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History of Cane Hill

6, December,  2007

History of Cane Hill – “Jefferson was a little red school house on the land where Earl Bartlow now lives. The attendance was so large that they decided to divide the old district into two new districts – Shiloh and Cane Hill.

“Miss ‘Mat” Thornhill taught the last term in the Jefferson building. William Gillenwater owned the land where the schoolhouse was to stand. He had a cane mill where Billingsley’s barn now stands; thus the new building was called Cane Hill.

“In the summer of 1869 John Points, Goodwin West and David Kniss built this building. The blackboards and seats were purchased from H. H. Babcock of Augusta. The first term of school was taught in 1869 and ’70 by Miss Ellen Eaton. The directors of this district were William Gillenwater, Cyrus Anderson and Sales Nelson. Some of the pupils who attended school in the first term were Jackson, Mollie, Paralee and Nannie Tyree, Annie, Nettie, Joel, John and Francis Gillenwater, U. A. Wilson, Carrie, Isabel, Marybell and Ed. Anderson, William, Downey and Tom Nelson, Everet Foster, John, Emma, Mollie, “Aggie” Billie and Alice Hetrick.

“A few of the first teachers who taught several terms are Miss Marath Wright, J. G. Maroe, Harry Lion, Miss Mary Calvin, and Miss Hattie West and Dr. Frank Hayes.” Schuylerite, V. 10 #1 – Spring 1981.

Did You Know – “The old Farwell store building, built in 1851, and one of the landmarks of Frederick, was destroyed by fire in December of 1924. The building was owned and occupied by Will Hinderer with a general stock of merchandise; building and contents were a total loss.”

The Schuylerite, Vol. 9, #4, Winter 1980.

The following add of newly arrived merchandise for sale appeared in an 1836 Rushville paper.

Just Received, On consignment, per steam boats Bee, and Cygnet, and for sale by the subscriber:

2 Pipes Champaign Brandy; 2 Pipes Cognac Brandy; 10 Bbls. American Brandy;

10 Hhds. Superior Sugar; 10 Hhds. Interior Sugar; 5 Bbls. Loaf Sugar;

5 Quarter Casks Sweet Wine; 2 Bags Pepper; 2 Bags Spice; 6 Boxes Sperm Candles;

10 Half Bbls. Mackerel, No. 2; 4 Bbls. Mackarel No. 2.

W. Bassett Beardstown, June 26, 1836

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