Land Deeds
Schuyler County, Illinois
William H. Tomlinson and Ellen Tomlinson, his wife of the Town of
Brooklyn, Schuyler Co., IL for the sum of $1,600.00 sells to Ida M.
Tomlinson, single, of the Town of Brooklyn, Schuyler Co., IL real estate:

The North East quarter of the North West quarter of Section 6 in
Township 3 North, Range 3 West of the 4th P.M.

The Grantee assumes all incumbrances against said lands. This deed is
made on the express condition that for and in consideration of the above
described lands, the said Ida M. Tomlinson is to feed, clothe and care
for the said William H. Tomlinson and Ellen Tomlinson, grantors, for
and during their natural lives, the said grantors to reside with the said
Ida M. Tomlinson, grantee.

Dated 15 Nov 1900
William signed with a mark.

This land is located in Brooklyn Township, about 3 miles north and a
little west of the Town of Brooklyn.

I'm not sure what happened to Ida's marriage to Ike. This 1900 deed
lists her as a single person. I have no birth or death info for Ike
Welborn, but I have a son from this marriage named Clifford Welborn b 1896 d
1941. Can anyone help me with further detail?

Donated & Transcribed by LouAnn Cameron


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