SchuylerCounty, Illinois
OurCalifornia Boys

The SchuylerCitizen
Wednesday, March 2, 1859

Names of emigrantswho left Schuyler County in 1849 for California, as furnished by J. D.Manlove, Esq., leader of the Company.

The company left Rushvilleon the 1st of April and reached Feather river on 22d October.


John BlackfordJohn McNeilly
SamuelBoringJohn G. McHatton
Wm. BrickmanElisha Moore
John BrickmanL. F. Moran
Jacob BrickmanThomas McCowan
Barton CarrickAugustus Peters
Chas. CramptonMarcellus Price
Dr. ClarksonClay Rodgers
Samuel ClarksonAbram Ryan
William ClarksonJackson Reno
Stoel [?] CadyMr. Rook
James DoyleMrs. Rook
Simon DoyleThomas Silvers
Francis DicksonEdward Stevenson
Isaac FisherJames Teel
George GarrettAbram Tolle
John GapinJames Tolle
Joseph HurleyJohn Tolle
Samuel HindmanM. J. Taylor
David HindmanH. W. Taylor
Isaac LaneFrank Thornton
Wm. Loudon— Weaver
Wm. LuskNewton Witt
John LambertWm. Weden
Jonathan ManloveCharles Wells
Marion ManloveCharles Wolf

Of the above, Dr.Clarkson died on a steamer on his return home and was buried in the Pacific.

Samuel Hindman, Jackson Reno,Mr. Rook, Wm. Weden, Marion Manlove and Thomas McCowan died in California.

Isaac Lane died on the tripout and was buried on Pitt River, about 400 miles this side California.

Thomas Silvers died at NewOrleans on his return home.

Marcellus Price died at Alton,having almost reached home.

Francis Dickson and EdwardStevenson were murdered, while out on a prospecting tour in 1851, by theIndians in California.

In addition to the abovenames, three brothers–sons of Myron Gaylord of Round Prairie–went outthe same year. One of them died there, another was killed by a grizzlybear while on a hunting excursion, and the other returned home. Also LemuelSparks and son, Samuel Fisher of Brooklyn, and probably others whose nameswe have not obtained, went out in 1849. Mr. Sparks has since died.

Fourteen of the above arenow residents of the county; nineteen are still living in California; theremainder are either dead or are now scattered in different portions ofthe earth.

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