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Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Bellomy, Josiah F.FredericksvilleSect. 6Farmer and Township AssessorGallia Co., Ohio1834
Maggie FurbeeFredericksvilleSect. 6Wife of Josiah F. BellomyTyler Co., Va.1837
Brines, RosuellPleasant ViewSec. 31, 
2 n.r. 1e
Farmer and Stock RaiserConnecticut1827
Delilah NortonPleasant ViewSec. 31, 
2 n.r. 1e
Wife of Rosuell BrinesOhio1829
Darnell, JessePleasant ViewSect. 6Farmer and Stock RaiserWayne Co., Ohio1834
Louisa UtterDied Oct. 1, ’47Late wife of Jesse DarnellWabash Co., Ill.1829
Deane, Hudson M.FredericksvilleFredericksvilleHotel and Justice of thePeaceDutches Co., N.Y.1855
Elizabeth MessererFredericksvilleFredericksvilleWife of Hudson M. DeanSchuyler Co., Ill.1841
Darnell, John M.Pleasant ViewSect. 6Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1843
Farwell, MaroFredericksvilleFredericksvilleRetired MerchantChesire Co., N. H.1848
Ann L. FellowsFredericksvilleFredericksvilleWife of Maro FarwellSchuyler Co., Ill.1828
Gillespie, James E.FredericksvilleFredericksvillePhysician and SurgeonBeaver co., Pa.1882
Sarah J. StansburyFredericksvilleFredericksvilleWife of James E. GillespieVermillion Co., Ill.1882
Grimwood, Wesley M.FredericksvilleFredericksvilleWagon ManufacturerAcron, Ohio1861
Alice A. BartholowFredericksvilleFredericksvilleWife of Wesley M. GrimwoodKnox Co., Ohio1878
Grimwood, Charles M.Died Ju’e 25, ’78Father of Wesley M. GrimwoodEngland1859
Grimwood, Anna E.Died Oct. -, ’68Mother of Wesley M. GrimwoodMackinaw, Mich.1861
Hinton, John B.FredericksvilleSect. 5Farmer and Township SupervisorMaryland1837
Polly RiceFredericksvilleSect. 5Wife of John B. HintonMercer Co., Ohio1840
Jacoba, AndrewFredericksvilleFredericksvilleGroceries, Queensware andHardwareButler Co., Ohio1834
Margaret SudethFredericksvilleFredericksvilleWife of Andrew JacobaSchuyler Co., Ill.1852
Linn, David C.FredericksvilleFredericksvillePhysician and SurgeonFranklin Co., Ond.1858
Della C. TruittFredericksvilleFredericksvilleWife of David C. LinnBaltimore, Md.1859
Utter, JohnFredericksvilleSect. 6FarmerAllegany Co., N.Y.1837

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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