PatronList of the
Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Gregory, J. H.Sheldons GroveSect. 8Farmer and Stock RaiserMontogomery Co., Ind.1836
Lovina SheldenSheldons GroveSect. 8Wife of J. H. GregorySchuyler Co., Ill.1840
Kelly, James M.Sheldons GroveSect. 17Farmer and Stock RaiserFulton Co., Ill.1857
Kelly, EmilySheldons GroveSect. 17Wife of James M. KellyFulton co., Ill.1858
Schultz, H. C.Sheldons GroveSect. 9Farmer, Stock Raiser andGrocerPrussia, Ger.1857
Anna HeidenreichSheldons GroveSect. 9Wife of H. C. SchultzSaxen-Weimer, Ger.1857
Thompson, WakemanSheldons GroveSect. 4Farmer and Stock RaiserWashington Co., Pa.1844
Elizabeth HootonDied M’h 13, ’51First wife of Wakeman ThompsonCarroll Co., Ohio1844
Mahala HootonDied Oct. 6, ’75Late wife of Wakeman ThompsonCarroll Co., Ohio1844
Jones, J. S.BaderSect. 7Farmer and Stock RaiserMonroe Co., Ky.1836
Pricie M. RobertsonDied Oct. 23, ’77Late wife of J. S. JonesMcDonough Co., Ill.1848
Jones, William B.BaderSect. 7Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1858
Anna GiemanBaderSect. 7Wife of William B. JonesFulton Co., Ill.1860

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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