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Probate of Calista Babcock Husted


Contributed by Margaret James
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Calista Husted died on 14 December 1868, leaving a last will and testament, recorded in Will Record B, page 60: written 2 December 1868, Calista of Birmingham Township, Schuyler Co, Illinois, age sixty one.

1st – to my sons Joseph & Marion Husted: jointly 40 acres of land on the East side of Section 26, running the full length of said quarter, in Birmingham Twp.

2nd – to my son John Husted: 60 acres lying directly west of the land first named; all of my personal property, holding John to be kind & dutiful to his father & to support him during his natural life; pay to his sisters, Lucinda Husted, Huldah Husted & Carlinda Davis, $100 each to be paid 4 years after my decease,
these legacies to be a lien on the land named

3rd – to my son Henry Husted: the remaining portion of said quarter section of land, 60 acres, pay to his sister Calista Jane Carpenter $100, pay to his sister Ruthana Butler $1, pay to his brother Leonard B Husted $1, these three legacies to be paid within four years of my decease.

Executor: my son John Husted
Signed: 2 December 1868, Calista (her X mark) Husted

Witnesses: Henry W Taylor of Brooklyn, Schuyler Co., James F (his X mark) Mecum of Birmingham Twp, Schuyler Co.

Affidavit of Decease: filed 15 March 1869 by John Husted, stating that Calista, died 14 Dec 1868.

Petition for Probate of Will & Letters Testamentary: filed 14 March 1869, John Husted stating that Calista died seized and possessed of real estate worth about $2500 and personal estate worth about $500.

Survivors: Ruthana Butler, Henry, Carlinda Davis, Calista J Carpenter, Joseph E Husted, FM Husted, Lucinda Husted, Hulda A Husted and John Husted, all being of lawful age, her children [Leonard B is not listed here].

Proof of Will: filed 15 Mar 1869
Bond: John Husted, $1000
Letters Testamentary: issued 24 Mar 1869 to John Husted

Inventory: filed 19 May 1869, real estate NW 1/4 of Section 26, T3N, R4W of 4th principal meridian, 160 acres, personal property $533

Final Report, filed 16 Dec 1872, approved 29 Jan 1873: receipts of $533, disbursements of $347.20; legacy of $1 to Leonard B Husted now residing in Henry Co, MO, unpaid; legacy of $1 to Ruthana Butler who departed this life about the last of August 1871 in Cherokee Co, Kansas, unpaid; all debts against deceased have been fully paid; 60 acres of land devised to Henry Husted, lein of $100 to Calista Carpenter; John Husted purchased the land of his brother, Henry, and became liable to pay legacy to Calista Carpenter which was due on the 14th, unpaid; legacy of $100 to Lucinda Foster, unpaid; all the special legacies are made liens upon the land.

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