SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 15 – 21

Page 15
182female7d27 Feb. 1879, HuntsvilleShiloh Cemetery
183Lillie Briney6y 6m 5d20 Feb. 1879, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
184Baxter Baker67y24 Jan. 1879, BrowningMesserer Graveyard
185David N. Sell35y 10m 27d20 Feb. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Birmingham, Ill.
186L. M. Ridings1y 18d17 Feb. 1879, Woodstock Tp.
187Georgie Anna Allphin20y 1m 25d25 Feb. 1879, Huntsville Tp.
188Elizabeth L. Whiteman70y 2m22 Mar. 1879, CamdenMarlows Graveyard
189John Thomas McNeeley4y 11m 3d17 Jan. 1879, PleasantviewEdger Cemetery
190Cornelia Louisa Stevenson50y 28d2 Feb. 1879, RushvilleDecatur, Ill.
191Sarah Ann Rice28y 6d2 Mar. 1879, Camden Tp.Lyn Graveyard
192Mathias Ferdinand Hoben9m 12d12 Feb. 1879, Camden Tp.Catholic Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co.,Ill.
193Susan Garrett71y5 Apr. 1879, Oakland Tp.Salem Burying Ground
194William Skiles74y 1m 17d17 Mar. 1879, Rushville Tp.Skiles Burying Ground
Page 16
1956d30 Mar. 1879, Buenavista Tp.
196Abraham Smith72y 8m 21d17 Mar. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Rushville Cemetery
197William Wainman45y 7m 13d23 Mar. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Woodstock, Ill.
198William Baxter Brown2d18 Apr. 1879, OaklandDays Graveyard, Oakland Tp.
199Salena Perkins45y 9m 18d13 Apr. 1879, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
200Salina Ishmel18y 4m 5d8 Apr. 1879, Browning Tp.Mt. Ally, Cass Co., Ill.
201Joseph R. Wardell14d13 Apr. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Polen Graveyard
202Jennie L. McClure1y 7m 15d5 May 1879, Buenavista Tp.Rushville Cemetery
203Mary H. Jones37y3 Feb. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Cox Graveyard
204John Hamilton50y17 Apr. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.
205Mary Emily Felch35y5 May 1879, Oakland Tp.
206William Miller72y10 May 1879, Browning Tp.No. 1 Graveyard
Page 17
2079m 12d29 Apr. 1879, Camden Tp.Weightman Burying Ground
208Ada L. Marlow2y 10m 25d29 Apr. 1879, Camden Tp.Marlow Burying Ground
209Robert John Marlow13y 7m 20d29 May 1879, Camden Tp.Marlow Burying Ground
210Clara Shuler16y21 May 1879, Birmingham Tp.Markee Graveyard
211Marshel Elmer Murray3y 11m 10d18 May 1879, Birmingham Tp.Gillitt Graveyard, Bainbridge Tp.
212Sarah Effie Gillenwater11y 10m 18d18 May 1879, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville, Ill.
213male1 hour21 May 1879, Brooklyn Tp.
214Frank Herman Clark2m 19d4 Mar. 1879, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
215Jettie E. Vasconsels3y 3m 1d18 Apr. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Gillitt Graveyard
216Wm. Rittenhouse61y23 Apr. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Ebenezer Cemetery, Bainbridge Tp.
217Harvy M. Anderson22y28 Mar. 1879, Schuyler Co.Schuyler Co., Ill.
218Cyrus Anderson50y15 May 1879, HuntsvilleCady Graveyard
219female1 hour25 Jun. 1879, Bluff CityBluff City, Ill.
Page 18
220Rufus C. Lance5m24 Jun. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn, Ill.
221Ida Olive Ritchey15y 11m 1d24 May 1879, Buenavista Tp.Sugar Grove Cemetery
222Jane Curless47y 2m 16d1 Jul. 1879, Bluff CityBluff City, Ill.
223William Dron66y 9m 17d4 Jul. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Augusta, Hancock Co., Ill.
224Silvester Sanford66y 8m 3d20 Jun. 1879, HuntsvilleHuntsville, Ill.
