SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingbirth records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311546. These recordswere filmed from the original Birth Record books at the Schuyler CountyCourthouse. The information below lists the child’s name, birthdate, birthplace,and parents. It should be noted that the records themselves contain moreinformation than I’ve chosen to include here. Copies can be obtained fromthe above mentioned microfilm, the Schuyler County Clerk, or the SchuylerCounty Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subject tointerpretation 🙂

Birth Records, Book1, 1877-1886, Pages 50 – 56

Page 50
628male Huff6 Sep. 1879, BanibridgeAnna (Thompson) HuffLevi F. Huff
629male Everhart1 Jun. 1879, BainbridgeBelle (Von) EverhartWilliam Everhart
630female Stedman21 Sep. 1879, BrowningAngeline (Moore) StedmanDavid Stedman
631female Yates11 Sep. 1879, FrederickAnna Grace (Beal) YatesAmos Yates
632Lenora Bryant9 Sep. 1879, Browning Tp.Sarah Elizabeth (Tolles) BryantJames Monroe Bryant
633Grace Stevens7 Sep. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Mary Ellen (Croxton) StevensCornelius Stevens
634male Boice8 Sep. 1879, Rushville Tp.Elizabeth Jane (Whitsel) BoiceJohn Henry Boice
635male Adkinson5 Sep. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Angeline (Hodges) AdkinsonRobert Marion Adkinson
636James Samuel Hickerson24 Aug. 1879, PleasantviewMargaret Emeline (Hunter) HickersonWilliam Baker Hickerson
637Jesse Gobble17 Jul. 1879, Frederick Tp.Dianna (McColley) GobbleEzekiel Preston Gobble
638female Reno22 Aug. 1879, Browning Tp.Rebecca (Wallace) RenoWilliam Calvin Reno
639female Devalld12 Sep. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Catharine (Waymack) DevalldStephen Devalld
Page 51
640male Stratton18 Sep. 1879, HuntsvilleEliza Jane (Carnes) StrattonFranklin Lewis Stratton
641female Loop2 Oct. 1879, HuntsvilleEllen (Milton) LoopJoseph Loop
642female Anderson21 Sep. 1879, HuntsvilleJane (McDaniel) AndersonVinton Anderson
643Homer Widdle2 Oct. 1879, Browning Tp.Adaline Eliza (Jackson) WiddleAbram Carlock Widdle
644Charles Irvin Furnis4 Sep. 1879, Browning Tp.Hannah Jane (Sears) FurnisThomas Taylor Furnis
645Patins Horne7 Sep. 1879, BrowningAnnie Sophia (Lasater) HorneGeorge Horne
646Thomas Wayne Paton [sic]22 Sep. 1879, Rushville Tp.Eliza Agnes (Ackman) PaytonAugustus David Payton
647female Starr29 Sep. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Sarah Jane (McGraw) StarrRobert Henry Starr
648male Cole16 Sep. 1879, Littleton Tp.Edmonia (Finch) ColeHarvey W. Cole
649male Nichols4 Oct. 1879, Littleton Tp.Mildred A. (Brumback) NicholsReuben Nichols
650female Lincoln13 Oct. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Ala (Bartlett) LincolnThomas J. Lincoln
651male Dawson16 Sep. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Sarah L. DawsonJames M. Dawson
652Alva Luther Chitwood15 Oct. 1879, BainbridgeHarriet (Dodds) ChitwoodAllen Chitwood
Page 52
653male Edwards4 Oct. 1879, BainbridgeSarah (Price) EdwardsAndrew J. Edwards
654female Conrad1 Oct. 1879, BainbridgeMary (Edmonson) ConradWilliam Conrad
655male Reddick28 Sep. 1879, Oakland Tp.Sarah Angeline (Bly) ReddickWilliam Henry Reddick
656male Grayham16 Oct. 1879, Oakland Tp.Sarah Angeline (Fry) GrayhamJohn Grayham
657male Briney18 Oct. 1879, Hickory Tp.Elizabeth (Louderback) BrineyCharles Harrold Briney
658Delos Bell Barns30 Sep. 1879, RaySusan (Holbert) BarnsRobert M. Barns
659male & female Harvell30 Sep. 1879, Browning Tp.Reuhama (Evans) HarvellAmbrose Harvell
660James Monroe Wooliver [sic]30 Sep. 1879, Browning Tp.Millie (Cluxton) WolliverJames Wolliver
661female Chipman6 Oct. 1879, Oakland Tp.Edith (Easly) ChipmanSamuel Chipman
662male Parker14 Oct. 1879, Buena Vista Tp.Sarah Ann (Beastin) ParkerWilliam W. Parker
663Nellie Sherrell24 Oct. 1879, Browning Tp.Elizabeth Ellen (Dyer) SherrellJames L. Sherrell
664female Melvin1 Oct. 1879, BirminghamMalinda (Philips) MelvinJames B. Melvin
665female Ellis3 Oct. 1879, HuntsvilleHarriet S. (Smith) EllisThomas Ellis
Page 53
666female Bacon13 Oct. 1879, HuntsvilleS. A. (Weinburg) BaconB. E. Bacon
