SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 43 – 49


Page 43
524Jane Acheson32y 10m 19d1 Apr. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Rushville Cemetery
525Harrison Weaver57y29 Mar. [no year], LittletonLittleton, Ill.
526Ellen Phillips26y7 Feb. 1882, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
527James Montgomery30y8 Apr. 1882, RayVermont, Fulton Co., Ill.
528H. A. Cecil40y16 Apr. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Burton Cemetery
529Infant child of W. I. Larash6d23 Oct. 1881, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
530Ruth Robinson68y13 May 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Cox Cemetery
531Wm. Edward Waymack17d30 Apr. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Cox Cemetery
532Patrick Manyx45y6 Jun. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Bainbridge Tp.
533James M. Swan47y 1m27 Jul. 1882, Brooklyn Tp.Ripley, Brown Co., Ill.
534Martha Ervin24y28 Jul. 1882, Camden Tp.Marlow Burying Ground
535Elmer Mitchell20d4 Aug. 1882, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
Page 44
536Robert Gragg12y3 Jul. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Boling Graveyard
537infant10m4 Sep. 1882, HuntsvilleIrwins Burying Ground
538infant10m5 Sep. 1882, HuntsvilleIrwins Burying Ground
539Ezra H. Miller42y 2m 22d4 Jun. 1882, Rushville Tp.Bethany Graveyard
540M. F. Roach8m10 Aug. 1882, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
541Clyde Caldwell1y 3m 9d16 Sep. 1882, Littleton
542Elizabeth Pearson8m 3d20 Sep. 1882, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
543Elizabeth Bryant82y 4m 29d18 Sep. 1882, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
544Frank A. Ashcraft2y 4m 23d1882, Beardstown, Cass Co., Ill.Ray Station, Oakland Tp.
545Mrs. Nancy A. Whipple56y15 Aug. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Burtons Cemetery
546Alfred Adkins1y 15d2 Sep. 1882, Birmingham Tp.Burtons Cemetery
547Jane Howell60y 1m 10d30 Sep. 1882, Browning Tp.Astoria Cemetery, Fulton Co., Ill.
548Richard Doughtery82y27 Sep. 1882, BainbridgeBeardstown, Cass Co., Ill.
Page 45
549John Wm. Himmel9y 2m12 Sep. 1882, Hickory Tp.Dunkard Cem. Astoria, Fulton Co., Ill.
550Sarah Wright82y 1m16 Feb. 1882, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
551infant child of Chas. E. & Maria E.Lawler10d12 Sep. 1882, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
552Sarah Acheson32y 1m10 Sep. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Rushville Cemetery
553Bertha May Ruby8m 29d24 Aug. 1882, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
554Elizabeth R. Cleek26y 4m13 Nov. 1882, Camden Tp.Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., Ill.
555Illigetimate child1y 4m30 Oct. 1882, Erwin, Camden Tp., Ill.Lyn Burying Ground
556Benjamin Walton Sr.72y 3m 27d27 Sep. 1882, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
557Clarisa Angel54y16 Dec. 1882, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
558Samuel McCreary66y 8m 1d11 Sep. 1882, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
559John Armstrong75y 11m 25d29 Dec. 1882, DoddsvilleRushville, Ill.
560Martha A. Murphy61y 7m 2d17 Dec. 1882, Littleton Tp.Moore Cemetery
561Effie Ethel Stoneking11m14 Dec. 1882, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
Page 46
562Elizabeth Hillyer74y10 Dec. 1882, BrooklynBlackburn Cemetery
563Myrtle A. Thompson2y 2m 27d25 Jan. 1883, Woodstock Tp.—key Graveyard
564Elizabeth Sherrill91y 7m15 Jul. 1882, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
565Edward Warner Krenter18y 4m 22d22 Feb. 1883, BrooklynBrooklyn Cemetery
566Mary Woods nee Johnson74y 11m 14d22 Feb. 1883Brooklyn Cemetery
567George Washington Scott68y21 Feb. 1883, PleasantviewRushville, Ill.
568Martha Elizabeth Day47y 7m6 Jan. 1883, OaklandSugar Grove Cemetery
569Leroy Bowen17d3 Oct. 1882, Woodstock Tp.