225Charles Farwell70y30 Jun. 1879, FredricksvilleFrederick Cemetery
226Sarah Hofley71y 10m24 May 1879, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
227Perry A. Wainman19y 4m 27d2 Jul. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Woodstock, Ill.
228Rolla Alvin Linticomb1y 6m11 Jul. 1879, Oakland Tp.Foster Cemetery
229Lucy Ann Wolf2m13 Jul. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Middleton Tp., McDonough Co., Ill.
230Mary Frances Wolf29y 9m9 Jul. 1879, Birmingham Tp.Middleton Tp., McDonough Co., Ill.
231male1m15 Aug. 1879, Huntsville Tp.Augusta, Hancock Co., Ill.
Page 19
232Mahaley Briney30y 27d2 Aug. 1879, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
233James Edward Frakes11m3 Aug. 1879, Brooklyn Tp.Stoneking Cemetery
234Clyde Frisby6m 1d20 Jul. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Hosmer Burying Ground
235William G. Denny54y 7m 20d11 Aug. 1879, HuntsvilleHuntsville, Ill.
236Byard McKinley63y 5m 4d20 Jul. 1879, Irwin, Camden Tp.Marlow Burying Ground
237Clarissa Haskell87y 5m 5d10 Aug. 1879, Rushville Tp.Rushville Cemetery
238Allen Persinger74y 3m 19d17 May 1879, Bainbridge Tp.private cemetery
239James Clarence Jackson2y 9m 18d27 Jul. 1879, where born
240unnamed malefew minutes21 Jul. 1879
241Walter D. Scott9m 26d8 Aug. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Rushville Cemetery
242Ella Maria West28y 9m 11d20 Jun. 1879, Camden Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
243Edgar Anderson39y 5m 25d2 Sep. 1879, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
Page 20
244Mrs. Lucy Vance84y 2m 7d3 Sep. 1879, Rushville Tp.Messerer Cemetery
245Elizabeth H. Garrison46y 7m 28d5 Jun. 1879, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
246Isadora Vancil7y 9m 3d18 Jul. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.
24715y 10m 18d18 Aug. 1879, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
248female19d8 Sep. 1879, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
249Albert Lee Hollarbach1y 11m 10d31 Aug. 1879, Woodstock Tp.Polenn Graveyard
250Thomas F. White6m 22d11 Sep. 1879, BrowningNo. 1 Graveyard
251Elizabeth Trout71y 5m 6d9 Sep. 1879, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
252George Baxter62y2 Oct. 1879, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
253Willie Oscar Baker1m 12d9 Oct. 1879, White Oak, Rushville Tp.Hardscrabble, Bainbridge Tp.
254Willie McKee18y6 Oct. 1879, Rushville Tp.Sugar Grove Cemetery
255A. J. Sylvester49y6 Oct. 1879, Rushville
256Homer W. Burton5y 10m3 Oct. 1879Scotts Cemetery
Page 21
257Cassan Dane Langner41y 5m 9d31 Aug. 1879, RushvillePleasantview Cemetery
258Anna May Acheson4m 17d18 Aug. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Rushville Cemetery
259Marg. Belknapp Parker22y 2m 1d20 Sep. 1879, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
260Peter D. Campbell80y 3m 1d19 Aug. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Rushville Cemetery
261John Wesley Neighbors36y 10m 15d27 Oct. 1879, BrowningNo. 1 Graveyard
262Edwin Perkins25y27 Sep. 1879, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Graveyard
263Frank Ashwood1y 7m 25d4 Nov. 1879, Oakland Tp.Ashcraft Graveyard, Oakland Tp.
264Richard Ashcraft75y 11m 8d13 Nov. 1879, Oakland Tp.Ashcraft Graveyard
265Thodore Brown45y 1m 12d29 Sep. 1879, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery, Frederick Tp.
266male1/2 day26 Nov. 1879, Buenavista Tp.
267Rebecca Crandall33y 9m 20d3 Oct. 1879, Rushville Tp.Littleton, Ill.
268Lewis Todd6d14 Oct. 1879, RushvilleRushville, Ill.

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