SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 36 – 42


Page 36
440Margaret A. Lashbrook29y 11m 23d13 Nov. 1880, Woodstock Tp.
441Nora A. Lashbrook3m 8d20 Dec. 1880, Woodstock Tp.
442Philip Hershe36y 10m8 May 1881, Woodstock Tp.Herche Graveyard
443Hester Ann Clayton31y9 Apr. 1881, Camden Tp.Lynn Burying Ground
444David McNeil31y 6d7 May 1881, Camden Tp.Taggart Cemetery
445John Walton66y 2m 22d24 May 1881, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
446Elizabeth Ellen Kent32y 10m29 May 1881, Woodstock Tp.Pollum Graveyard
447Margaret Griffith78y 4m 20d15 Apr. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Burton Cemetery
448Webster Dodds45y 3m 17d5 Jun. 1881, Littleton Tp.Doddsville Cemetery
449John Sanders3m 21d17 Jun. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Herche Graveyard
450Rachel Viola Jennings5y 11m 5d11 Sep. 1880, Woodstock Tp.Pollum Graveyard
451James M. Deal69y 10m 25d25 Mar. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Gillett Graveyard
Page 37
452James Monroe Taylor10y 9m30 Apr. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Taylor Graveyard
453Hattie May Raper4y 1m 2d6 Jun. 1881, Oakland Tp.Thompsons Graveyard
454Eddie Young5y 10m 9d21 May 1881, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Graveyard
455Infant of W. D. Clemensabout an hour10 May 1881, Rushville Tp.where born
456Erwin Shannon14y18 Jun. 1881, Browning Tp.Burris Graveyard
457Cora Pearl Dray4y 4m 15d5 Jul. 1881, Browning
458John Hickman Jr.19m 24d29 Jun. 1881, Browning Tp.No. 1 Graveyard
459Charles Carter1y 4m 26d20 Jul. 1881, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
460Allie Cox3y 14d29 Jul. 1881, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
461Jane Pruett47y 11m1 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Stoneking Cemetery
462Nellie E. Higgins3m 13d6 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Blackburn Cemetery
463Clara Day2m21 Jul. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.White Oak Cemetery
Page 38
464Philetis Dowaster1y 5m 6d12 Aug. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Cox Cemetery
465Sarah Elizabeth Collins25y27 Jul. 1881, Camden Tp.Mr. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, Brown Co.,Ill.
466John Forbes21y30 Jul. 1881, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
467Willie Ervin5m 21d7 Sep. 1881, Camden Tp.Marlow Burying Ground
468Henry Snyder Metz35y 11m 1d2 Aug. 1881, Rushville Tp.Rushville Cemetery
469James Winfield Bruner1y 2m 6d7 Sep. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Palm Burying Ground
470Herbert Bruner3y 10m 22d4 Sep. 1881, Woodstock Tp.Palm Burying Ground
471Harriet Jane Lawler27y 6m 27d28 Jul. 1881, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
472Howard Parish58y 3m 20d26 May 1881, Rushville Tp.Messerer Cemetery
473Josiah Parrott Sen80y 10m 9d29 May 1881, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
474Earnest Caldwell11m 5d8 Jul. 1881, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
475Emma Roudebush1y 2m 7d10 Sep. 1881, Browning Tp.Mount Hope Graveyard
Page 39
476Sarah L. Bilderback42y 6m 18d6 Aug. 1881, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville, Ill.
477Ottis Griffith9y 1m 1d16 Jul. 1881, Buenavista Tp.Moore Graveyard
478John Homer Miltenberger1y 6m 3d12 Sep. 1881, WoodstockPaulum Graveyard
479James Earle Robinson11m 8d8 Sep. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Pulaski Graveyard, Augusta, Hancock Co.,Ill.
