SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 22 – 28

Page 22
269Maud Jackson5m 7d17 Sep. 1879, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
270Perry Edwin Robinson4y 10m 6d7 Oct. 1879, Oakland Tp.Oakland Tp.
271Daury P. Gray29y 5m 14d4 Nov. 1879, Camden Tp.Grays Burial Ground
272Charles Albert Moul4y 4m 18d4 Dec. 1879, Rushville Tp.Astoria, Fulton Co., Ill.
273Peter Jonte77y27 Dec. 1879, Woodstock Tp.
274Mary Lewis28y27 Dec. 1879, Hickory Tp.
275George A. Schultz2y 10m 3d27 Dec. 1879, BadersBaders Cemetery
276Lydia Seward1y 9m 8d12 Jan. 1880, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
277David J. Herron11m 8d1 Mar. 1879, Bainbridge Tp.Messerer Cemetery
278Joseph Newberry67y 11m 3d19 Dec. 1879, PleasantviewGillets Cemetery
279Caroline Lawler56y 7m 25d27 Jun. 1879, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
280Bell Wheelhouse15y 4m 10d30 Oct. 1879, RushvilleSugar Grove Cemetery
281Aug. Nall6mJul. 1879, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
Page 23
282Asher-infant of Henry N. Asher2d31 Aug. 1879, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
283Roberts Amy H.67y 2m 9d22 Jan. 1880, Birmingham Tp.M….., Graveyard, Birmingham Tp.
284Abel George Walton29y 10m 4d31 Jan. 1880, BrowningBaders Cemetery
285Joseph Purdy69y6 Oct. 1879, BrowningMesserers Cemetery
286child Harold Briney25y 8m 1d20 Jan. 1880, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
287William Oscar Farnsworth1y 3m 8d29 Jan. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Woodstock, Ill.
288Elisha Ames62y28 Dec. 1879, Browning Tp.Messerer Cemetery
289Tice Edgar Hagans1m26 Dec. 1879, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
290Sarah Ivins60y 3m26 Dec. 1879, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
291Charles Andersen Kuhn2y 4m 21d10 Nov. 1879, Rushville Tp.Rushville Cemetery
292America Gabbert34y 8m 15d15 Dec. 1879, Rushville Tp.Messerers Cemetery
293female Pierson2d18 Feb. 1880, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
294Elizabeth Norton72y 5m 28d22 Feb. 1880, Browning Tp.Edger Cemetery
Page 24
295Bessie Olive Parr6m 4d14 Feb. 1880, Rushville Tp.Ref. Ch. Cemetery, Browning Tp.
296Elizabeth Carnes57y 2m 11d1 Feb. 1880, CamdenMarlow Cemetery
297Cornelius Kountz9y 8d12 Feb. 1880, CamdenMarlow Cemetery
298Mary Jane Wilson8y 10m 17d8 Feb. 1880, CamdenMarlow Cemetery
299Freddie Gaddis5m 24d1 Jan. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Davis Cemetery
300Benjamin F. Gay25y 3m 2d16 Feb. 1880, Oakland Tp.Choteris Cemetery
301Mary M. Gould1y 7m 15d28 Jan. 1880, Oakland Tp.Phillips Cemetery
302Hamer L. Weddle4m 13d13 Feb. 1880, Browning Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
30314d6 Feb. 1880, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
304A. Thornton9 Feb. 1880Ridgeville Cemetery
305Mabell B. Ray48y 10m14 Feb. 1880, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
306Martha Fry56y 28d15 Feb. 1880, Oakland Tp.Pettingers Cemetery
307Matthias OConnor70y20 Feb. 1880, Camden Tp.Cleek Cemetery
Page 25
308Leonard Simon77y 2m 13d18 Feb. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Plymouth, Hancock Co., Ill.
309John Ruth75y 1m27 Jan. 1880, Rushville Tp.Rushville, Ill.
310Huriah Pestil27y3 Apr. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Stoneking Cemetery
311Elias Dewitt73y12 Apr. 1880, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
312Chas. H. Chadsey4y 4m 16d3 Apr. 1880, Rushville Tp.
313Sarah Jane Ervin44y 11m 10d29 Mar. 1880, Camden Tp.Marlow Cemetery
314Jacob N. Hester46y 5m 2d1 Feb. 1880, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville, Ill.
