SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The following birth records wereextracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These records were filmed from theoriginal Birth Record books at the Schuyler County Courthouse. The informationbelow lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace, and parents. It shouldbe noted that the records themselves contain more information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the Schuyler County HistoricalJail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject to interpretation 🙂

Birth Records, Book 1, 1877-1886, Pages 36- 42

Page 36
452female McElhenny17 Feb. 1879, Littleton Tp.Harriet (McCoy) McElhennyRobert McElhenny
453Ella Florence Legg11 Feb. 1879, Littleton Tp.Letha M. (Smiley) LeggJohn F. Legg
454George Darius Runkle10 Feb. 1879, Littleton Tp.Susan (Little) RunkleJoseph C. Runkle
455George Watts Lindsay6 Feb. 1879, CamdenSarah C. (Elarton) LindsayGeorge W. Lindsay
456male Garrison14 Feb. 1879, CamdenMary (Hopefield) GarrisonCharles Garrison
457male Salsbery29 Jan. 1879, Hickory Tp.Amanda (Ellis) SalsberyFrancis Marion Salsbery
458female Gossage28 Jan. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Mary Jane (Edmonds) GossageThomas Gossage
459George Harvey Ashcraft6 Feb. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Nancy Ellen AshcraftEli Clark Ashcraft
460female Ranson28 Jan. 1879, Huntsville Tp.Kizer Ann (Bonsor) RansonWilliam Ranson
461Olive R. Ogal21 Feb. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Mary E. HendersonJohn M. Ogal
462female22 Jan. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Sarah Miller
463female Beghtol30 Jun. 1878, Oakland Tp.Hannah M. (Toland) BeghtolMarvin Beghtol
464female Foster24 Jul. 1878, Oakland Tp.Luzerba F. (Fry) FosterEdward Benjamin Foster
Page 37
465female Wilson18 Feb. 1879, HuntsvilleIda May (Allphin) WilsonUlyssas A. Wilson
466Herbert Bonsor8 Feb. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah (Quinn) BonsorHenry Bonsor
467Bertha Edna Morris15 Feb. 1879, Oakland Tp.Nancy L. (Aten) MorrisEdward P. Morris
468male McCormack28 Feb. 1879, RushvilleMargaret Jane (Hillis) McCormackDavid McCormack
469female Friddle2 Feb. 1879, Browning Tp.Julia Ann (Stephens) FriddleChas. Friddle
470Cora Bell Benton2 Feb. 1879, Browning Tp.Susan Martha (Bair) BentonJohn Henry Benton
471female Hare2 Mar. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Luvenia J. (Kirscham?) HareGeorge W. Hare
472male Horton24 Feb. 1879, Littleton Tp.Maggie Elizabeth (Nichols) HortonJohn D. Horton
473male Foley17 Feb. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Margaret Ann (Weaver) FoleyAugustus C. Foley
474female Weaver14 Feb. 1879, Littleton Tp.Adaline N. (Biggs) WeaverHarrison Weaver
475female McGraw28 Jan. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Julia (Biggs) McGrawMathew McGraw
476male Pearson1 Feb. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Mary Ellen (Cox) PearsonJames P. Pearson
477Francis Marion Mitchell23 Feb. 1879, Browning Tp.Mary Ann (Frew) MitchellFrancis Marion Mitchell
Page 38
478Ray Sullivan27 Jan. 1879, RayHenrietta (Kemper) SullivanJohn A. Sullivan
479Hattie Landis13 Feb. 1879, Oakland Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) LandisSamuel Landis
480male Sandidge16 Feb. 1879, Oakland Tp.Sarah (Strausbaugh) SandidgePullem Sandidge
481male DeCamp8 Mar. 1879, Oakland Tp.Abbie (Jackson) DeCampBarton Decamp
482F. E. L. Bell Derry[no date], Oakland Tp.Syrena E. (Cook) DerryJacob H. Derry
483Ruth Bradley28 Feb. 1879, BrowningMarada (Lupton) BradleyThomas H. Bradley
484Thomas Flavel White20 Feb. 1879, BrowningElizabeth (Carlisle) WhiteThomas Henry White
485Phoebe Lindella Buttler9 Dec. 1878, BrowningAmerica Jane (Horn) ButtlerCommodore Perry Buttler
486Caroline Elizabeth Johnson16 Feb. 1879, Browning Tp.Evaline (Hollingsworth) JohnsonJohn M. Johnson
487Edna Anna Hollingsworth2 Feb. 1879, BrowningLaura Amanda (Lancaster) HollingsworthAbram Hollingsworth
488female Dodds17 Feb. 1879, BainbridgeNancy E. (Ward) DoddsThomas Dodds
489female Littlefield21 Feb. 1879, BainbridgeEllen (Tyson) LittlefieldWarren Littlefield
490male Cokenour23 Feb. 1879, BainbridgeEmeline (Stevens) CokenourAbraham Cokenour
Page 39
491male Jacoba23 Feb. 1879, FrederickMargaret (Suddeth) JacobaAndrew Jacoba
492male Downs27 Feb. 1879, BainbridgeMaranda (Kimbal) DownsZephaniah Downs
493male Harscher14 Mar. 1879, BainbridgeRebecca (Masterson) HarscherJohn E. Harscher
494male Dace27 Feb. 1879, RushvilleFannie (Delapp) DaceHenry Madison Dace
