Land Deeds
Schuyler County, Illinois

Raleigh Ridings and Miriam E. Ridings, his wife of Schuyler Co., IL
for the sum of $6,200.00 conveys to Wm. W. Warrington of Schuyler Co.,
IL real estate:

The undivided one-third of the following: The East half of the
Southwest quarter and the Southwest quarter of Section3; the West half of the
Northwest quarter of Section 10; Also the west half of the west half of
the southwest quarter of Section 10; And that part of the balance of
the southwest quarter of Section 10 which lies north and west of Crooked
Creek, all in Township 2 North; Range 3 Wast of the 4th P.M.

Subject, however, to all the conditions contained in a deed from Samuel
to Laura Warrington, Clifford Ridings and Raleigh Ridings and
recorded in Book 89 of deeds on page 551 in the Recorder's office;
subject to mortgage indebtedness of $2,200.00, which the Grantee assumes
and agrees to pay.

Dated 19 Nov 1915


Donated & Transcribed by LouAnn Cameron


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