315Drura B. Davis68y 7m 28d21 Feb. 1880, Camden Tp.Grays Burying Ground
316Henry Heiteman43y23 Mar. 1880, Camden Tp.Marlow Burying Ground
317George Julian Walton5m 5d20 Apr. 1880, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
318Emily Susan Grimm20y 24d19 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
319Mary Barker48y 6m 8d16 Apr. 1880, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
320George Woodford39y 3m 18d29 Apr. 1880, near RaySalem Church, Astoria, Fulton Co., Ill.
Page 26
321Elijah Deal42y 8m 15d7 Apr. 1880, PleasantviewGilletts Cemetery
322James Allen Humphries23y 24d20 Feb. 1880, Browning Tp.Messerer Cemetery
323John Lenway Carpenter17d29 Apr. 1880, PleasantviewFoster Cemetery
324Mary Ann Nelson74y 9m 5d28 Feb. 1880, Rushville Tp.Messerer Cemetery
325E. J. Milby35y 7m 10d14 May 1880, Rushville Tp.Rushville Cemetery
326Mary Agnes Fox36y2 May 1880, RushvilleMt. Sterling, Brown Co., Ill.
327Mrs. Harriet King57y 8m 28d26 Apr. 1880, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
328Michael Burkeabout 65y23 Apr. 1880, Camden Tp.Mt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, Brown Co.,Ill.
329John McClintock33y 7m 1d23 May 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn Cemetery
330Mary Louisa Lane19y 3m 11d25 May 1880, FrederickMesserer Cemetery
331Jason Swan40y28 Jun. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.White Oak Cemetery
332Edward Katzman37y1 Jul. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn, Ill.
333Thomas Agens76y5 Jul. 1880, Camden Tp.Erwin Graveyard
Page 27
334Hattie Rebecca Bilderback1y 7m 29d24 Jun. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Agnew Cemetery
335Louisa S. Harden24y 6m 21d3 May 1880, Buenavista Tp.Allen Fosters Cemetery
336James W. Ferguson1y 1m 19d21 Jul. 1880, Hickory Tp.Butlersville, Ill.
337Clara Udora McPherson15y 8m 22d5 Jul. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Markee Cemetery
338Oliver Richard Ogle1y 4m24 Jun. 1880, Birmingham Tp.Round lot, Scholl House Cemetery
339Bertha Henderson1m22 Jul., Birmingham Tp.Bickford Burying Ground
340Cora Bell Benton1y 7m 1d2 Jul. 1880, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
341Lucinda F. Carpenter24y 4m 15d27 Apr., PleasantviewFoster Graveyard
342James Edward Rainey34y 6m 3d3 Oct., RushvilleCanton, Fulton Co., Ill.
343Mary May Powell11y 11m 13d5 Aug. 1880, BadersAstoria Cemetery, Fulton Co., Ill.
344Winifred Rebecca Window1y 6m 2d6 Aug. 1880, Died where bornRushville Cemetery
345Electra S. Randolph91y18 Jun., Schuyler Co. Poor HousePoor Farm
Page 28
346Alfred Ward69y17 Jul. 1880, Schuyler Co. Poor FarmPoor Farm
347John M. Nooner49y15 May 1880, Woodstock Tp.Polin Burying Ground
348Thomas Goodwin79y 9m 9d19 Jun. 1880, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
349Ruth Ann Lancaster1m 5d12 Aug. 1880, Browning Tp.No. 1 Graveyard
350Cassandra Humphries59y10 Aug. 1880, Rushville Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
351John Andrew Williams2d20 Aug. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn, Ill.
352Ellen Jane Bell1y 4m26 Aug. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.White Oak Cemetery
353Noah Staffer11y 5m 29d30 Jul. 1880, Browning Tp.Fitz Graveyard
354Patience Horn11m 18d25 Aug. 1880, Browning Tp.Osceola Cemetery
355Rosa Davis7m 16d19 Aug. 1880, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn, Ill.
356George Willard Duly8m 22d16 Jul. 1880, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
357Curtis Franklin Lineheart1y 20d9 Sep. 1880, Rushville Tp.Rushville Cemetery

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