SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birthrecords were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311547. These records were filmedfrom the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse.The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, andparents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain more informationthan I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the abovementioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler CountyHistorical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation.

Birth Records, Book2, 1885-1903, Pages 71 – 77

Page 71
2915Paul Blodgett14 Jun. 1891, Browning Tp.Margaret Francis (Ware) BlodgetElzra Blodgett
2916male Miller2 Sep. 1891, BrowningLucy Mertina (Bryant) MillerAlfred Monroe Miller
2917Jay Ellis Hickman11 Aug. 1891, BrowningMartha Jane (Bates) HickmanCharles Amos Hickman
2918William Calvin Trone14 Sep. 1891Annie Bell (Anderson) TroneJohn Henry Trone
2919female Lickey3 Jul. 1891, BrooklynJeanette (Aurgue) LickeyAbraham Lincoln Lickey
2920female Vance7 Jul. 1891, Birmingham Tp.Matilda Francis (Kuhn) VanceElijah Franklin Vance
2921female Abercrombie12 Jul. 1891, BrooklynEdith (Chipman) AbercrombieThomas B. Abercrombie
2922male Lamaster23 Sep. 1891, Bainbridge Tp.Jennie M. (Bradman) LamasterJoseph M. Lamaster
2923male Dennis24 Sep. 1891, LittletonAnna (McCulough) DennisOsborn Dennis
2924male Roudybush26 Apr. 1891, LittletonMartha (Francis) RoudybushHenry Roudybush
2925Ara Mae Swift28 May 1891, LittletonMargaret (Lickey) SwiftLeroy Swift
2926Alma V. McFeeters20 Aug. 1891, LittletonFlorence (Moore) McFeetersW. H. McFeeters
2927Helen LeConte Crooks26 Sep. 1891, BuenavistaRebecca Jane (Russell) CrooksRobert Crooks
Page 72
2928female Boyles20 Sep. 1891, LittletonGrace (Dettra) BoylesDaniel Boiles
2929Henry Clay Elliott19 Sep. 1891, LittletonCelesta (Snyder) ElliotS. Edgar Elliott
2930male Macalhaney3 May 1891, LittltonMaud (Crawford) MacalhaneyLewis Macalhaney
2931Maude Margaret Davis30 Aug. 1891, LittletonLilly M. (Shirl) DavisJohn Davis
2932male Shoup26 Apr. 1891, LittletonJane (Bovey) ShoupWilliam Shoup
2933Rolla Allen Boyles17 Sep. 1891, HuntsvilleMary E. (Totten) BoylesJohn P. Boyles
2934James Harvey Litchfield22 Sep. 1891, near Sheldons GroveEmma Della (Chambers) LitchfieldDouglas Litchfield
2935Rhoda Elizabeth Ruark1 Oct. 1891, Browning Tp.Cora Lavina (Flicking) RuarkWilliam Erastus Ruark
2936male Drawvey26 Sep. 1891, Bainbridge Tp.Mary (Dodds) DrawveyHenry Drawvey
2937male Kincaid8 Oct. 1891, FrederickLouisa (Sollars) KincaidWilliam E. Kincaid
2938male Moore12 Oct. 1891, RushvilleLouranna (Williamson) MooreGeo. Allen Moore
2939female Kinnerman22 Oct. 1891, RushvilleRosa (Dixon) KinnermanChas. Kinnerman
2940Charley Pool26 Oct. 1891, RushvilleJosephine (Knowles) PoolBenjamin Erwin Pool
Page 73
2941male Doyle25 Oct. 1891, RushvilleLaura Catharine (Green ) DoyleGeo. Marion Doyle
2942female Eastley21 Oct. 1891, PleasantviewAlberta H. (Stephens) EastleyRaymond E. Eastley
2943female Wells28 Jun. 1891, Rushville Tp.Louisa (Atkinson) WellsJass Wells
2944female Wilmott29 Aug. 1891, RushvilleLaura M. WilmottWillard Wilmott
2945Robert Wesley Lewis11 Oct. 1891, RushvilleIda May (Pointer) LewisGeo. Andrew Lewis
2946Charles M. Strong20 Oct. 1891, PleasantviewMary E. (Gossage) StrongMaro S. Strong
2947Leota Viola Leona Hoag28 Nov. 1891, FrederickSarah Emma (Greathouse) HoagFrancis Horrace Hoag
2948Ory Devear Bollinger1 Nov., FrederickElizabeth BolingerDaniel Bolinger
2949Opal Virginia Bader25 Oct. 1891, near  BadersLusetta (Saucer) BaderHenry Oscar Bader
2950Frederick Henry Messerer20 Dec. 1891, FrederickSophia (Hinderer) MessererWinfield S. Messerer
2951male Karl Black16 Dec. 1891, FrederickEmma (Hinderer) BlackJohn L. Black
2952female Prunty29 Nov. 1891, HuntsvilleJulia A. (McClane) PruntyJames M. Prunty
2953female Ketnering24 Nov. 1891, BirminghamMartha A. (Leech) KetneringFrederick P. Ketnering
Page 74
2954Frederick Mathis22 Dec. 1891, near BrowningMartha Jane (Frew) MathisAlfred Mathis
2955David Jefferson5 Dec. 1891, N. E. Browning Tp.Alice (Switzer) PowellWilliam Lincoln Powell
