Land Deed
Schulyer County, Illinois

 Adolphus T. Flint of Schuyler county for $900.00 convey to James
Tomlinson of Schuyler county real estate to wit:

Forty acres off the east side of 60 acres off the north end of 100
acres off the east side of the South West quarter of Section 26 in T 1
North and Range 2 West of the fourth P.M. bounded as [full description in
original deed] at the end of which says "containing 23.55 acres
according to field notes of Leonidus Henry County Surveyor of date of Nov. 12,
1856, surveyed for James Beuel. [I do not understand why 40 acres, then
23.55 acres]

This property is in Woodstock Twp. 

Donated & Transcribed by LouAnn Cameron


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