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Sept. 12, 2007



Genealogically Speaking 12 Sept. 2007

I would like to remind everyone that the Schuyler Jail Museum and Genealogical Center is in its last two months of summer schedule. As of Nov. 1st. the museum will be closed until April 1, 2008 and the genealogical part will only be open on Sat. and Sundays. I urge you to come in and tour the museum.

The following items were recently donated to the museum. We now have three new babies – doll babies, that it. Sue Woodside of the Help Center donated two sweet little dolls and Barbara Botts donated a large doll that belonged to her. This doll is in the Scripps case, dressed in Scripps baby clothing. We could use more old dolls if anyone wants to part with them. Please call the museum, 217-322-6975.

Betty Johnson gave some Methodist Church information on the Republic of Liberia, Africa. It is with the Methodist Church material.

We were also given a parchment of Land grant to Samuel T. Vail at a land sale in Quincy in 1849. This was for Schuyler County land located NE Qt of Sec 19, twp 1NR-1E.

Judy Ward also gave 8 WWI Ration Stamp Books that belonged to the Phillips family. Also, a 1938 RHS Commencement program which was held at the Presbyterian Church.

Do you know that the museum also has a collection of family Bibles? These Bibles contain much more than the Old and New Testaments, Concordance and a Bible Dictionary. Of course, the Bible was, and still is, the place to keep the family record. Bibles were a very treasured possession of a family. Some of these Bibles are very large. Some of the Bibles we have are The Cunningham Family Bible, donated by Gladys Cunningham. It contains beautiful pictures, the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha, a Concordance and the Psalms in meter.

--The McCreery Family Bible, a very large Bible, published in 1816.

--The Metz Family Bible, donated by Mrs. Pool and published in 1875.

--The Pool Family Bible, donated by Adra Vancil, published in 1854, includes very goo d family record.

--A Bible with family pictures donated by Shirley Shelter and published in 1873.

--Thomas and Nancy Ann Smith Cunningham Bible, donated by Gladys Cunningham, published in 1854.

--An 1892 Bible donated by Mal Lambert.

--The Cyrus and Lydia Ann Beltz Unger Family Bible, published in 1856 and donated by Gladys Cunningham. This Bible has so many “extras” in it, some of which are: a history of the Translation of the English Bible; A History of the Books of the Holy Bible; Animals, Birds, Insects and Reptiles of the Bible; Illustrations and Descriptions of Ancient Money; Trees, Plants, Flowers and Fruits of the Bible and Bible Stories For the Young.

We are so fortunate to have this collection for anyone to enjoy. We also have many smaller Bibles. These Bibles are kept in our “school-room”, which is a section of the Tom Rowland Sports Room. We also have actual school records of students from the 1800’s to almost the present time. Kids, now is your chance to see what kind of grades Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Grandma really got.

Visit the Schuyler Jail Museum and Genealogical Center. Hours: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily until Nov. 1.

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