667Hily Elizabeth Selby14 Oct. 1879, HuntsvilleHarriet N. (Denney) SelbyW. A. Selby
668female Burmood15 Oct. 1879, HuntsvilleAmanda (Loop) BurmoodNicholas Burmood
669Lewis Todd8 Oct. 1879, near RushvilleLavina (Miller) ToddEdwin Todd
670female Wells10 Oct. 1879, BrooklynWinnie (Wood) WellsJohn Wells
671male Pruett9 Oct. 1879, BrooklynLouiza Jane (Fraker) PruettNicholas Pruett
672male Glossop18 Sep. 1879, RushvilleAnnetta (Moyer) GlossopFrederick Glossop
673Mary Ethel Odell25 Sep. 1879, RushvilleJulia Clarinda (Wilson) OdellVirgill Shory Odell
674female Kinney16 Sep. 1879, Rushville Tp.Jane Cecillia (Murray) KinneyPatrick Kinney
675James Dwight Ellis9 Oct. 1879, Rushville Tp.Mary Alice (Hill) EllisTheodore Wilbur Ellis
676female Race13 Oct. 1879, CamdenSusan Catherine (Eggins) RaceJas. Henry Race
677male Lantz8 Oct. 1879, CamdenNancy Jane (Clayton) LantzHarrison Lantz
Page 54
678Charles Marion Osborn14 Oct. 1879, BrowningMary Catherine (Cunningham) OsbornAlfred Hinton Osborn
679Edith Ellicott Tyson3 Nov. 1879, Frederick Tp.Laura F. (Marsh) TysonSamuel Ellicott Tyson
680male Dooley26 Oct. 1879, Browning Tp.Mary (Willard) DooleyWilliam Dooley
681William Henry Sherrill11 Oct. 1879, Browning Tp.Mary Matilda (Skiles) SherrillGeorge Washington Sherrill
682Nina M. Wells23 Mar. 1879, RushvilleJennie E. (Goodwin) WellsLewis C. Wells
683Laura Goodwin27 Sep. 1879, RushvilleHenrietta E. (Parker) GoodwinAsa M. Goodwin
684Josephine Line25 Oct. 1879, Bluff CitySarah Jane (Curless) LineE. F. Line
685Albert Henry Davis9 Nov. 1879, Browning Tp.Sarah (Sayers) DavisWilliam Davis
686Margaret Lizzie Roudebush3 Nov. 1879, Rushville Tp.Ciota (Gorsage) RoudebushGeorge W. Roudebush
687female Jackson6 Nov. 1879, BrooklynHettie Bell (McCoy) JacksonOwen Perry Jackson
688Jennie Davis13 Sep. 1879, Camden Tp.Zerelda Jane (Hester) DavisJohn F. Davis
689Frances Emily Brooks13 Oct. 1879, Camden Tp.Mary Angeline (Noble) BrooksJames E. Brooks
Page 55
690female Shanks15 Nov. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Josephine (Croyle) ShanksTaylor Shanks
691George Julian Walton15 Nov. 1879, BrowningSopha (Cloud) WaltonAbel G. Walton
692male Lawler29 Sep. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Susan Emily (Black) LawlerJames William Lawler
693Antheny Rebman17 Oct. 1879, Frederick Tp.Louisa (Messerer) RebmanBenjamin Franklin Rebman
694male Demick16 Nov. 1879, RushvilleSusan (Fisher) DemickEbineezer Duprey
695female Roberts29 Nov. 1879, Littleton Tp.Mary E. (Parke) RobertsCharles V. Roberts
696Alice Hamm25 Nov. 1879, Hickory Tp.Amanda Jane (Lane) HammPeter Hamm
697female Adkins5 Nov. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Mary Elizabeth (Phelps) AdkinsNorris Adkins
698male Beatty25 Nov. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Ella (Vancliff) BeattyCharles H. Beatty
699male White1 Dec. 1879, HuntsvilleLouisa (Robinson) WhiteJohn White
700female Welty15 Nov. 1879, CamdenHenretta (Hendricks) WeltyWilliam Welty
701female Bowser7 Dec. 1879, HuntsvilleCatherine (Laughlin) BowserFranklin William Bowser
Page 56
702female26 Nov. 1879, BirminghamIsabell ThompsonJohn Raymond
703Tymandrie Sears30 Nov. 1879, Browning Tp.Hannah Louisa (Qullen) SearsLemuel J. Sears
704male Baker14 Nov. 1879, BrowningLouisa (Sherrill) BakerRichard Marion Baker
705Joseph Strange Morris24 Nov. 1879, Browning Tp.Joanna (Workman) MorrisJohn Wesley Morris
706Carl Brown19 Nov. 1879, BrooklynNancy P. BlackburnWalter E. Brown
707Leo Adolph Payne7 Dec. 1879, Littleton Tp.Dora (Yaap) PayneDavid H. Payne
708male Fisk28 Oct. 1879, Oakland Tp.Ellen (Garrett) FiskEdwin Fisk
709George Lincoln14 Oct. 1879, OaklandAnna (Palmer) LincolnCharles Lincoln
710Frederick Emerson Berry12 Nov. 1879, Rushville Tp.Maggie (Milby) BerryFrederick Emerson Berry
711male Roberts24 Nov. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Esther Hannah (White) RobertsFrancis Asbury Roberts
712Mary E. Little5 Sep. 1879, Buenavista Tp.Amanda (White) LittleWilliam Little
713Thomas Spencer16 Aug. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Sarah E. (Vanormer) SpencerEgbert Spencer

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