SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birth records wereextracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from theoriginal Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The informationbelow lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It shouldbe noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County HistoricalJail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation 🙂

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 29- 35

Page 29
365female Rose9 Dec. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Susan Catherine (Stambach) RoseWilliam Lemuel Rose
366Frank Nell2 Dec. 1878, Woodstock Tp.Henrietta (Orth) NellGeorge Nell
367Oscar Washington Haney[no date], RushvilleLizzie Jane (Meginn) HaneyJacob Washington Haney
368Franklin Munroe Black8 Nov. 1878, Rushville Tp.Malinda Louisa (Skiles) BlackThomas Osborn Black
369male Boice5 Nov. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Sarah Asenath (Raper) BoiceJohn David Boice
370male Black11 Dec. 1878, Camden Tp.Harriet Arabel (Dunlavy) BlackRichard S. Black
371male Robbins26 Nov. 1878, HuntsvilleMargaret B. (McCreery) RobbinsWinfield S. Robbins
372female Dean16 Nov. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Jemina (Alters) DeanPerry Dean
373female18 Nov. 1878, Oakland Tp.Rebecca (Simpson) McMillon [sic]Nicholas McMillen
374female Cabin9 Dec. 1878, HuntsvilleMargaret (Hover) CabinGeorge Cabin
375female Ward13 Dec. 1878Martha (Parish) WardJames Nailer Ward
376Myrtle Mendota Mason29 Oct. 1878, BrooklynEliza (Pierce) MasonAdin Mason
377William Taylor Lewis3 Nov. 1878, BrooklynMarion Helen (Taylor) LewisThomas Delaney Taylor
Page 30
378John R. White1 Dec. 1878, BrooklynMargaret (Wood) WhiteBenj. F. White
379male Robinson1 Jul. 1878, BrooklynRosella (Wamach) RobinsonNimrod Robinson
380Perry Dee Wood19 Sep. 1878, BrooklynMaria (Hellyer) WoodWm. Shepperd Wood
381Dora May Pelsor15 May 1878, BrooklynAnn (McDaniels) PelsorGeo. W. Pelsor
382Arthur Eva Wright19 Nov. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Emma (Washabaugh) WrightGeorge Thomas Wright
383male Sloan13 Dec. 1878, Oakland Tp.Emma (Anderson) SloanJohn Lewis Sloan
384George Theodosius Steel10 Dec. 1878, Rushville Tp.Rachel Adeline (Strong) SteelJames Monroe Steel
385Maud Clarie Kerr10 Dec. 1878, Browning Tp.Jessie Edwina (Minton) KerrJessee Charles Fremont Kerr
386Perry Allen Peters30 Nov. 1878, Frederick Tp.Mary Emeline (Sigall) PetersAaron Peters
Page 31
387Emma Jane Ingles29 Dec. 1878, CamdenIsabell (Burnett) InglesJoseph Ingles
388female Houk26 Dec. 1878, HuntsvilleElisabeth Francis (Sims) HoukIsaac Houk
389female Curtiss30 Dec. 1878, Brooklyn Tp.Emaline D. (Evalld) CurtissJames Curtiss
390Lydia Elsia Shanks12 Dec. 1878, BrooklynGeorgeanna (Pelsor) ShanksAndrew E. Shanks
391male18 Dec. 1878, BrooklynElizabeth JocobaWilliam Greenwell
392Mary Frew27 Dec. 1878, Browning Tp.Fanney (Still) FrewEli Frew
393male Hodges21 Dec. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Partana (Stephens) HodgesWilliam Hodges
394Mary Olive Friddle31 Dec. 1878, Browning Tp.Mary Jane (Stephens) FriddleJohn Riley Friddle
395male Campbell25 Dec. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Emma (Hatfield) CampbellCharles S. Campbell
396Frank Herman Clark13 Dec. 1878, RushvilleFrancis (Shank) ClarkLuke Wilcox Clark
397Remenses Cornelius Heaton1 Nov. 1878, Oakland Tp.Rebecca R. (Patterson) HeatonHenry Winner Heaton
398Henry Sell14 Dec. 1878, Birmingham Tp.Mary Ann (Holland) SellDavid Newton Sell
399Frederick Milton Geer7 Jan. 1879, Browning Tp.Delila Addelade (Rebman) GeerBenjamin Franklin Geer
Page 32
400Clara Ann Black18 Nov. 1878, Woodstock Tp.Rachel (Boyle) BlackWilliam Henry Black
401female Travis14 Dec. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Rosan Catherine (Washburn) TravisAmos Henry Travis
402male Moore25 Aug. 1878, RayMary Jane (Moore) MooreJames Willis Moore
403male Frakes8 Jan. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Rebecca J. (Stoneking) FrakesJohn H. Frakes
404Mary Fansis Hillyer28 Dec. 1878, Brooklyn Tp.Julia A. (Higgins) HillyerThomas Hillyer
405male & female Fulton (twins)27 Dec. 1878, DoddsvilleSarah M. (Dark) FultonAlexander Fulton
406male Boling23 Nov. 1878, Littleton Tp.Clarisa (Armo) BolingHarrison Boling
