MiteSociety of the Methodist Church 

Mite Society Of M.E. ChurchHad Own Paper In 1868

Women of Rushville have alwaysbeen ardent workers in church affairs. This was true back in 1868 as shownby a special little four-page publication entitled “The Mite Record, “published December 23, 1868, by the Mite Society of the Methodist Episcopalchurch. Copy of this publication was loaned to The Times for referenceby Miss Emma Parrotte.

This publication was evidentlymade to help raise money for the new church being built at that time, andsingle copies were sold for 10 cents.

The little paper containeda description of the new church, a history of the old church built in 1835,general news items, poetry, and even recipes for the women.

Of special interest was astory telling of the history and work of the “Mite Society” that was organizedin the spring of 1866, and which had been holding fairs to raise money.After paying off a $500 indebtedness on the parsonage as their first goodact in the fall of 1866, the society held their first fair, from whichthey netted $925. In August, 1867, they circulated a subscription paperpledging 25 cents a week for 12 months, and another for children at fivecents a week. A total of $745 was raised by this process. The paper statesthat from other sources the society raised about $2,300, so it was evidentthat ladies of that time were real boosters.

Officers of the society atthe time this little paper was published were: Mrs. George Little, President;Mrs. A. L. Noble, vice-president; Mrs. G. W. Scripps, Secretary-treasurer;Mrs. Martin Ryan, Mrs. Joshua Sweeney, Mrs. R. R. Randall, Mrs. A. B. Clarke,and Mrs. John Irvin, members of the business committee.

The paper was labeled Vol.I, and was probably the only publication made.

The Rushville Times,October 7, 1948
The Rushville Timesby permission.

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