SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 92 – 98

Page 92
1160Retta Rozella Dodds1y 6m 29d18 Dec. 1902, Schuyler Co.Gillett Cemetery
1161Spencer S. Cowdery63y 11m 17d11 Jan. 1903, Birmingham Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
1162Philo Canida1 hour13 Jan. 1903, Birmingham Tp.William Moon farm
1163Kenneth E. Ellis35 days31 Dec. 1902, Rushville Tp.Houston Cemetery
1164J. P. Doyle50y2 Dec. 1902, RushvilleHughes Cemetery
1165Mary A. Mayfield67y27 Jan. 1903, LittletonLittleton Cemetery
1166Jacob N. Robinson71y 3m 4d24 Jan. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Hughes Cemetery
1167John Sargent, Sr.85y 3m 23d4 Jan. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1168Herman Idens2d17 Jan. 1903, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
1169John Street39y 11m 24d18 Jan. 1903, LittletonMoore Cemetery
1170Michael Sweeney85y10 Jan. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Mt. Sterling, Brown Co.
1171Eliza Quinn52y 9m 2d10 Jan. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Palm Cemetery
1172Frank Edie Holmes28y30 Dec. 1902, Oakland Tp.Vermont, Fulton Co.
Page 93
1173Elizabeth C. Parsons69y 11m 9d16 Jan. 1903, Birmingham
1174infant of Levi & Ida Agans2m 6d5 Jan. 1903, Mabel, Ill.Marlow Cemetery
1175Brice Allen DeCounter23y 5m 7d2 Jan. 1903, CamdenRipley Cemetery
1176Everette L. Fuller67y 3m 4d30 Dec. 1902, Camden Tp.Cady Cemetery
1177Giles Samuel Beal3m 29d22 Jan. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Messerer Cemetery
1178Solena Dawson87y22 Dec. 1902, Woodstock Tp.Langford Cemetery
1179Mrs. Eliza Schramm73y21 Jan. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Schram Cemetery
1180Paul Walton8m 15d8 Sep. 1902, BrowningBaders Cemetery
1181John Bane Harris6m 28d13 Feb. 1903, BrowningBaders Cemetery
1182Lethia Seward McComb19y 8m 27d8 Jan. 1903, BrowningBaders Cemetery
1183Henry Cady74y 2m 17d20 Feb. 1903, Huntsville Tp.Cady Cemetery
1184Fred Rawson28y 11m 27d30 Dec. 1902, Huntsville Tp.Sims Cemetery
1185Nora Edith Milby21y 11m 27d7 Sep. 1902, near CamdenRushville Cemetery
Page 94
1186John H. Davis83y 11m 27d12 Sep. 1902, Pine Grove, Ill.Huntsville Cemetery
1187Bryant Alters5m 2d18 Nov. 1902, HuntsvilleCedar Cemetery
1188Cynthia Dorsett34y 5m 27d11 Feb. 1903, HuntsvilleCedar Cemetery
1189female Myers6 hours4 Feb. 1903, Camden Tp.Myers Cemetery
1190James Conway56y3 Feb. 1903, CamdenCamden Cemetery
1191Mary Allen Anderson39y 2m 13d5 Feb. 1903, near CAmdenCamden Cemetery
1192John Tullis Neeley11y 10m 15d31 Jan. 1903, Littleton Tp.Littleton Cemetery
1193Mary Cunningham20y 1m 15d15 Feb. 1903, Camden Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
1194Thomas M. Redfield86y 3m 7d4 Dec. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn Cemetery
1195Margaret Bair84y 1m 4d4 Nov. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.