407female9 Dec. 1878, Brooklyn Tp.Lyda E. (Coats) Youg [sic]William D. Young
408male Dunlavy21 Dec. 1878, Littleton Tp.Clara G. (Yocum) DunlavyJohn A. Dunlavy
409male Winters7 Jan. 1879, Littleton Tp.Retta F. (Hathaway) WintersDavid J. Winters
410male Kendrick14 Jan. 1879, Camden Tp.Mary (Davis) KendrickJohn W. Kendrick
411Ida May Sellars [sic]8 Nov. 1878, Littleton Tp.Elizabeth (Morrison) SellersAlbert Sellers
412male Black21 Nov. 1878, BainbridgePaulina (Persinger) BlackJames P. Black
Page 33
413Charles Burton Ward19 Nov. 1878, BainbridgeMillie J. (Taylor) WardIra Ward
414Mertie Foot22 Dec. 1878, RushvilleEffie J. (Grubb) FootAlfred F. Foot
415Charles Frederick Miltenberger2 Aug. 1878, BuenavistaEliza (Garlick) MiltenbergerJohn Miltenberger
416James H. Nelson24 Oct. 1878, BuenavistaEllen C. (Hair) NelsonFrederick T. Nelson
417Andrew Franklin Blackwell18 Sep. 1878, BuenavistaElmira (Sanders) BlackwellJames P. Blackwell
418Thomas J. Sargent6 Jan. 1879, BuenavistaAmerica Francis (Tribble) SargentJohn Sargent
419Mattie Pearl McCabe9 Sep. 1878, RushvilleMattie (Elgin) McCabeJames McCabe
420Maud Blanch Prentiss9 Jan. 1879, RushvilleAnna L. (Rose) PrentissSamuel Prentiss
421Jesse Harmon21 Apr. 1878, BuenavistaCerena (Davis) HarmonJesse Harmon
422Frederick Elmer Blodgett17 Nov. 1878, BuenavistaIda E. (Sholtz) BlodgettStephen Blodgett
423Chas. Teel18 Jan. 1879, Rushville Tp.Amanda Melvina (Martin) TeelFrancis Marion Teel
424Lora Runkle [sic]18 Jan. 1879, Littleton Tp.Emma E. (Legg) RankleCharles W. Rankle
425Lois Leona Runkle17 Jan. 1879, Littleton Tp.Caroline (Legg) RunkleJames A. Runkle
Page 34
426Peter Euler29 Dec. 1878, Woodstock Tp.Minnia (Kyle) EulerCharles Ludwick Euler
427female Powers11 Jan. 1879Mary PowersWilliam Powers
428female Pratt1 Jan. 1879, Huntsville Tp.Elisa (Sanford) PrattLeonard J. Pratt
429female Lock13 Jan. 1879, Huntsville Tp.Anna M. (Robbins) LockNelson Girardis Lock
430female Venters23 Jan. 1879, Browning Tp.Anna (Grim) VentersHenry Venters
431John Robert Leib20 Jan. 1879, Rushville Tp.Mary Ann (Kimel) LeibEmanuel Leib
432John W. & Bertie Louisa Christensen[no date], Buenavista Tp.Maria (Walker) ChristensenJohn Christensen
433male Little12 Jan. 1879, LittletonMartha E. (Kohlenbery) LittleEdward L. Little
434female McGraw28 Jan. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Julia (Biggs) McGrawMathew McGraw
435male Pearson1 Jan. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Mary Ellen (Cox) PearsonJames P. Pearson
436female Weaver4 Feb. 1879, LittletonAdeline E. (Biggs) WeaverHarrison Weaver
437Lora Ellen Boling [sic]12 Feb. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Lisa Jane (Noble) BolenJohn Caloss Bolen
438Merta Ellen Cunningham31 Dec. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Margaret L. (Green) CunninghamWilliam Cunningham
Page 35
439Alanson Berton Phillips31 Dec. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Elizabeth J. (White) PhillipsHugh H. Phillips
440Margret M. Hide [sic]23 Dec. 1878, Bainbridge Tp.Mary E. (Mason) HydeJohn O. Hyde
441James Albert Cooper31 Jan. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Emily Jane (Hendricks) CooperWilliam A. Cooper
442female Dunn6 Feb. 1879, Huntsville Tp.Jane (Harris) DunnBartlett Dunn
443female Hendrick22 Jan. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Lucinda (Alters) HendrickWilliam A. Hendrick
444male Edmonston6 Feb. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Mary Ellen (Kirby) EdmonstonJohn Thomas Edmonston
445Drucila Adaline Knowles29 Jan. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Ann Elisa (Phillips) KnowlesFrancis W. Knowles
446David Stephens4 Feb. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Martha J. (Landeth) StephensDavid Stephens
447Zelme Trone21 Jan. 1879, Rushville Tp.Sarah Rosella (Boice) TroneGeorge W. Trone
448male Greer20 Dec. 1878, RushvilleJane Eliza (McMasters) GreerRobert L. Greer
449Winnifield Rebecca Windom4 Feb. 1879, RushvilleLouisa Rebecca (Rennolds) WindomWilliam Henry Windom
450female Goodwin29 Jan. 1879, RushvilleLouisa Ellen (Stevens) GoodwinAsa Goodwin
451female Rasmuson22 Dec. 1878, Buenavista Tp.Sena (Segaurd) RasmusonPeter Rasmuson

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