Land Deeds
Schuyler County, Illinois
Samuel DeCounter of Camden, Schuyler Co., IL for the sum of
$9,600.00 to Laura Warrington, Clifford Ridings and Raleigh Ridings of Schuyler
Co., IL

real estate:

The East half of the southwest quarter of Section 3; the West half of
the North West quarter of Section 10; the west half of the west half of
the southwest quarter of section 10; and that part of the balance of
the South West quarter of Section 10 which lies North and West of Crooked
Creek all in Township 2 North; Range 3 West of the 4th P.M.

Laura Warrington and Walter Warrington her husband; Clifford Ridings,
unmarried; and Raleigh Ridings, unmarried of Schuyley mortgage to Samuel
DeCounter of Schuyler Co., IL to secure payment of one promissory note
executed by same for the sum of $6,600.00 due five years after date
with interest from date until paid at the rate of 5 percent per annum,
interest payable annually.
Dated 19 Nov 1910

A release and quit claim of this mortgage was recorded on 22 Nov 1915
by Samuel DeCounter, but the only two names on the Release are Clifford
Ridings and Walter Warrington. 

This land is in Camden Township.

Donated & Transcribed by LouAnn Cameron


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