SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 71 – 77

Page 71
887Thomas Curless1y 3m 15d3 May 1892, Bluff CityBluff City, Ill.
888Lucy Logsdon78y 1m 8d30 May 1892, Schuyler Co.Naught Cemetery
889George W. Young33y 5d22 Jul. 1892, HuntsvilleHuntsville, Ill.
890Ellen Malcomson1y 10m 6d26 Jul. 1892, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
891William Winston11m 28d27 Aug. 1892, near BadersBaders Cemetery
892Ione White1y 10m 6d23 Aug. 1892, BrowningBaders Cemetery
893Sarah Blanche Pierce31y 9m12 Sep. 1892Cedar Cemetery
894Annie L. Cooper31y 7m 20d18 Sep. 1892, BrowningBaders Cemetery
895Douglas Litchfield37y 7m 23d10 Oct. 1892, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
896Eliza Spillers75y 22d5 Nov. 1892, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
897Rettie Hammond7y10 Feb. 1893, Schuyler Co.Houston Cemetery
898Lucinda Smith59y 6m 2d15 Feb. 1893, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
899Harvey A. Skiles62y 5m 18d17 Feb. 1893, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
Page 72
900Abbie Lucy Venters21y 2m 8d13 Jan. 1893, BrowningBaders Cemetery
901Mrs. E. A. Shippey73y 7m 9d18 Feb. 1893, BrowningAstoria, Ill.
902Rachel Vanroy65y 3m 15d2 Feb. 1893, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
903Mary Jane Norton62y 1m 11d21 Mar. 1893, BrowningBaders Cemetery
904Henry Myron Allen2m 10d3 Apr. 1893, PleasantviewBolling Cemetery
905female1d5 Jun. 1893, Browning Tp.Messerer Cemetery
906Daisy Dodds7m 14d2 Sep. 1893, Bainbridge Tp.Messerer Cemetery
907Elverton Spillars16y 7m 15d21 Sep. 1893, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
908Amanda Carter1y 6m 19d11 Nov. 1893, Hickory Tp.Sheldons Grove Cemetery
909Imo Beard (female)10m 10d24 Nov. 1893, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
910Mary Frew15y 7m 2d30 Jun. 1894, near BrowningBaders Cemetery
911Louisa Frankfort48y 9m9 Dec. 1893, BrowningBaders Cemetery
912Sarah Luttrell101y 11m 4d29 May 1894, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
Page 73
913Josiah T. Bellomy10m 16d16 Sep. 1894, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
914Maggie May ?awcett26y 5m 11d12 Oct. 1894, Browning Tp.Messerer Cemetery
915Pheoba Whitehead74y 2m 21d7 Dec. 1894, PleasantviewRushville, Ill.
916Martin Garrison68y 11m 2d7 Dec. 1894, Bainbridge Tp.
917female Toland2m 18d20 Dec. 1894, Oakland Tp.Eldorado Tp., McDonough Co., Ill.
918male1d8 Jan. 1895, PleasantviewEdgar Cemetery
919female Furnace1d5 Feb. 1895, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
920Thomas Monroe Gragg25y 11m 2d4 Apr. 1895, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
921Effie Spillers5y 10m 8d13 Apr. 1895, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
922Richard Mead67y1 Apr. 1895, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
923Lottie Boice1y 4m2 May 1895, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
924J. T. Ball69y4 Apr. 1892, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
925Mary McGraw51y 11m 7d7 Dec. 1894, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
Page 74
926Eugene Penny36y14 Oct. 1894, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
927C. E. Greer39y30 Nov. 1894, RushvilleLittleton Cemetery
928Sarah Spillers38y8 Jun. 1895, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
929female Smith4m14 Jun. 1895, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
930Advina M. Hunter80y 7m 26d27 Jun. 1895Baders Cemetery
931James Burrell42y 6m 6d8 Jul. 1895, Butlersville Sheldon GrovePrice Cemetery
932Mary Catherine Campbell19y 1m 5d2 Aug. 1895, BrowningMesserer Cemetery
933Melyerie Hale50y 5m 3d1 Aug. 1895, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
934Carl Elsworth3m21 Aug. 1895, BrowningBaders Cemetery
935Willard F. Purdy24y 1m2 Nov. 1895, BrowningMesserer Cemetery
936Mary Trone48y 2m 28d5 Dec. 1895, Littleton Tp.Neidy Cemetery
937Pheobe DeWitt80y 8m 8d16 Feb. 1896, Littleton Tp.Littleton Cemetery
938male Miller7d4 Mar. 1896, Buenavista Tp.
