SchuylerCounty, Illinois

The followingdeath records were extracted from FHL Microfilm 1311550. These recordswere filmed from the original
Death Record booksat the Schuyler County Courthouse. It should be noted that the recordsthemselves contain more
information than I’vechosen to include here. Copies can be obtained from the above mentionedmicrofilm, the Schuyler
County Clerk, or theSchuyler County Historical Jail Museum.

Death Records, Book1, 1877-1903, Pages 57 – 63


Page 57
705Frank Bolton16y 6m 6d8 Oct. 1886, Birmingham Tp.Round Top Cemetery
706George Baker90y 10d23 Aug. 1886, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
707Mary Branney24y 2m 14d10 Sep. 1886, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
708John F. Bates9m 7d8 Sep. 1886, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
709Vernon Griggs5m 4d13 Jul. 1886, BrowningBaders Cemetery
710Otis Hoskins46y 2m 3d23 Nov. 1886, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
711Ellen Nora Busby18y 7m 5d4 Aug. 1886, Rushville
712Wm. Jasper Icenogle38y 10m 6d18 Dec. 1886
713Perlie May Clark6y 7m 14d4 Jan. 1887, CamdenCleek Cemetery
714Sarah Fulk80y19 Dec. 1886, Birminghamnear Huntsville, Ill.
715Joseph Billingsly79y 9m 22d10 Jan. 1887, near RayRushville, Ill.
716Alta Moore1y 2d17 Jul. 1886, near RayHouston Cemetery
717Kelly Russell9m 23d13 Jan. 1887, Rushville Tp.Messerer Cemetery
Page 58
718Geo. W. Pruett5y 3m 22d28 Dec. 1886, Brooklyn Tp.Stoneking Cemetery
719Acey Constant Pruett9m 15d30 Dec. 1886, BrooklynStoneking Cemetery
720Wm. Tyree65y 9m 27d10 Jan. 1887, HuntsvilleCamden, Ill.
721Grover Cleveland Bates1m 4d5 Feb. 1887, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
722David Nabers53y21 Jan. 1887, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
723Sarah Serff32y 9m 6d18 Dec. 1887 [1886], BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
724Jonathan Reno73y 4d7 Nov. 1884, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
725James Ezekiel5d12 Jan. 1887, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
726Elizabeth Strong53y 10m 15d24 Feb. 1887, Browning Tp.Messerer Cemetery
727Lela Hitzman1y 9m12 Feb. 1887, CamdenCamden, Ill.
728Prudence Yates26y28 Jan. 1887, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
729James Brandhour14d21 Feb. 1887, Hickory Tp.Butlersville Cemetery
730Emma E. Brewer3y 5m 2d5 Mar. 1887, PleasantviewMesserer Cemetery
Page 59
731Arabell Tyson36y 3m 3d1 Mar. 1887, Rushville Tp.Bolin Cemetery
732James Edward Thario33y 6m 7d21 Mar. 1887, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
733David G. Davis37y5 Apr. 1887, BrowningRidgeville Cemetery
734Mary Cowdry83y 3m30 Mar. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Huntsville Cemetery
735Chester Oliver Hamlin55y7 May 1887, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
736Jennie Garlick1m 14d30 Dec. 1886, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
737John Garlick1m 12d28 Dec. 1886, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
738Benjamin Carl Walton6m 16d18 May 1887, Browning Tp.Baders Cemetery
739John Thomas Gabbert20y 2m10 May 1887, Rushville Tp.Pleasantview, Ill.
740Amos Busby64y 5m 4d4 Jun. 1887, Browning Tp.
741Lewis Smith Roberts38y 4m 3d11 Jun. 1887, Oakland Tp.Burress Cemetery
742Arvilla Chapman14y 5m 19d17 Jun. 1887, CamdenWhiteoak Cemetery
743Samuel V. Chapman41y 4m 4d19 Jun. 1887, Camden Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
Page 60
744Van Heaton55y 2m 21d15 Aug. 1887, Birmingham Tp.Augusta, Hancock Co., Ill.
745unnamed male1y 18d2 Aug. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
746unnamed male2m 20d6 Aug. 1887, CamdenCleek Cemetery
