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Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Agans, Stephen H.IrwinSect. 26Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1856
Louisa C. EifertIrwinSect. 26Wife of Stephen H. AgansNew Orleans, La.1861
Avery, PhilanderIrwinSect. 26Farmer and Township SupervisorFranklin Co., Ohio1836
Elizabeth MeeksIrwinSect. 26Wife of Philander AveryStokes Co., N. C.1851
Avery, JamesIrwinSect. 27Son of Philander AveryHancock Co., Ill.1851
Martha DixonIrwinSect. 27Wife of James AveryBrown Co., Ill.1870
Black, William H.IrwinSect. 13Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1851
Rachel BoyleIrwinSect. 13Wife of William H. BlackSchuyler Co., Ill.1854
Collins, Thomas E.WaylandSect. 10Farmer and Stock RaiserGeauga Co., Ohio1859
Frances J. ClarkWaylandSect. 10Wife of Thomas E. CollinsChittenden Co., Vt.1859
Collins, Willie C.WaylandSect. 10Son of Thomas E. CollinsMason Co., Ill.1852
Agnes A. DunlavyWaylandSect. 10Wife of Willie C. CollinsSchuyler Co., Ill.1860
Corrie, Adam S.WaylandSect. 1Farmer and Stock RaiserWabash Co., Ill.1835
Jerusha P. BristolDied July 3, ’72Late wife of Adam S. CorrieNiagara Co., N. Y.1843
Dunlavy, AmandaWaylandSect. 9School TeacherSchuyler Co., Ill.1862
Dunlavy, JamesDied Jan. 18, ’69Father of Amanda DunlavyTuscarawas Co., Ohio1857
Dunlavy, LucretiaWaylandSect. 9Mother of amanda DunlavyTuscarawas Co., Ohio1857
DeCounter, Fred S.WaylandSect. 9Farmer and Stock RaiserBrown Co., Ill.1860
Dotha J. SchollDied Nov. 6, ’73First wife of Fred S. DeCounterPike Co., Ill.1872
Catherine RooneyWaylandSect. 9Present wife of Fred S.DeCounterMcDonough Co., Ill.1875
Dunlavy, W. A.WaylandSect. 9Farmer and Stock RaiserHarrison Co., Ohio1857
Effie GabrielWaylandSect. 9Wife of W. A. DunlavyAdams Co., Ill.1879
Fetch, Wm.CamdenSect. 17Farmer and Stock RaiserN. Hamptonshire, Eng.1851
Elizabeth M. LarsonCamdenSect. 17Wife of Wm. FetchN. Hamptonshire, Eng.1851
Forkum, JohnCamdenSect. 2Farmer and Saw Mill FiremanSussex Co., Del.1854
Forkum, AllanDied Jan. 26, ’73Father of John ForkumDelaware1854
Forkum, Es’r nee KerseeyDied in Sussex Co., Del.,1828Mother of John ForkumDelaware
Jones, Joseph V.CamdenSect. 8Farmer and Stock RaiserMadison Co., Ind.1866
Lydia A. MasonCamdenSect. 8Wife of Joseph V. JonesMorgan Co., Ohio1866
Loop, John H.CamdenSect. 6Farmer and Stock RaiserVermillion Co., Ind.1849
Perlina PriceCamdenSect. 6Wife of John H. LoopSchuyler Co., Ill.1839
McHatton, R. G.CamdenCamdenWagon, Plow Mfrs. and Gen’l 
Schuyler Co., Ill.1836
Mourning, A. WattsCamdenCamdenWife of R. G. McHattonMadison Co., Ky.1858
Pickinpaugh, JohnCamdenSect. 4Farmer and Lumber ManufacturerMorgan Co., Ohio1855
Rachel GraggDied Oct. 14, ’23First wife of John PickinpaughMorgan Co., Ohio1838
Mary J. RodgersCamdenSect. 4Present wife of John PickinpaughJefferson Co., Va.1880
Points, John A.CamdenSect. 20Farmer and Stock RaiserGrant Co., Ky.1834
Mary A. WeightmanDied Sep. -, ’53First wife of John A. PointsIndiana1846
Paulina BrownCamdenSect. 20Present wife of John A.PointsSchuyler Co., Ill.1833
Rigg, James N.CamdenCamdenGeneral MerchandisingShelby Co., Ky.1869
Emily J. WattsCamdenCamdenWife of James N. RiggMadison Co., Ky.1869
Rigg, Frank M.CamdenCamdenGeneral MerchandisingBrown Co., Ill.1869

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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