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Old Flag Returned

13, February,  2008


Old Flag Returned – “The torn and tattered flag of Co. C, 119th Illinois Volunteers, which was for so many years kept in California by Jacob Washabaugh, has been returned to Rushville and is now in the custody of Capt. R. L. Greer. The Times is glad to know that the restoration of the old war flag was brought about by an article in this paper. About a month ago we published an extract from a letter written by Frank Underwood of Pasadena, Cal., stating that after the death of Mr. Washabaugh the flag had been place in his hands. Capt. R. L. Greer noted the article and wrote to Mr. Underwood, and the result was the flag was returned to Rushville, arriving here Tuesday.

“Co. C, 119th Illinois, was organized by Capt. R. L. Greer in Rushville and he has in his possession the old original muster roll. On Aug. 9, 1862, a beautiful silk flag was presented to the company by fourteen ladies of Rushville, who worked their initials in the blue field among the stars. The initials are: W.J.; S.W.; E.L.; S.N.; N.W.; N.W.; W.H.; N. Mc; R.K.; R. J.; W. G.; H. K.; S. S.; Z.B.. Perhaps some of the ladies are still living and can supply the full list of names. The Times would be glad to publish such a list.

“But few of the soldiers of Co. C are now living in Schuyler County, and Capt. Greer proposed to get them together and select a custodian for their old flag. Those living in the county are Capt. Greer, L. W. Sloat, George Yoe, Charles Young, Jack Easton, Thos. Parks and Charles Lincoln.” The Rushville Times, 24 Oct 1907

I don’t know what happened to the silk flag belonging to Co. C. 119th Volunteers. I did find that most of the above mentioned volunteers lived a long life for that time. Thomas Parks died 23 Mar. 1921, aged 85 yrs. and is buried in Messerer Cemetery. Charles Lincoln died 9 Feb 1920 at the age of 75 years. John “Jack” Easton died 8 Apr. 1911 and is buried in the Messerer Cemetery. Charles Young died 25 December 1923 and is buried in the Palm Cemetery. George C. Yoe died 2 March 1918 and Lucian W. Sloat died 5 April 1923.

Some Local News Items from The Rushville Times, Sept. 5, 1907:

“Jacob Galowich wishes to announce that he will close his place of business next Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 9th and 10th, on account of Jewish holidays.”

“A $5 bill was lost on the public square on Monday. The finder will receive a liberal reward from the boy who lost it on leaving it at the Times office.”

“During the month of August the rainfall at Rushville was 5.94 inches, which is about an inch less than in July. From July 18th to August 19th the gage registered 9.94 inches.”

“The J. W. Goodwin clothing stock was sold by the bankruptcy court last Friday and was purchased by M. D. Levison of Chicago, who will close out the stock. He is arranging to have his opening day Sept. 14th.”

“Open season for ducks is now on and will continue until April 15th of next year. The last legislature reduced the number that can be killed in a day and the limit is now twenty, and the birds killed cannot be sold.”

“Misses Elizabeth Speed and Zelma Stover, who have been teaching in the public schools of Mineapolis for several years, have each had their salaries increased $100 for the term. They returned to their school work last Friday.


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