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20, December,  2007


New Band Stand in Park

Rushville Times, 6 May 1919 – New Band Stand in Park:

At the meeting of the old city council Monday night definite action was taken towards building a band stand in the park, when the matter was referred to the public building committee with power to act. This committee is made up of Aldermen Stremmel and Lawler and L. W. Sloat, who is now an ex-city official. They have already accepted the plan drawn by Hansen & Harast architects of Moline, and will advertise for bids.

Charles Pruett, who is employed by the Moline firm, designed the band stand and from the plans now in the hands of the committee it has the appearance of a handsome structure. It is octagon in shape; twenty-six feet wide and the floor will be placed four feet above the sidewalk level in the center of the park, where it is planned to erect it. There will be approaches from four sides and the circle of cement walk now in the park will be extended about eight feet to give a walk around the outside.

While no figures have yet been obtained from local contractors it is expected that the band stand will cost $750 or $800, and will be well worth the price, for our band is certainly deserving of a suitable place to give their splendid outdoor concerts during the summer months.”

Rushville Times, 9 Feb. 1905:

Bank Safe Arrives.- “The big bank safe for Chandler & Wells’ bank of Littleton reached the village last Saturday and was taken to the building which will serve as temporary quarters for the new bank. Other fixtures will arrive this week and the bank will soon be ready for business.”

Pecos Valley Excursion – “On Tuesday, Feb. 21st, the C. L. Tallmadge private car, combination diner and sleeper to accommodate 28 people, will leave Rushville for the Pecos Valley, New Mexico. Fare for round trip, $23. Persons desiring to join the party will please notify H. A. Babcock, who will arrange for berths and other accommodations.”

The Schuyler Citizen, Oct. 13, 1892 – Odds and Ends – “The folding envelope was first used in 1839.”

If everybody had a million dollars everybody would be dissatisfied.”

As in Bible days, there is a time for everything.”

I hope December 2007 isn’t as cold as December 1909 for the people of Rushville.

“Cutting Ten Inch Ice.” – The Rushville Ice Company began cutting ice yesterday on the Mills pond and it looks now like they will fill their house with the finest ice ever harvested in this city. The ice is ten inches thick and clear as crystal, and with the continued cold weather it can be put away in good shape.

“Martin Cook of Canton has purchased an interest in the local company and he is here superintending the work on the ponds. Mr. Cook is experienced in the ice business and he will be the general manager for the company. He and his brother expect to remove to Rushville with their families in the spring.” The Rushville Times; 23 Dec. 1909.

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