Schuyler County, Illinois

 Almshouse Register

Excerpted from The Combined History of Schuyler
and Brown Counties, Illinois. 1882
 Bader Christian Church, Bader, Schuyler Co. IL.
 Bainbridge Township History
 Birmingham Township History
 Brooklyn Township History
 Brown County Methodist Episcopal Church
 Browning Township History
 Buena Vista Township History
 Camden Christian Church
 Camden Township History
 Christian Church
 Civil War Rosters (not available)
 Frederick Township History
 Hickory Township History
 Huntsville Township History
 Littleton Township History
 Methodist Episcopal Church History
 Methodist Episcopal Church, South, History 
 Newspaper History of Schuyler County, Illinois
 Oakland Township History
 Patron List, Bainbridge Township
 Patron List, Birmingham Township
 Patron List, Brooklyn Township
 Patron List, Browning Township
 Patron List, Buena Vista Township
 Patron List, Camden Township
 Patron List, Frederick Township
 Patron List, Hickory Township
 Patron List, Huntsville Township
 Patron List, Littleton Township
 Patron List, Oakland Township
 Patron List, City of Rushville
 Patron List, Rushville Township
 Patron List, Woodstock Township
 Presbyterian Church
 Rushville Township History
Woodstock Township History

Excerpted from Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, 1892

Excerpted from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois
and History of Schuyler County.

 Bainbridge Township History
 Baptist Church
 Birmingham Township History
 Browning Township History
 Brooklyn Township History
 Buena Vista Township History
 Camden Township History
 Cholera Epidemic of 1834
 Christian Church
 Civil War Rosters (not available)
 Civil War of Schuyler County, Illinois
 Coming of the Pioneer Methodist
 County Buildings
 Courts of Schuyler County, Illinois
 Episcopal Church
 Frederick Township History
 Hickory Township History
 Highways, Post Routes, Railroads
 History of Newspapers of Schuyler County, Illinois
 Huntsville Township History
 Industrial Development
 Littleton Township History
 Methodist Episcopal Church History
 Methodist Episcopal Church, South
 Oakland Township History
 Pioneer Settlers
 Presbyterian Church History
 Public School History
 Rushville Township History
 Woodstock Township History

Prairie Farmer Directory
Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, 1918

Schuyler County & the California Gold Rush
 Our California Boys, 1849
 Our California Boys, 1850
 Preparing for California (excerpt from "A Trip Across the Plains, March 28th to October 27th, 1853" - by Mary Fetter (Hite) Sanford
 The Manlove Diaries
 California Gold Rush Experiences (excerpts from "The Way to My Golden Wedding" by David R. Hindman, 1908

Schuyler County & the Oregon Trial

Joseph Gragg's Account of Trek
Ten Mile Prairie Indian Outbreak, Oregon
 Oregon Trail in Oregon Clickable Map
Trail of Hope Overland Diaries & Letters 1846-1869)

History of Butler County, Kansas, 1916
 Oliver P. Brumback Biography

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans
 Robert M. Bronaugh Biography
 James Richard Bruner Biography
 Nathan T. Veatch Biography
 George Washington Wingate Biography
 W. T. & Charles Yoe Biography

Excerpted from "Old Times In Schuyler"
(articles originally prepared, written & published by Howard F. Dyson
in The Rushville Times 1918)

 First Record of Exploration
 The Military Tract
  Evolution of County Organization
 First Settlement in Schuyler
 Schuyler's First Settlers
  County Organized in 1825
 Rushville Platted in 1826
   Indians Here in 1826
 The Second Wedding in the County
 Chauncey Hobart Tells of Those Early Days
 Early Day Settlers
 J. D. Manlove Recalls the Early days
 Rushville Grew Rapidly in 1830's
 Rushville in 1836
 First School in 1826 - Rushville High School 1848
 Incorporated in 1831
 Schuyler Had Militia Company
 Rushville in 1855
 First Industry Started in 1855
 Frederick in 1859
 History by Mrs. Bagby
 Pork Packing in 1859
 Two Routes Into Schuyler
 Town Sites Long Forgotten (mentions towns of Atlas, Erie, Schuyler City, Milton, New York, Ague Bend, York, Richmond, Centerville, Ridgeville, Mosco, Mt. Meacham, Newburg, Center, Illinois)
 Snake Drive in Schuyler
 Work of the Pioneer Woman
 Rifle Was Needed Equipment (includes fur & peltry, bee hunting, rafting logs, staves, & hoop-pole trades, steamboat business)

