SchuylerCounty Churches

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Kinderhook Church,
Rushville Twp. – 1919
Kinderhook Church,
Rushville Twp. – 1999
Presbyterian Church,
Sunday School Rally DayCard -1912
Presbyterian Church, Rushville
Can you identify? Bader Christian Church,
Browning Twp.

Bethany Church,
Littleton Twp.

Picture Credits
Kinderhook Church, 1919- Collection of Robin Worth Petersen
Kinderhook Church, 1999- Karl A. Petersen
Presbyterian Church – JuneRoudebush Scrapbook, Collection of Robin Worth Petersen
Sunday School Rally DayCard – Julia Hindman postcards, Collection of Robin Worth Petersen
Mystery photo – June RoudebushScrapbook, Collection of Robin Worth Petersen
Bader Christian Church,1999 – Karl A. Petersen
Bethany Christian Church,1946 – contributed by Cindy Foster

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