TheChristian Church

It was in 1829 thatthe first service of this denomination was held in Schuyler County, andthe minister was Elder James Hughes, who was on his way to Missouri fromOhio. He stopped at the home of Benjamin Chadsey, one of the prominentearly settlers, and was eagerly welcomed.  Services were held at Mr.Chadsey’s home, two and a half miles northeast of Rushville, and whileno attempt was made to found a church, the members of that denominationwere brought closely together and  looked forward to the time whenthey could have a place of worship in accordance with their beliefs.

In 1830, Barton W. Stone,of Kentucky, came to Rushville and held in series of meetings in the oldlog court house.

Great interest attended thesemeetings, and the following year Elder James W. Davis and James Urbankcame from Kentucky to continue their work. Then it was that the first stepswere taken towards the organization of a church, which was accomplishedin 1833. In that year a church was built and Elder Barton W. Stone returnedto perfect the organization, which was accomplished December 29, 1833.In succeeding years the church continued services regularly, and in 1874the building now in use was erected and was dedicated, March 1, 1875.

Excerpted from HistoricalEncyclopedia of Illinois and History of Schuyler County, 1908, editedby Howard F. Dyson.
Transcribed by Karl A. Petersenfor Schuyler County ILGenWeb

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