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Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Applegate, MadisonLittletonSect. 27Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1838
Mary A. RossLittletonSect. 27Wife of Madison ApplegateSchuyler Co., Ill.1839
Agnew, DavidLittletonLittletonHotel, Boot and Shoe Maker,and P.M.Erie Co., Pa.1848
Margaret L. TuckerLittletonLittletonWife of David AgnewSpencer Co., Ind.1843
Davis, HoseaLittletonSect. 15Physician and SurgeonWorcester Co., Mass.1850
Maria C. MarksDied Sep. 23, ’56First wife of Hosea DavisBurlington, Conn.1853
S. Abby StevensLittletonSect. 15Present wife of Hosea DavisPetersham, Mass.1860
DeWitt, JamesLittletonSect. 22Farmer and Stock RaiserWarren Co., N. J.1839
Ellen LittleDied Ap’l 19, ’81Late wife of James DeWittLancaster Co., Pa.1837
Dodds, E. A. nee AinsworthDoddsvilleDoddsvilleFarming and Stock RaisingSangamon Co., Ill.1847
Dodds, WebsterDied June 5, ’81Late husband of Emily A.DoddsDayton, Ohio1844
Ewing, JohnLittletonSect. 9Farmer and Stock RaiserJefferson Co., Ohio1853
Elizabeth MallerneeDied Dec. 10, ’73Wife of John EwingJefferson Co., Ohio1853
Garrison, George F.LittletonSect. 23Farmer and Stock RaiserButler Co., Ohio1847
Margaret E. PestonLittletonSect. 23Wife of George F. GarrisonTompkins Co., N. Y.1852
Garrison, GeorgeRushvilleSect. 26Farmer and Stock RaiserButler Co., Ohio1833
Sarah VailRushvilleSect. 26Wife of George GarrisonButler Co., Ohio1833
Garrison, William E.RushvilleSect. 25Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1851
Ellanora LeggRushvilleSect. 25Wife of William E. GarrisonLoudon Co., Va.1871
Garrison, Henry W.LittletonSect. 23Farmer and Stock RaiserButler Co., Ohio1847
Jemima A. JustusLittletonSect. 23Wife of Henry W. GarrisonSchuyler Co., Ill.1839
Harshey, AmosDoddsvilleSect. 8Farmer and Stock RaiserWestmoreland Co., Pa.1858
Narcissa Rebecca PratherDoddsvilleSect. 8Wife of Amos HarsheyJefferson Co., Ohio1851
Horney, William J.LittletonSect. 29Farmer, Stock Raiser andCounty SupervisorSchuyler Co., Ill.1849
Anna ParkLittletonSect. 29Wife of Wm. J. HorneySchuyler Co., Ill.1848
Horney, Jane nee CrawfordLittletonSect. 20Farming and Stock RaiserBreckenridge Co., Ky.1833
Leonidas HorneyDied May 16, ’63Late husband of Jane HorneyGuilford Co., N. C.1825
Kirkham, George H.RushvilleSect. 35Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1841
Ann E. GarrisonRushvilleSect. 35Wife of George H. KirkhamSchuyler Co., Ill.1846
Lambert, WilliamLittletonSect. 22Farmer and Stock RaiserWashington Co., Ky.1836
Josephine RoseLittletonSect. 22Wife of Wm. LambertSchuyler Co., Ill.1833
McLain, JosephIndustrySect. 2Farmer and Stock RaiserMontgomery Co., Ohio1846
Mary DoddsIndustrySect. 2Wife of Joseph McLainMontgomery Co., Ohio1843
Pollock, Wm.DoddsvilleSect. 5Farmer and Stock RaiserDearborn Co., Ind.1849
Sarah M. WalkerDoddsvilleSect. 5Wife of Wm. PollockAdams Co., Pa.1840
Runkle, James I.DoddsvilleSect. 4Farmer and Stock RaiserMcDonough Co., Ill.1877
Caroline LeggDoddsvilleSect. 4Wife of James I. RunkleSchuyler Co., Ill.1846
Runkle, Charles W.DoddsvilleSect. 4Farmer and Stock RaiserMcDonough Co., Ill.1880
Emma E. LeggDoddsvilleSect. 4Wife of Charles W. RunkleSchuyler Co., Ill.1849
Runkle, Joseph C.LittletonSect. 15Farmer and Stock RaiserMcDonough Co., Ill.1869
Susan LittleLittletonSect. 15Wife of Joseph C. RunkleSchuyler Co., Ill.1853
Snyder, Joseph W.LittletonSect. 28Farmer and Stock RaiserVirginia1856
Amanda B. FinchLittletonSect. 28Wife of Joseph W. SnyderPrince Wm. Co., Va.1855
Snyder, John F.LittletonSect. 21Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1849
Harriet F. ParkDied Sep. 24, ’79First Wife of John F. SnyderSchuyler Co., Ill.1852
Brunett SpraggLittletonSect. 21Present Wife of John F.SnyderLewis Co., Ky.1862
Wells, RanslaerLittletonSect. 25Farmer and Stock RaiserLawrence Co., Ohio1837
Rebecca Jane RoseLittletonSect. 25Wife of Ranslaer WellsSangamon Co., Ill.1832
Walker, JosephLittletonSect. 17Farmer and Stock RaiserAdams Co., Pa.1840
Sarah T. SnyderLittletonSect. 17Wife of Joseph WalkerSchuyler Co., Ill.1831
Walker, John S.LittletonSect. 17Farmer and Stock RaiserAdams Co., Pa.1840
Elizabeth HuckelbyLittletonSect. 17Wife of John S. WalkerBreckenridge Co., Ky1836
Walker, Charles W.LittletonSect. 20Farmer and Stock RaiserAdams Co., Pa.1840
Walker, AndrewDied Sep. -, ’43Father of Charles W. WalkerAdams Co., Pa.1840
Walker, Ann (nee Wilson)Died Oct. -, ’70Mother of Charles W. WalkerAdams Co., Pa.1840
Wyckoff, Samuel D.LittletonSect. 30Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1835
Margaret A. HightowerLittletonSect. 30Wife of Samuel D. WyckoffSchuyler Co., Ill.1840
Weaver, DavidLittletonSect. 19Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1854
Wood, Melvina J.Died Oct. 30, ’75First Wife of David WeaverIllinois1872
Ida I. EnfieldLittletonSect. 19Present Wife of David WeaverSt. Louis, Mo.1860

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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