Sep. 1889, Hickory Tp.Emma (Brown) HarmonS. H. C. Harmon
Page 55
2707male Snyder8 Dec. 1889, LittletonBrunett (Spragg) SnyderJohn Fletcher Snyder
2708Royal Wayne Ritchey23 Nov. 1889, LittletonGeneva E. (Moore) RitcheyHardin Ritchey
2709Mary Lillian Wells17 Dec. 1889, LittletonEllen (Roberts) WellsDavid Wheeler Wells
2710male Kelly8 Dec. 1889, LittletonNancy Elizabeth (Lent) KellyJ. W. Kelly
2711female Maclvey29 Dec. 1889, BrooklynHetty H. (Bowen) MacelveyHenry S. Macelvey
2712Carrie Frances Harmon3 Dec. 1889, LittletonEliza (Ridings) HarmonJohn H. Harmon
2713Luther Myron Eads3 Sep. 1889, Rushville Tp.Sophronia E. (Lenover) EadsJohn D. Eads
2714Roy Horace Carrick23 Nov. 1889, RushvilleMaria (King) CarrickGeorge S. Carrick
2715John Andrew Harmon19 Dec. 1889, Buenavista Tp.Sarah C. (Green) HarmonJames Andrew Harmon
2716female Hedrick14 Dec. 1889, CamdenEmiline (McPherson) HedrickJohn P. Hedrick
2717female Miller18 Dec. 1889, CamdenIda (Anderson) MillerJohn Miller
2718Olive May Williamson31 Dec. 1889, BrowningNancy E. (Lund) WilliamsonAshford Williamson
2719Walter Earl Thompson4 Jan. 1890, Woodstock Tp.Margaret J. (Arthur) ThompsonWm. J. Thompson
Page 56
2720Ora Doyle Lewis16 Jan. 1890, PleasantviewGertrude (Elliott) LewisChas. H. Lewis
2721female McNeeley17 Jan. 1890, PleasantviewMary (Sanford) McNeeleyEli McNeeley
2722female Garrison24 Apr. 1889, Rushville Tp.Ella Jane (Steele) GarrisonJames M. Garrison
2723Fred Dawson [dup. p 50]22 Jun. 1889, RushvilleSarah C. (Grubb) DawsonLuther N. Dawson
2724Dora Teel14 Dec. 1889, Rushville Tp.Amanda M. (Martin) TeelFrancis Marion Teel
2725Cleve Jones14 Feb. 1890, RushvilleAngela (Kent) JonesThea Jones
2726Carl Henry Heitz17 Jan. 1890, Rushville Tp.Saloma C. (Parr) HeitzErnest Heitz
2727Frederick O. Elgin18 Nov. 1889, RushvilleAnnie Augusta (Starr) ElginFrancis O. Elgin
2728female Ellis17 Nov. 1889, LittletonJulia E. (Jones) EllisSam’l E. Ellis
2729female Robinson18 Nov. 1889, Buenavista Tp.Annie Alice (McCormick) RobinsonSilas H. Robinson
2730Luther Bailey Ashley18 Nov. 1889, RushvilleAmerica (Jones) AshleyJames K. Ashley
2731male Van Cleve20 Nov. 1889, RushvilleMinnie Alice (Dawson) Van CleveCharles A. Van Cleve
2732Ethel May Allen23 Jan. 1890, HuntsvilleMaggie R. (Wells) AllenArchibald R. Allen

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