747Thomas Brown59y 4m 8d10 Aug. 1887, ButlersvilleAstoria Cemetery, Fulton Co., Ill.
748Grace Ethel Walton26d7 Aug. 1887, near BrowningNo. 1 or Baders Cemetery
749Sarah Pelton68y 10m18 Aug. 1887, BrowningNo. 1 or Baders Cemetery
750unnamed female8m 10d25 Aug. 1887, Camden
751Clarence Lawler3m 25d15 Jan. 1887, BainbridgeRushville Cemetery
752Ann Clarke77y 5m 3d2 Feb. 1887, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
753Henry Pemberton58y 5m 16d13 Aug. 1887, Schuyler Co.Schuyler Co.
754Mattie Ethel1m 22d29 Aug. 1887, near BrowningBaders Cemetery
755unnamed female5 minutes17 Aug. 1887, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
756Irena Burmood13y 3m 19d10 Sep. 1887, HuntsvilleHuntsville, Ill.
Page 61
757Elias D. Leach64y 5m 13d8 Sep. 1887, RushvilleRushville Cemetery
758Charlotte Utter72y15 Oct. 1887, near Pleasantviewcemetery near residence
759John Frankford87y 9m 23d27 Oct. 1887, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
760Earl Hollingsworth10m 26d15 Oct. 1887, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
761Bessie Imogene Fowler1y 3m 22d11 Nov. 1887, BrowningBaders Cemetery
762Elisha A. Campbell72y 8m 14d7 Dec. 1887, Huntsville Tp.Cedar Cemetery
763John S. Wright62y 8m 1d17 Nov. 1887, Brooklyn Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
764Margaret Ruth Lancaster14y 23d23 Dec. 1887, Browning Tp.No. 1 Cemetery
765Caroline Arnold44y 11m 12d31 Dec. 1887, BrowningNo. 1 Cemetery
766Hannah M. Pritchett51y 1m 16d14 Jan. 1888, Browning Tp.Ridgeville Cemetery
767Hannah Cook76y 4m 20d6 Nov. 1887, Schuyler Co.Vermont, Fulton Co., Ill.
768Henry Clide Miller29y 11m 8d27 Jan. 1887 [?1888], BrowningNo. 7, Fulton Co., Ill.
769infant child of Robert & Laura Hedgecock3d9 Jul. 1888 [1887], Birmingham Tp.Round Top Graveyard
Page 62
770Amanda Jane Wilcox1y 3m 5d1 Jan. 1888, BrowningBaders Cemetery
771female Wood2m 15d6 Mar. 1888, HuntsvilleCedar Cemetery
772Asenath Adkins89y 5m 24d30 Mar. 1888, Schuyler Co.Burton Cemetery
773unnamed female1d29 Mar. 1888, PleasantviewFrederick Tp.
774Walter Louderback2m6 Apr. 1888, Hickory Tp.Thompsons Cemetery
775Frank Heaton20y18 Apr. 1888, Schuyler Co.Schuyler Co.
776Salathiel Hillyer55y 5m 8d21 Apr. 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Blackburn Cemetery
777Benjamin L. Davis32y 5m 13d22 Apr. 1888, HuntsvilleHuntsville Cemetery
778John Monroe Henderson55y 7m 15d28 May 1888, near Baderscemetery near Baders
779William Gillespie37y 5m 2d2 Jun. 1888, HuntsvillePulaski, Ill.
780Ebenezer Dimmick85y 3m 25d19 May 1888, PleasantviewBainbridge Tp.
781Laura F. Strong24y 10m 27d5 Jan. 1888, near PleasantviewMesserer Graveyard
782John Wm. Dean69y 11m 2d8 Jan. 1888, Woodstock Tp.Polen Graveyard
Page 63
783Alice Stone25y 10m 7d17 May 1888, Brooklyn Tp.Whiteoak Cemetery
784Herman E. Wilcox1y 5m 24d29 Jun. 1888, BirminghamHuntsville, Ill.
785Charles Read49y7 Jun. 1888, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
786Hezekiah Stout74y15 Jul. 1888, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
787male Kinnerman2 Jun. 1888, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
788Martha J. Kinnerman21y9 Jun. 1888, RushvilleRushville, Ill.
789Mary Emaretta Dodd11m 8d23 Apr. 1888, BrowningBaders Cemetery
790Washington Calvin61y21 Mar. 1888, BrowningBaders Cemetery
791Mary E. Snider54y5 Jul. 1888, LittletonLittleton, Ill.
792Watson F. Ross51y 3m 22d23 May 1888, Buenavista Tp.Hughes Cemetery
793Hosea Davis71y 10m 5d26 Apr. 1888, Littleton Tp.Littleton Cemetery
794Thomas Burnside71y11 Jun. 1888, Bainbridge Tp.Family Grounds
795Sarah Jane Burnside66y6 Jan. 1888, BainbridgeFamily Grounds

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