Page 75
939Pearl Adeline Hale14y 4m 16d9 Aug. 1896, Schuyler Co.Schuyler Co.
940Ethel Davis1y 6m 18d8 Aug. 1896, PleasantviewHardscrabble Graveyard
941Bertha Rebman6m 27d11 Aug. 1896, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
942Keizer Hawkins (male)86y 10m 14d9 Aug. 1896, Birminghamon home farm cemetery
943Dora Arabella Wheat39y 11m 12d29 Aug. 1896, Littleton Tp.Littleton Cemetery
944Sarah Lutitia Daniels44y16 Sep. 1896, Littleton Tp.Thompson Cemetery
945Josie Peterson20y 10m 27d26 Jul. 1896, CamdenCamden, Ill.
946Rebecca Wells69y 8m 20d28 Mar. 1896, LittletonFoster Cemetery
947Lucy Vance67y 9m 28d5 Feb. 1896, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
948Laura Chandler21y15 Feb. 1896, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
949Emma Alice Preston52y 3m 28d30 Nov. 1896, Littleton Tp.Bethany Cemetery
950Alla Dean (female)13m 4d1 Oct. 1896, Brooklyn Tp.White Oak Cemetery
951Ansell Neff5m 2d28 Dec. 1896, BrowningMesserer Cemetery
Page 76
952Sarah Byers72y 2m 13d14 Dec. 1896, PleasantviewGillenwater Cemetery
953Fletcher Byers48y 11d22 Dec. 1896, FrederickGood Hope Cemetery
954Hannah Bridgewater28y 9m19 Jun. 1897, Rushville
955Lucy V. Elgin5m 28d2 Sep. 1897 [sic], Beardstown, Cass Co.,Ill.Rushville Cemetery
956Mary Hosea77y 6m 16d5 Sep. 1897, FrederickGillett Cemetery
957Nora J. Kerr30y7 Dec. 1897, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
958Harbert E. Smith29y20 Dec. 1897, RushvilleMarselles, Ill.
959Everett Ray Boice18y 5m 9d16 Feb. 1898, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
960David H. Wheat53y 4m 15d3 Apr. 1898, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
961Charles Lamaster73y 6d8 Sep. 1898, Bainbridge Tp.Gillett Cemetery
962Della Ida Osborne17y 6m 12d12 Sep. 1898, PleasantviewMcDonough Co., Ill.
963Edna Florence Race1y 22m 26d [sic]12 Sep. 1898, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
964Susan F. Thixton5y 8m 20d26 Sep. 1898, LittletonLittleton Tp.
Page 77
965Thomas Byers78y 3m 5d25 Sep. 1898, PleasantviewRushville, Ill.
966Maud Barrett3y 3m 10d21 Oct. 1898, Littletonnear Littleton, Ill.
967Evaline Bartlow1y 4m 20d23 Oct. 1898, Littletonnear Littleton, Ill.
968Geo. Little42y 3m 20d25 Nov. 1898, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
969Fred Dunlavy12y27 Jan. 1899, BuenavistaRushville, Ill.
970Zella Trapp34y10 Apr. 1899, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
971Paul Guyons4y 10m 3d11 Apr. 1899, Bluff CityBluff City, Ill.
972female11 Jun. 1899, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
973A. H. Malcomson8d31 Aug. 1899, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
974Laura Gildersleeve10y 10m 14d31 Aug. 1899, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
975Bertha Merrill Chandler4y 6m16 Sep. 1899, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
976Ira Blodgett68y 2m 16d22 Sep. 1899, HuntsvilleCedar Cemetery
977Mary E. Warren2y 5m 6d10 Oct. 1899, Bluff CityBluff City, Ill.

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