2956male Clements5 Jan. 1892, Bainbridge Tp.Orinda (Powell) ClementsGeorge R. Clements
2957Dolph Elliott Rebman2 Jan. 1892, near FrederickElizabeth May (Elliott) RebmanByron L. Rebman
2958Abbie Fowler7 Jan. 1892, BrowningJulia Parthenia (Hunter) FowlerGeo. Washington Fowler
2959Bertha Johnson14 Oct. 1891, BrowningGrace Maud (Falkenstein) JohnsonLewis Johnson
2960female Shultz19 Dec. 1891, Hickory Tp.Nettie F. (Stambaugh) ShultzJulius Shultz
2961Giles Curtis Blankenship27 Jan. 1892, BrowningMary Jeanette (Vaughn) BlankenshipJohn Flavel Blankenship
2962Laura Etta Chandler9 Jan. 1892, near FrederickElla (Wilson) ChandlerWm. Henry Chandler
2963female Alter23 Jan. 1892, HuntsvilleMinnie (Hillyer) AlterAlexander Alter
2964Roy C. Carden28 Jan. 1892, BirminghamElizabeth J. (Scoggan) CardenDavid P. Carden
2965male Orr23 Feb. 1892Lizzie A. (Newell) OrrJohn W. Orr
2966Harry Lewis Kersey31 Dec. 1891, RushvilleMary B. (Stewart) KerseyThomas V. Kersey
Page 75
2967male Atkison31 Jan. 1892, Rushville Tp.Elva A. (Finley) AtkisonWallie J. Atkison
2968female Vincent4 Feb. 1892, Buenavista Tp.Mary A. (Paisley) VincentCharles F. Vincent
2969male Thixton1 Mar. 1892Susann (Roberts) ThixtonThomas F. Thixton
2970male27 Feb. 1892Fannie B. Plummer
2971Beryl Lavere Strong9 Feb. 1892, PleasantviewMargarite Eva (Cummings) StrongRalph G. Strong
2972Annie Pearl Nelson14 Feb. 1892, PleasantviewDella (Gabbert) NelsonAllen Nelson
2973male (repeat)27 Jan. 1892, BrowningMary Jeanette (Vaughn) BlankenshipJohn Flavel Blankenship
2974Clarence D. Cornelius14 Nov. 1891, BrowningBarbara Evaline (Huston) CorneliusJames William Douglas Cornelius
2975Jay Reno6 Feb. 1892, BrowningMinnie (Pettigrew) RenoCharles Benton Reno
2976Edith Schuman14 Feb. 1892, BrowningElizabeth (Lave) SchumanMichael Schuman
2977Abbie Sayers13 Dec. 1891, BrowningLouiza (Geise) SayersAmos Johnathan Sayers
2978Jessie A. Hood15 Apr. 1892, Bainbridge Tp.Mary N. (Lawler) HoodJames Ed. Hood
2979Amanda Carter22 Apr. 1892, Hickory Tp.Elmira (Payne) CarterRichard Carter
Page 76
2980female Rebman9 May 1892, PleasantviewIda (Strong) RebmanWilliam Rebman
2981Harry E. Wilcox5 Jun. 1892, BrowningLucy Lucinda WilcoxWilliam Wilcox
2982male Gragg20 Jun. 1892, PleasantviewElla May (Turner) GraggGeorge Henry Gragg
2983Ruth Plummer3 Jun. 1892, RushvilleCora (Sanford) PlummerJohn Moore Plummer
2984male LoganJun. 1872, Woodstock Tp.Addie McMurtryThomas Logan
2985male Garrison14 Jun. 1892, Bainbridge Tp.Ella Jane SteelJames Madison Garrison
2986Carl J. Carrick5 Jun. 1892Minnie (King) CarrickGeorge Carrick
2987Everett W. Paisley27 Jun. 1892, Woodstock Tp.Nancy Jane DonnahowerFred Paisley
2988Louisa June Burnham24 Jun. 1892, RushvilleIsabel MaxeyThomas W. Burnham
2989Lillie May Sargent10 Jun. 1892, RushvilleCatherine R. (Young) SargentCharles Edward Sargent
2990female Self8 Jul. 1892, Bainbridge Tp.Ann E. (Lawler) SelfJames Self
2991female Goodwin14 Jul. 1892Anna E. (Kline) GoodwinLeroy Goodwin
2992female Yates30 Apr. 1892, RushvilleAnna G. (Beals) YatesAmos Yates
Page 77
2993Essie Emerson Emerick11 Apr. 1892, RushvilleMary E. (Emmerson) EmerickFred Emerick
2994female Roosa8 May 1892, RushvilleEtta Ellen (Snortter) RoosaDelano Roosa
2995Eleanor May Campbell12 May 1892Annie (Kerr) CampbellMilton J. Campbell
2996female17 May 1892Maggie J. Resor
2997male Chitwood17 May 1892, Buenavista Tp.Lydia (Harmon) ChitwoodAllen Chitwood
2998female Shanon3 Jul. 1892, Browning Tp.Algerine (Isabelle) ShanonHenry Shanon
2999male Shanon3 July 1892, Browning Tp.Algerine (Isabelle) ShanonHenry Shanon
3000Bessy Ann Humphrey7 May 1892, Browning Tp.Martha Mariah (Wilhelm) HumphreyWilliam David Humphrey
3001James Laurence Skiles10 Jul. 1892, Browning Tp.Elizabeth Catherine (Sherrel) SkilesJames Franklin Skiles
3002male Reno30 Jun. 1892, Browning Tp.Emma (Workman) RenoBenjamin Franklin Reno
3003female Reno7 Jul. 1892, BrowningRebecca Salvina (Trone) RenoWm. Delno Reno
3004Ruth Jane Clark29 Jul. 1892, HomeMargaret (Knight) ClarkWilliam Clark
3005female Alexander4 Jul. 1892, HuntsvilleVirginia A. (Burmood) AlexanderLouis J. Alexander

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