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History of Schuyler County, Illinois Newspapers 

Excerpted from Old Times In Schuyler
(articles originally prepared, written & published by Howard F. Dyson
in The Rushville Times 1918)

 First Record of Exploration
 The Military Tract
  Evolution of County Organization
 First Settlement in Schuyler
 Schuyler's First Settlers
  County Organized in 1825
 Rushville Platted in 1826
   Indians Here in 1826
 The Second Wedding in the County
 Chauncey Hobart Tells of Those Early Days
 Early Day Settlers
 J. D. Manlove Recalls the Early days
 Rushville Grew Rapidly in 1830's
 Rushville in 1836
 First School in 1826 - Rushville High School 1848
 Incorporated in 1831
 Schuyler Had Militia Company
 Rushville in 1855
 First Industry Started in 1855
 Frederick in 1859
 History by Mrs. Bagby
 Pork Packing in 1859
 Two Routes Into Schuyler
 Town Sites Long Forgotten
(mentions towns of Atlas, Erie, Schuyler City, Milton, New York,Ague Bend, York, Richmond,
Centerville, Ridgeville, Mosco, Mt. Meacham, Newburg, Center, Illinois)

 Snake Drive in Schuyler
Work of the Pioneer Woman
 Rifle Was Needed Equipment 
(includes fur & peltry, bee hunting,rafting logs,staves, & hoop-pole trades, steamboat business)

Had Crude Farm Implements
 A Record for "Jug Town," Ripley, Illinois (pottery business)

Excerpted from Schuyler Citizen Newspaper
December 29, 1858 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1849 - 1850
January 19, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1851
January 26, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1852
February 2, 1859 - Deaths in Rushville for 1853
February 25, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1854
March 2, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1855
March 9, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1856
March 23, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1857
January 5, 1859 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1858
January 4, 1860 -
Deaths in Rushville for 1859
January 16, 1861 - Deaths in Rushville for 1860

Miscellaneous Articles
December 21, 1871
December 28, 1871
January 4, 1872
January 11, 1872
January 25, 1872
February 1, 1872
February 8, 1872
February 15, 1872
February 22, 1872
February 29, 1872
March 7, 1872
March 14, 1872
April 4, 1872
April 11, 1872
April, 25, 1872
May 30, 1872
June 20, 1872
June 27, 1872
September 5, 1872

Schuyler Citizen Newspapers
Deaths & Obituaries for years 1879-1880
surnames: Achison, Ames, Armstrong, Asher, Badenbinder, Baker, Baxter, Beckrom,
Berry, Bert, Bertholf, Bidamon, Blair, Branstool, Briney, Brown, Buckingham,
Burnham, Campbell, Carlilsle, Christianson, Clark, Collins, Crandall, Crosoer,
Curtis, DeWitt, Demoss, Farneworth, Fifer, Foote, Fowler, Gadbert, Garrett,
Gay, Goodwin, Gray, Greer, Hagans, Haney, Harman, Haskell, Heita, Heitz,
Heitzman, Hermetet, Herron, Higgins, Hiler, Hopley, Hoskinson,
Howell, Irvins, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Jonte, Kennedy, Kerr,
King, Kotzman, Kuhn, Lambert, Larash, Lawler, Lewis, Linn, Little, McClure,
McCutcheon, McIntyre, McMaster, Merritt, Meyers, Middleton, Milby, Millison,
Montgomery, Morris, Nall, Nardin, Newberry, Noble, Norton, Packard, Parker,
Parr, Parrott, Pierson, Potts, Purdy, Ray, Rebman, Roberts, Robertson,
Robinson, Roosa, Ruth, Schultz, Scott, Scripps, Seward, Slack, Sloan, Smith,
Smither, Strong, Swayze, Taylor, Thompson, Todd, Trone, Wade, Walton,
Wheelhouse, Window, Wright, Yoke

Some Deaths & Obituaries from 1897
surnames: Armstrong, Breeden, Coffman, Decounter, Evans, Hale, Hodges, Justus, Lawler,
McClintock, Payne, Peckenpaugh, Prather, Schmoldt, Smith, Stodgell, Toland

Military Articles
Newspaper Articles Regarding Reunions of Co. D 115th IL. Volunteer Infantry
(not available)

Marriages / Anniversaries
Three sisters, brother marking 50th wedding anniversaries within year - newspaper May 7, 1980
Surnames include:Briggs, Shelts, Reeder, Hare, Raper, Vance, Schuenke, Henniger, Osborne, Kamm

Excerpted from The Gazette - Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois
September 10, 1847 - Letter written to James Lawler from Rice Dunbar

Excerpted from The Illinois Patriot - Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois
July 12, 1834 - Cholera Deaths in Rushville

Published Items of Interest
Mama Go to Court Poem by Effie Connelly Beckerdite of Brooklyn, Illinois


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