SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum. Be forewarned: handwriting is subjectto interpretation!

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 78 – 84

Page 78
978Andrew N. Sutherland23y 2m 13d13 Jan. 1900, Bluff CityPatoka, Indiana
979Edw. Franklin Phillips49y 1m 7d8 Jan. 1900, FrederickNeidy Cemetery
980Ida May White19y 11m 2d12 Dec. 1899, Schuyler Co.Messerer Cemetery
981Mrs. L. F. Skiles38y 23d27 Mar. 1900, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
982John Spillers56y 5m 2d5 Apr. 1900, Schuyler Co.Messerer Cemetery
983John Crhis Hosey81y 9m 5d22 Apr. 1900, FrederickGilbert Cemetery
984Andrew Bestler1y 7m 1d13 Apr. 1900, FrederickNaperville, Ill.
985Elzina Clark51y20 Jun. 1900, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
986female Illman30 Jun. 1901, RushvillePalm Cemetery
987Martha Anna Hoague47y 10m 16d23 Feb. 1901, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
988Perry Quinlan51y 11m 23d7 Feb. 1901, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
989Harry Orvil Rebman1y 1m 19d21 Feb. 1901, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
990male3m 4d18 Apr. 1901, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
Page 79
991Mrs. Stone70y5 May 1901, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
992Elgin D. G. Gragg32y 2m 5d26 Apr. 1900, Browning Tp.Bolling Cemetery
993Eliza Gragg67y 8m 16d8 May 1900, PleasantviewBolling Cemetery
994Bernard P. Preston64y10 Jul. 1901, RushvilleBethany Cemetery
995Sarah Baker89y 3m 16d7 Aug. 1901, RushvilleSugar Grove Cemetery
996Nellie Yoe26y14 Aug. 1901, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
997Jacob Howell68y 8m 3d26 Aug. 1901, RushvilleHowell Cemetery
998Rebecca Rawkins65y 9m 27d31 Aug. 1901, Birmingham Tp.Augusta, Hancock Co., Ill.
999Henry Ashcraft3 Nov. 1901, RushvilleGreenville, Ill.
1000Mary Emaline Underwood9m28 Oct. 1901, RushvilleLangford Cemetery
1001Wm. Clark Avery64y 1m 22d16 Jan. 1902, Littleton Tp.Camden, Ill.
1002Cynthia Kirkham58y19 Jan. 1902, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
1003Mary Louisa Gragg56y 2m 26d2 Jan. 1902, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
Page 80
1004Sarah Fowler84y 9m 17d17 Jan. 1902, BadersBaders Cemetery
1005George Armel83y 8m 18d31 Dec. 1901, Woodstock Tp.Palm Cemetery
1006Ann Elizabeth Beach74y 24d12 Jan. 1902, HuntsvilleCedar Cemetery
1007Dwight Edgar Demaree15y 6m 20d27 Jan. 1902, Rushville Tp.Rushville, Ill.
1008Rose Bell Cornman34y 3m 29d4 Jan. 1902, Rushville Tp.Good Hope Cemetery
1009Ernest P. Herche11d29 Jan. 1902, Huntsville Tp.King Cemetery
1010Sylva H. Herche10d28 Jan. 1902, Huntsville Tp.King Cemetery
1011Margaret E. Brown79y 3m 27d17 Feb. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1012Emmaretta Cokenour51y 2m 2d21 Feb. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Krohe Cemetery
1013Frances Belle Wilcox41y 11m19 Feb. 1902, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
1014Nellie Dodds3y12 Feb. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Gillett Cemetery
1015John B. Hinton72y 8m 12d4 Feb. 1902, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
1016Geo. Washington Wilcox68y 11d8 Feb. 1902, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
Page 81
1017male10 minutes1 Feb. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Ebenezer Cemetery
1018John Henry Miller78y 3m 6d13 Feb. 1902, PleasantviewRushville, Ill.
1019male2 days1 Feb. 1902, Schuyler Co.Langford Cemetery
1020Alice Adella Pain34y 11m 26d9 Feb. 1902, LittletonHennessey, Oklahoma
1021Laura Cox29y 6m 10d30 Jan. 1902, BrowningBaders Cemetery
1022Mrs. Belle Landreth50y1 Feb. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Palm Cemetery