1196Lucy Stoneking22y 1m 16d13 Mar. 1903, Brooklyn Tp.Stoneking Cemetery
1197Hazel Tatman5y 11m 5d4 May 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Duncan Church
1198Mary Elizabeth Linn34y 2m 16d8 Jul. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn Cemetery
Page 95
1199Emily Marie Stambaugh4y 2m 26d4 Dec. 1902Chockley Cemetery
1200Ora Rennaker2y 18d1 Oct. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.near Dunkard Church
1201James Shanks73y 4m 25d21 Aug. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
1202Absalom Griffith74y 7m 18d22 Oct. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Prather Cemetery
1203Lovilla DeCamp53y 10m 10d26 Jun. 1902, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn Cemetery
1204Anna Pelsor18 Jan. 1902, BrooklynBrooklyn Cemetery
1205Mary Jane Davis51y 6m 16d17 Jan. 1902, BrooklynBlackburn Cemetery
1206Orkel Gilbert Toland6 Feb. 1903, Brooklyn Tp.Scotts Cemetery
1207Effie Mae Edgar23y 9m 4d24 Feb. 1903, Rushville
1208male Fleming10d17 Feb. 1903, BrowningBaders Cemetery
1209Francis Trone24y14 Feb. 1903, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
1210Clyde Evernden Wallace10m 27d1 Feb. 1903, BadersRidgeville New Cemetery
1211Nancy Bushnell78y5 Feb. 1903, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
Page 96
1212Ira Owens77y 8m 26d28 Mar. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Linn Cemetery
1213Iva Haley Richardson32y24 Mar. 1903, CamdenWeightman Cemetery
1214Mary Ann Kniss85y 6m 15d29 Mar. 1903, Huntsville Tp.McHatton Cemetery
1215Charlie Butler1y 1m 16d11 Mar. 1903, Huntsville Tp.Mt. Horeb Cemetery
1216Lillie Bilderback27y 10m 4d27 Mar. 1903, Birmingham Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
1217Minnie Wells41y 7m 5d15 Mar. 1903,Birmingham Tp.Blackburn Cemetery
1218Harvey A Lashbrook56y12 Mar. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Gillett Cemetery
1219Richard Ivan Sargent2m 29d19 Jan. 1903, Oakland Tp.
1220female Johnson2d16 Mar. 1903, Ray
1221Sarah Demmick82y14 Oct. 1902, Ray
1222Maggie Belle Tracy22y 30d2 Jan. 1903, Oakland Tp.Mitchel Cemetery
1223Jacob Kimball60y19 Feb. 1903, Oakland Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1224male Phillips13d15 Feb. 1903, Oakland Tp.Phillips Cemetery
Page 97
1225Wilhelmina Parsons22y 8m 11d21 Dec. 1902, RayAshcraft Cemetery
1226Mary Warrington46y 8m 23d13 Apr. 1903, Buenavista Tp.Hughes Cemetery
1227Jeffaniah Berry80y24 Apr. 1903, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
1228George Henry Linn24y 10m 12d22 Apr. 1903, BrooklynBrooklyn Cemetery
1229Orpha Lelia Reed4m 22d25 Apr. 1903, Camden Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
1230female Newell2d18 Apr. 1903, Schuyler Co.
1231Robert Taylor49y 1m 18d28 Apr. 1903, Woodstock Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1232Estella Lucinda Lenhart22y 18m 18d29 Mar. 1903, Browning Tp.Rushville Cemetery
1233Harriet Campbell87y 11m 2d11 May 1903, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
1234R. B. Daniels66y 6m 4d23 May 1903, Littleton Tp.Thompson Cemetery
1235Ann Ruth Burnham1y 5m 15d3 May 1903, Littleton Tp.Doddsville Cemetery
1236Effie L. Beard14y8 Apr. 1903, RushvilleSerrott Cemetery
1237Wm. Thomas Ritchey53y 2m 15d15 Mar. 1903, Rushville Tp.Sugar Grove North Cemetery
Page 98
1238Margaret Ann Boice72y 10m 9d10 May 1903, RushvilleMesserer Cemetery
1239Gladis Tucker11y 13d27 Mar. 1903, Rushville Tp.
1240Vira Agness Hoffman1y 6d26 May 1903, Woodstock Tp.Palm Cemetery
1241Wm. Henry Adkinson68y 6m 5d20 May 1903, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
1242female Bray3 1/2 days11 Jun. 1903, Layton, Ill.
1243Mary Newell65y18 Jun. 1903, Bainbridge Tp.Lawler Cemetery
1244Cora Edith Morgan24y 2m 14d17 Jun. 1903, near Wayland, Ill.Bethel Cemetery
1245Otto Humphrey5y22 Jun. 1903, Rushville Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
1246Catherine Tungate58y 1m 20d23 Jun. 1903, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
End of Book 1

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