480Della Litchfield1y 7m 8d4 Sep. 1881, ButlersvilleButlersville Cemetery
481Maymie Bryant5m 13d26 Sep. 1881, Hickory Tp.Baders Cemetery
482Parker W. Sapp13y 5m15 Aug. 1881, BirminghamBurton Burial Place
483Freddy Loring Harris1y 8m 8d1 Aug. 1881, RushvilleJonte Graveyard
484Jane G. Davenport51y 8m8 Sep. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Family Burying Ground
485Warrington Spiller69y 1m 18d5 Aug. 1881, Frederick Tp.Messerer Cemetery
486William Lancaster17y 10m 27d28 Jul. 1881, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
487Frank Long20y18 Oct. 1881, BrooklynWhite Oak Cemetery
Page 40
488Henry T. Fowler16y 1m 28d9 Nov. 1881, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn, Ill.
489Melvin Pain4y 4m 9d19 Nov. 1881, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
490Everet H. Hedgecock5m 27d5 Dec. 1881, Birmingham Tp.Burton Cemetery
491Richard Avery9y 6m 11d5 Nov. 1881, Woodstock Tp.
492Oliver Otto Baker11m 15d15 Sep. 1881, Rushville Tp.Rushville, Ill.
493John Burress22y 10m 7d11 Dec. 1881, Oakland Tp.Burress Graveyard
494Thomas J. Payne41y 10m 13d29 Nov. 1881, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
495Isaac Fred Frakes5y7 Jan. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Blackburn Cemetery
496Hiram S. Geer35y 4m22 Jan. 1882, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Graveyard
497Ida F. Hedgecock23y 8m 25d8 Jan. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Burton Cemetery
498Martha M. Wysong27y 3m 3d29 Oct. 1881, Schuyler Co.Cedar Cemetery
499John L. Wysong30y 3m 5d22 oct. 1881, Schuyler Co.Cedar Cemetery
Page 41
500Carroll Crain2y 2m 12d2 Feb. 1882, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville, Ill.
501Joanna Hunter76y9 Feb. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Beardstown, Cass Co., Ill.
502Sophia Walton42y 23d12 Feb. 1882, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
503Sarah E. Compton74y4 Feb. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Brooklyn, Ill.
504Catharine Pelsor66y 7m22 Feb. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Blackburn Cemetery
505Samuel Pittenger56y 11m 29d15 Feb. 1882, Oakland Tp.Vermont, Fulton Co., Ill.
506Winiford Pittenger52y8 Feb. 1882, Oakland Tp.Vermont, Fulton Co., Ill.
507Viola Bellomy4m 8d12 Feb. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Rushville Cemetery
508Velera Pierce26y 4m 17d17 Mar. 1882, Huntsville Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
509May McCreery17y 6m 11d23 Feb. 1882, Littleton Tp.Bethany Cemetery
510Ellen Little DeWitt61y 2m19 Apr. 1881, Littleton Tp.Rushville, Ill.
511Fernie Raper19y22 Jan., Littleton Tp.Doddsville, Ill.
Page 42
512James McCan41y27 Feb., Oakland Tp.Peoria, Peoria Co., Ill.
513Wm. G. Ritchey56y6 Jan., Oakland Tp.Sugar Grove Cemetery
514Walter Erwin13y26 Jan., Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
515Ephraim L. Snyder53y3 Mar. 1882, Littleton Tp.Littleton, Ill.
516Jarred Paten Ford47y 9m 2d2 Mar. 1882, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
517Nannie F. Sipes18d3 Dec. 1881, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
518William Cisco47y 7m18 Dec. 1881, BrowningNo. 1 Graveyard
519Levi Hickman31y 4m 28d18 Mar. 1882, BrowningNo. 1 Graveyard
520Narcissus Williams63y30 Jan. 1882, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
521Robert Farnesworth61y 9m 11d11 Mar., Woodstock TpHerchey Graveyard
522Henry Francis Cady18y 3m 23d25 Mar. 1882, Huntsville Tp.Cady Cemetery
523Maria Burress18y 6m 19d1 Apr. 1882, RayRay, Ill.

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