1023John Milton Aulgur73y 3m 7d25 Feb. 1902, LittletonWhite Oak Cemetery
1024Hettie Peak Esaley25y 3m 18d17 Feb. 1902, Oakland Tp.Chockley Cemetery
1025male42 days4 Jan. 1902, Oakland Tp.Vermont Cemetery
1026Sarah E. Wright74y 8m16 Feb. 1902, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
1027Wm. Everett Rose1y 7m 27d4 Feb. 1902, Oakland Tp.Rushville, Ill.
1028James Monroe Mitchell59y 6m 29d9 Feb. 1902, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
1029Ollie Thornton75y 8m 27d5 Mar. 1902, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
Page 82
1030Elmer Bryan Foster4y 1m 13d21 Feb. 1902, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
1031Mary Seeley90y4 Feb. 1902, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
1032George W. DuPuy51y26 Feb. 1902, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
1033Adelheid Wankel78y 5m14 Feb. 1902, RushvilleArenzville, Cass Co., Ill.
1034Charlie Robinson75y 7d2 Mar. 1902, HuntsvilleCedar Cemetery
1035Lucy Canida1/2 day30 Mar. 1902, BirminghamBirmingham Cemetery
1036Lucinda Odenweller53y 1m 13d7 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Messerer Cemetery
1037Jason Self74y17 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Langford Cemetery
1038Banjamin Dettra69y 3m 3d24 Feb. 1902, Buenavista Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1039Alice E. Naught65y9 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Naught Cemetery
1040Guy Kerran6m 20d2 Mar. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Bainbridge Tp.
1041Cordella Holmes3m 11d1 Mar. 1902, Bluff CityGould Cemetery
1042Egbert Spencer69y 2m 18d22 Mar. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Palm Cemetery
Page 83
1043Calvin H. Robertson32y 10m 28d28 Mar. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Lawler Cemetery
1044Joel Stockwell11y 11m 14d21 Mar. 1902, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
1045Matilda Black78y 11m 10d10 Mar. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Palm Cemetery
1046Phoebe Neidy79y 4m 11d9 Mar. 1902, Littleton Tp.Neidy Cemetery
1047Mrs. Clara Ritchey77y13 Mar. 1902, Rushville Tp.Sugar Grove North
1048Frances Strong73y 7m 4d4 Mar. 1902, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
1049John Wheat85y 2m 22d28 Mar. 1902, Littleton Tp.Littleton Cemetery
1050Elizabeth Deane60y 6m3 Mar. 1902, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
1051Mable Louise Anderson7m 7d8 Mar. 1902, RayPittenger Cemetery
1052Lavina Ritchey63y12 Mar. 1902, Oakland Tp.Schroder Cemetery
1053Susan Wilson91y 1m 6d12 Mar. 1902, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
1054Ella Myers21y 4m 22d26 Mar. 1902, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
1055Artie Forest Sayer2d12 Apr. 1902, BrowningBaders, Ill.
Page 84
1056Martha Alice Callison6m 15d13 Apr. 1902, Huntsville Tp.King Graveyard
1057Henry Friday25y 7m 27d21 Mar. 1902, CamdenRipley, Ill.
1058Marion Hodge38y24 Apr. 1902, Bainbridge Tp.Ebenezer Cemetery
1059Martha Jane Beard43y 7m30 Apr. 1902, CamdenSugar Grove Cemetery
1060Lony E. Beard18y22 Apr. 1902, CamdenSugar Grove Cemetery
1061Lewis Legg87y 10m 19d2 Apr. 1902, Camden Tp.Hughes Cemetery
1062Clayford L. Rumble7y8 Apr. 1902, Schuyler Co.Mud Valley Church
1063Reuben Reed88y19 May 1902, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
1064Theodore Grosclaude66y 4m9 May 1902, Woodstock Tp.
1065Wilhelmia C. Grosclaude55y 11m 20d30 Apr. 1902, Schuyler Co.Thompson Cemetery
1066Ida Miller37y 2m 5d28 May 1902, CamdenCady Cemetery
1067Harry Earl Crozier8y8 May 1902, Rushville Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1068George M. Greer71y6 May 1902, PleasantviewRushville, Ill.

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