570Hannah Ellen Beatty21y 1m 14d8 Apr. 1883, RushvilleHughes Graveyard
571Daniel Ivins66y 7m 16d6 May 1883, BadersBader Cemetery
572Ann Norton Lamastar22y 4m 24d24 Apr. 1883, BainbridgeGillett Cemetery
573Sarah E. Browning51y 5m28 Feb. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Polins Cemetery
574Martin Ryan65y 4m 16d26 Mar. 1883, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
Page 47
575Philbes Collins Korstian48y 2m 9d17 Jan. 1883, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
576Lydia Smith65y 7m 22d20 Feb 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Persingers Cemetery
577John B. Briney74y 1m 19d28 May 1883, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
578George Henry Frawley18y 2m 21d29 Apr. 1883, RushvilleCatholic Church, Beardstown, Cass Co., Ill.
579Sarah M. Doil25y 4m 16d28 Apr. 1883, Birmingham Tp.Burtons Cemetery
580Curtis Evart Reeve1 1/2d19 Oct., Bainbridge Tp.Gilletts Burying Ground
581Henry Hoskinson31y 4m 14d5 Feb. 1883, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
582W. B. Landon60y13 Apr. 1883, WoodstockRushville, Ill.
583Sarah E. Graff36y21 Feb. 1883, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
584Rebecca Buckles70y 9m13 Apr. 1883, BainbridgeGilletts Graveyard
585Henry Korstian67y 6m9 Mar. 1883, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
586Wm. N. McCorkle24y 11m 13d13 Apr. 1883, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
587Lawrence W. Frisby34y 6m 17d12 Jul. 1883Rushville, Ill.
Page 48
588Alva Allen6m 28d16 May 1883, BainbridgeBolin Cemetery
589Susie Beatty2d3 Jul. 1883, RushvilleSnyder Burying Ground
590Flora Mabel Parks11m 8d13 Aug. 1883, RushvilleMesserer Cemetery
591James Huritee [very hard to read]81y 5m 18d21 Aug. 1883, Bainbridge Tp.Catholic Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co.,Ill.
592Bertha McWilliams1y 6m 15d16 Sep. 1883, BrowningUnion or Edgar Graveyard
593Lucinda Jane Cox53y 5m 8d23 Mar. 1882, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
594Eva Anna Miller14y 9m 3d18 May 1883, BrowningKirksville, Adair Co., Missouri
595Robert R. Burnside15y29 May 1883, BrowningNo. 1 Graveyard
596James H. Browning65y 3m 10d19 Aug. 1883, Woodstock Tp.Palmes Burying Ground
597Sarah Fowler67y5 Sep. 1883, near BirminghamPlymouth, Hancock Co., Ill.
598George Fowler73y 3m4 Oct. 1883, near HuntsvillePlymouth, Hancock Co., Ill.
599Thomas Lancaster41y 2m 17d18 Jan. 1884, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
600Wm. Lang47y 11m 18d30 Dec. 1883, Frederick Tp.Gilletts Cemetery
Page 49
601Belle Foote20y 27d27 Jan. 1884, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
602Mrs. Naomi Garrett26y 11m 7d12 Feb. 1884, Schuyler Co.Melvin Ridge
603Sarah E. Lang37y10 Mar. 1882, Bainbridge Tp.Gilletts Cemetery
604William Virgil Ellis5m 11d2 Nov. 1883, Oakland Tp.Ellis Graveyard
605Thomas McKinney72y22 Mar. 1884, CamdenWrightmans Graveyard
606Matilda Frankford75y 3m1 Jan. 1884, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
607Elizabeth Hagans80y28 Nov. 1883, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
608Milton Wilkinson22y5 Jan. 1884, Woodstock Tp.Woodstock Tp. near residence
609Lewis Dutch3y 3m 11d20 May 1884, Hickory Tp.Butlersville, Schuyler Co.
610Ross Pierson9m 22d24 Apr. 1884, Browning Tp.Baders Graveyard
611Albert Henry Davis4y 5m 4d11 Apr. 1884, Browning Tp.Astoria Cemetery, Fulton Co., Ill.
612John Clemens25y 6m 2d24 Apr. 1884, PleasantviewRushville Cemetery
613Howard Dupee7m5 Apr. 1884, Rushville Tp.Bolin Cemetery

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