495male Moore20 Mar. 1879, Littleton Tp.Sarah Jane (Green) MooreDavid Moore
496male Hightower14 Mar. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Lillie Jurisha (Corrie) HightowerJoseph Ostin Hightower
497male Wilson11 Mar. 1879, HuntsvilleAnna E. (Wood) WilsonXnephon Jameson Wilson
498female Logston14 Feb. 1879, Rushville Tp.Adeline (Frisby) LogstonJames Logston
499female Belden26 Mar. 1879, CamdenEliza (Carnes) BeldenEdward William Belden
500male Hawkins22 Mar. 1879, CamdenMaggie (Campbell) HawkinsMoses Hawkins
501James Harbird Oliver12 Mar. 1879, Oakland Tp.Martha (Schane) OliverJames Thomas Oliver
502John David Utter9 Mar. 1879, Frederick Tp.Margaret (Park) UtterJohn Henry Utter
503male Beard23 Mar. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Martha Jane (Wright) BeardEnos Marion Beard
Page 40
504female30 Mar. 1879, BuenavistaSarah Josephine Smidley
505Joseph R. Wardell30 Mar. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Nancy Jane (Robens) WardellFrancis M. Wardell
506George H. Meyers16 Mar. 1879, Huntsville Tp.Mary Jane (Kinman) MeyersNicholas Meyers
507Amanda Ruark11 Mar. 1879, FrederickEdie (Garrison) RuarkLewis E. Ruark
508Nellie Maggie Bridgewater21 Mar. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Jane (Davis) BridgewaterWilliam Bridgewater
509female Neff18 Mar. 1879, Browning Tp.Fanny (Trimble) NeffTice Neff
510male Young4 Apr. 1879, WoodstockNancy Ann (Vincent) YoungCharles Edgar Young
511female McHatton5 Apr. 1879, CamdenMourning Ann (Watts) McHattonRobert Green McHatton
512child Fowler24 Mar. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Josaphine (Blackley) FowlerBenjamin F. Fowler
513Henry Clark Jaques8 Mar. 1879, RushvilleCatherine (Barnaby) JaquesJames Jaques
514John Warren Byers15 Apr. 1879, Rushville Tp.Harriet Ellen (Dorsett) ByersJoel Fletcher Byers
515William Baxter Brown17 Apr. 1879, Oakland Tp.Ellen Virginia (Baxter) BrownJohn D. Brown
516Frances White5 Apr. 1879, Rushville Tp.Susan Ann (Cornman) WhiteDaniel White
Page 41
517male Garrison14 Apr. 1879, Littleton Tp.Louisa V. (Pittman) GarrisonGeorge W. Garrison
518Susie Florence Trone5 Apr. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Mary C. (Neidy) TroneGeorge A. Trone
519Iva Clorine Skiles25 Feb. 1879, Rushville Tp.Ida May (Clupper) SkilesJoel L. Skiles
520Douglas Lee Skiles10 Nov. 1878, Rushville Tp.Sarah Jane (Roberts) SkilesAlbert D. Skiles
521Henry Pearle & Berlie Pearson (twins)28 Oct. 1879 [sic], Rushville Tp. rec. 19Apr. 1879Eliza (Cramer) PearsonGreene Pearson
522Katie Ethaline Lancaster21 Apr. 1879, BrowningMary Caroline (Sherrill) LancasterJohn Grenade Lancaster
523Henry Mc Pettigrew9 Apr. 1879, Browning Tp.Clarissa (Hagans) PettigrewHenry Mc Pettigrew
524male Caldwell22 Apr. 1879, Littleton Tp.Jennie (Horton) CaldwellJames Caldwell
525Frederick Ora Yaap26 Apr. 1879, Littleton Tp.Dora (Shaffer) YaapCarl Yaap
526Lewis Reisch20 Mar. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Mary (Miltenberger) ReischCharles F. Reisch
527Hulda E. Ervin20 Jan. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Mary Jane (Knowles) ErvinJohn Ervin
528female Wick30 Apr. 1879, FrederickNancy Jane (Quinlen) WickFrederick Wick
529Daisy Myrtle17 Apr. 1879, RushvilleCaroline (Farrer) Norvel [sic]Alex C. Norvell
Page 42
530Flora Bell Goodwin19 Apr. 1879, RushvilleSusan (Thomas) GoodwinOscar Goodwin
531male Hare17 May 1879, Buenavista Tp.Susan J. (Spiva) HareJohn Hare
532Ella May Davis5 May 1879, Buenavista Tp.Mary Frances (Cross) DavisBela M. Davis
533female Sellers21 Apr. 1879, Littleton Tp.Cleote E. (Homey) SellersJohn T. Sellers
534male Clemens2 Apr. 1879, Rushville Tp.Cornelia Ann (Willmot) ClemensWilliam Daniel Clemens
535male Hall21 Mar. 1879, Rushville Tp.Lyde (Erwin) HallWashington Hall
536female Acheson31 Mar. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Jane (Herron) AchesonJames Acheson
537female Neill1 May 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Lucy Jane (Greer) NeillJames E. Neill
538Otis Croxton10 Apr. 1879, PleasantviewAmelia Jane (Stoneking) CroxtonHenry Thomas Croxton
539male Bellomy31 Mar. 1879, Rushville Tp.Frances A. (Greer) BellomyGeorge Washington Bellomy
540Nellie Leotu Bell16 Apr. 1879, PleasantviewAmanda Emeline (Vancell) BellCharles Henry Bell
541female Hoskinson15 May 1879, RushvilleEmma Elizabeth (Eyler) HoskinsonJohn Thomas Hoskinson
542female King7 Mar. 1879, BrooklynEllen P. (King) KingCharles D. King

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