Land Records Index
Schuyler County, Illinois
All the below Land Transactions have been donated by Schuyler County, Illinois

Township Name Township Range Meridian Note
Bainbridge 01N 01W 4
Birmingham 03N 04W 4 Original Name "Eden"
Brooklyn 03N 03W 4
Browning 02N 01E 4
Buena Vista 02N 02W 4
Camden 02N 03W 4
Frederick 01N 01E 4
Hickory 02N 02E 4
Huntsville 02N 04W 4
Littleton 03N 02W 4
Oakland 03N 01W 4 Original Name "Ashland"
Rushville 02N 01W 4
Woodstock 01N 02W 4


Grantor Grantee Date
 Joseph Tomlinson (Tomblisson)  John S. Bagby
Nov. 24, 1894

Raleigh Ridings
Miriam Erhma Ridings
Charles H. Mead  Unknown

Grantor Grantee Date
 William H. Tomlinson
Ellen Tomlinson
 Ida M. Tomlinson
Nov. 15, 1900
 John E. Tomlinson
Carrie E. Tomlinson
 John S. Little
Feb. 06, 1902

Grantor Grantee Date
 Mary Ann Hollenback
George H. Hollenback
 James Tomlinson Dec. 1, 1890

Grantor Grantee Date
 James Tomlinson
Sarah I. Tomlinson
 Samuel Tomlinson
Elizabeth Tomlinson
Nov. 28, 1903
 Elizabeth Tomlinson
Samuel Tomlinson
 Norton Quinn
Sept. 21, 1908

Grantor Grantee Date
Samuel DeCounter Emily Ridings April 06, 1910
Samuel DeCounter

Laura Warrington
Walter Warrington
Clifford Ridings
Raleigh Ridings

Nov. 19, 1910
 Morris L. DeCounter  Wilmena Decounter
Morris L. DeCounter
Nettie DeCounter
Lela Peterson
Martin L. Peterson
Grover C. DeCounter
Arie A. DeCounter
Susan E. Hunter
Roy M. Hunter
Wesley W. Howe
Jan. 1918
Emily Ridings
Nelson M. Ridings
Clifford M. Ridings Aug. 07, 1918
Raleigh Ridings
Miriam E. Ridings
Wm. W. Warrington Nov. 19, 1915
Clifford M. Ridings
Golda Ridings
Ora F. Thompson Sept. 18, 1918
Clifford M. Ridings
Golda Ridings
William W. Warrington Nov. 19. 1918
Emily Ridings
Nelson M. Ridings
Nelson M. Ridings March 08, 1919
Nelson M. Ridings Clifford M. Ridings addition to above March 08, 1919




John W. Barnes

Illinois Land Purchase Dec. 14, 1864



Samuel DeCounter Emily Ridings May 24, 1918

Grantor Grantee Date
 Adolphus T. Flint  James Tomlinson Nov. 12, 1856
James E. Ridings Samuel DeCounter March, 01, 1869


Grantor Grantee Date
 Samuel Tomlinson
Elizabeth Tomlinson
 Norton Quinn Sep 21, 1908
Nelson M. Ridings Clifford M. Ridings Sept. 18, 1926

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