 Had Crude Farm Implements
 A Record for "Jug Town," Ripley, Illinois (pottery business)

Excerpted from "Schuyler Citizen" Newspaper

 A Cheap Ice House - Dec. 28, 1871
 Rushville originally named Rushton - Dec 28, 1871
Includes C.B. &  Q.R.R. (railroad), commissioners, churches, population, schools, newspaper.
 Schuyler Citizen Newspaper Jan. 4, 1872
Article - "Suspended" - Rushville Foundry closed.
Article - "A Good Enterprise" - Grain Elevator.
Article - "Our Schools" - New school building opens.
Article - "Shorts" - M. E. church & school insured.
 Rushville Presbyterian Sabbath School Annual Report - Jan. 11, 1872
 Rushville M. E. Sabbath School Annual Report - Jan. 11,1872
 The Brooklyn Mill - Feb. 22, 1872
 Change of Road - Feb. 22, 1872
 A New Enterprise - Livery Stable - Feb. 29, 1872
 Article - "A Coming Sensation" - Cooper & Iron Ore Mining -  March 7, 1872
 Article - "Removal of the Dead" - March 7, 1872
(listing of bodies removed from Campbell private burial ground. Names & dates of deaths & relocation mentioned.)
 Article - "County Map" Schuyler Citizen Newspaper - March 14, 1872
 Biggest Orchard - Apr. 25, 1872
 Corporation Election - Rushville board of trustee - Apr. 11, 1872
 Hardware Trade - Apr. 11, 1872
 Railroad - Rushville & Buena Vista townships - Apr. 25, 1872
 Schuyler Presbytery - Apr. 25, 1872
 Article - "The Tornado" - May 30, 1872
 "Local News" - New church in Hickory Township June 27, 1872
 Frederick School House - Dec. 21, 1871

Historical Schuyler County, Illinois
 Historical Buildings Photographs & Postcards (not available)

Genealogically Speaking
Weekly column published in The Rushville Times with information furnished by officials of the Schuyler Jail Museum. These articles contain wonderful genealogical information such as, Family Histories, book listings, old newspapers, vintage family items & Publications, and other genealogy holding available at the Schuyler County Illinois Historical Jail Museum and Genealogical Center.
 Moore Church Dedication Oct. 1883 .... Sept. - Dec 1999 (Article - Oct. 20, 1999)
 January - April 2000 .... Articles - Gold Rush,  Park Statues, Wheat Crop, Frederick Illinois Brick Yard, Jail Museum Chapel Room heirlooms, & more.
 May - August 2000 .... Brick & Tile, Wagon & Carriage Factories, Birmingham Township, extinct towns of Erie & Mable, Murder committed by Feilding Frame, Rushville High School 1900 graduates,  Military, County Fair History, Katherine Nelson Davis Poem, Jail Museum Heirlooms.
 September - December 2000 .... Rushville Business, bandstand in Central Park Plaza, Schuyler County Officials, Centerville, Woodstock Township, remedies & Medical hints, ferry business, manufacturing establishments, Hog confinements, Indian tribes
 January - April, 2001 .... Military Tract, Schuyler County weather statistics, Guinea Brooklyn Township, medical hints, Superstitions, Bluff City
 June 27, 2001 - August 2001 .... military memorabilia, few folk-lore sayings, medical terms, 1898, Instrumental band of Brooklyn village, successful businessmen, Dean House in Frederick, Pleasantview, Schuyler County Fair, Arrival of the First Family in Schuyler, 1899 Chicago, 1862 Rushville schools, 1852 Ostfriesland letter
 September - October 24, 2001 .... Woodstock township, 1919 First "Smiles Day", early Rushville papers,  Articals Seventy-seven years ago - A story of Rushville letters
 The Old Jail - A Short History 


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