PatronList of the
Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Barnes, R. M. Ray Ray Physician and Surgeon Park Co., Ind. 1873
Susan Halbert Ray Ray Wife of R. M. Barnes Hancock Co., Ind. 1873
Baxter, William H. Ray Ray Druggist and Postmaster Brook Co., W. Va. 1858
Sarah McMillen Ray Ray Wife of Wm. H. Baxter Schuyler Co., Ill. 1842
Baxter, John H. Ray Sect. 28 Farmer and Stock Raiser Brook Co., W. Va. 1845
Mary E. Bell Ray Sect. 28 Wife of John H. Baxter Cass Co., Ill. 1836
Bauer, Charles Rushville Sect. 19 Farmer and Stock Raiser Germany 1848
Susanna Stanbach Rushville Sect. 19 Wife of Charles Bauer York Co., Pa. 1849
Daugherty, James Littleton Sect. 18 Farmer and Stock Raiser Hardin Co., Ky. 1843
Julia A. McKee Littleton Sect. 18 Wife of James Daugherty Sangamon Co., Ill. 1840
Hill, Israel Vermont Sect. 1 Farmer and Stock Raiser Perry Co., Ind. 1828
Louisanna Pemberton Vermont Sect. 1 Wife of Israel Hill Knox Co., Ky. 1836
Lovell, William Vermont Sect. 2 Farmer and Stock Raiser Monong’la Co., W. Va. 1840
Elizabeth Sarver Died Jan. 6, ’49 First Wife of William Lovell Hamilton Co., Ohio 1840
Hesther Matheney Vermont Sect. 2 Present Wife of WilliamLovell Washington co., Pa. 1835
Nall, Elizabeth nee Chick Rushville Sect. 29 Farming and Stock Raising Rush Co., Ind. 1836
Nall, Charles H. Died Mar. 8, ’81 Late Husband of ElizabethNall Woodford Co., Ky. 1836
Pittenger, John Vermont Sect. 12 Farmer and Stock Raiser Brook Co., W. Va. 1837
Mary Allman Died Oct. 12, ’55 Late Wife of John Pittenger Morrow Co., Ohio 1849
Pittenger, Nicholas T. Ray Sect. 23 Farmer and Stock Raiser Schuyler Co., Ill. 1857
Pittenger, Samuel Died Feb. 15, ’82 Father of Nicholas T. Pittenger Knox Co., W. Va. 1837
Pittinger, Winifer nee Roberts Died Feb. 8, ’82 Mother of Nicholas T. Pittenger Indiana 1837
Pemberton, Henry C. Vermont Sect. 11 Farmer and Stock Raiser Knox Co., Ky. 1836
Pemberton, Thomas Died Dec. 31, ’70 Father of Henry C. Pemberton Sullivan Co., Tenn. 1836
Deborah Moore Died Jun. -, ’73 Mother of Henry C. Pemberton Knox Co., Ky. 1836
Schroder, Samuel Vermont Sect. 1 Farmer and Stock Raiser McDonough Co., Ill. 1864
Smith, Libbie Vermont Sect. 1 Wife of Samuel Schroder Fulton Co., Ill. 1877
Sullivan, J. A. Ray Ray Blacksmith McDonough Co., Ill. 1874
Henrietta Kemper Ray Ray Wife of J. A. Sullivan Cass Co., Ill. 1877
Thompson, Isaiah D. Ray Sect. 34 Farmer and Stock Raiser Schuyler Co., Ill. 1841
Thompson, William T. Ray Sect. 34 Father of Isaiah D. Thompson New York 1833
Thompson, Elizbh nee Dennis Died Apr. 15, ’80 Mother of Isaiah D. Thompson Ohio 1833

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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