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Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882

Cityof Rushville

Anderson, Edwin M.RushvilleRushvilleDrugs, Books and StationeryLewisburg, Va.1838
Bogue, MarkRushvilleRushvilleCounty ClerkSchuyler Co., Ill.1852
Bagby, John S.RushvilleRushvilleStudent at LawSchuyler Co., Ill.1853
Loucilla WalkerRushvilleRushvilleWife of John S. BagbySchuyler Co., Ill.1858
Brannstool, GeorgeRushvilleRushvilleLivery, Feed and Sale StableGermany1856
Elizabeth ReiffyRushvilleRushvilleWife of George BrannstoolGermany1860
Bagby, John C.RushvilleRushvilleAttorney at Law1846
Mary A. ScrippsRushvilleRushvilleWife of John C. BagbyCape Girardeau Co., Mo.1837
Baker, George W.RushvilleRushvilleDeputy Sheriff and ConstableSchuyler Co., Ill.1837
Mary L. RoseRushvilleRushvilleWife of George W. BakerSchuyler Co., Ill.1841
Carlin, S. E.RushvilleRushvilleAttorney at LawFulton Co., Ill.1877
Josephine BoozleRushvilleRushvilleWife of S. E. CarlinFulton Co., Ill.1877
Craske, HenryRushvilleRushvilleGrocer and General ProduceSuffolk, England1868
Ellen M. JonesRushvilleRushvilleWife of Henry CraskeHerkimer Co., N.Y.1868
Crosier, William A.RushvilleRushvilleDealer in Marble and GraniteJuniata Co., Pa.1858
Susan C. BoileauRushvilleRushvilleWife of William A. CrosierMontgomery Co., Pa.1858
Campbell, J. NelsonRushvilleRushvilleProp. of Steam Saw Mill,Dealer & Shipper 
in Hard Wood Lumber
Westmoreland Co., Pa.1868
Susan WashabaughRushvilleRushvilleWife of J. Nelson CampbellFayette Co., Pa.1868
Dyson, EdwinRushvilleRushvilleEditor and Publisher RushvilleTimesEngland1841
Mary F. IrwinRushvilleRushvilleWife of Edwin DysonKentucky
Fowler, WilliamRushvilleRushvilleFamily GroceriesVirginia1862
Jane CochranRushvilleRushvilleWife of William FowlerBelmont Co., Ohio1862
Foote, J.RushvilleRushvilleOwner and Proprietor KnittingFactoryEngland1873
Martha A. ChildsRushvilleRushvilleWife of J. FooteMaine1874
Greer, R. L.RushvilleRushvilleGroceries, Glass and QueenswareIreland1841
Jane E. McMasterRushvilleRushvilleWife of R. L. GreerOhio
Griffith, Reese H.RushvilleRushvilleHardware MerchantWales1852
Susan StebbinsRushvilleRushvilleWife of Reese H. GriffithHartford, Conn.1852
Hutton, F. J.RushvilleRushvilleDealer in Marble and GraniteAdams Co., Ill.1876
Ella FrisbyRushvilleRushvilleWife of F. J. HuttonSchuyler Co., Ill.1851
Hall, George E.RushvilleRushvilleHardware and Farm ImplementsSchuyler Co., Ill.1854
Belle R. BairdRushvilleRushvilleWife of George E. HallKnox Co., Ill.1871
Hammond, JacobRushvilleRushvillePostmasterKnox Co., Ohio1863
Sarah M. LawlerRushvilleRushvilleWife of Jacob HammondSchuyler Co., Ill.
Jackson, EzraRushvilleRushvilleProprietor City HotelScott Co., Ind.1829
Emily BrunkRushvilleRushvilleWife of Ezra JacksonMorgan Co., Ill.
Jackson, FelixRushvilleRushvilleSalesmanSchuyler Co., Ill.1849
Mary A. GreerRushvilleRushvilleWife of Felix JacksonSchuyler Co., Ill.1849
Knowles, JohnRushvilleRushvilleMinister Baptist ChurchEngland1846
Cornelia H. RenoRushvilleRushvilleWife of John KnowlesGreen Co., Ill.1856
Larash, W. I.RushvilleRushvilleEd. and Pub’r of SchuylerCounty CitizenAllentown, Pa.1875
Emilia A. HorneyRushvilleRushvilleWife of W. I. LarashSchuyler Co., Ill.1857
Leaton, JamesRushvilleRushvilleMinister M. E. ChurchEngland1881
Sarah E. LockerbyRushvilleRushvilleWife of James LeatonTioga Co., N.Y.1881
Little, GeorgeRushvilleRushvilleBankerLancaster Co., Pa.1836
Mary J. Lloyd dec’dFirst Wife of George LittleLancaster Co., Pa.1840
Lydia E. ScrippsRushvilleRushvillePresent Wife of George LittleCape Girardeau Co., Mo.1836
Leach, E. D.RushvilleRushvilleDry Goods, Boots and ShoesTrumbull Co., Ohio1845
Harriet J. PattersonRushvilleRushvilleWife of E. D. LeachAdar Co., Kentucky
Lee, FrankRushvilleRushvilleHarness ManufacturerMahoning Co., Ohio1848
Elizabeth MorrellRushvilleRushvilleWife of Frank LeeGermany1861
Montgomery, S. B.RushvilleRushvilleAttorney at LawSchuyler Co., Ill.1849
Jennie F. WorthingtonRushvilleRushvilleWife of S. B. MontgomerySchuyler Co., Ill.1854
McCreery, James G.RushvilleRushvilleDrugs and BooksIreland1828
Anna M. PutmanRushvilleRushvilleWife of James G. McCreeryMontogomery Co., N.Y.1832
Nell, AugustusRushvilleRushvilleHardware and Farm ImplementsGermany1853
Mary E. BeardRushvilleRushvilleWife of Augustus NellSchuyler Co., Ill.1841
Neill, JohnRushvilleRushvilleSheriffSchuyler Co., Ill.1846
Eliza A. JonesRushvilleRushvilleWife of John NeillSchuyler Co., Ill.1846
Niemann, H. A.RushvilleRushvilleBarber and Hair-dresserGermany1869
Anna M. ClarkRushvilleRushvilleWife of H. A. NiemannSchuyler Co., Ill.1859
Palmer, Samuel C.RushvilleRushvilleMinister Presbyterian ChurchPortage Co., Ohio1882
Annie J. GoodmanRushvilleRushvilleWife of Samuel C. PalmerCincinnati, Ohio1882
Packard, NathanRushvilleRushvilleProprietor Flour MillKnox Co., Ill.1872
Bella M. O’DellRushvilleRushvilleWife of Nathan PackardSchuyler Co., Ill.1860
Rader, William H. H.RushvilleRushvilleCircuit ClerkRush Co., Ind.1868
Clara RaderRushvilleRushvilleWife of William H. H. RaderRush Co., Ind.1864
Ray, Dwight E.RushvilleRushville
Snively, E. A.SpringfieldSpringfieldClerk Supreme Court
Scott, Thomas W.RushvilleRushvilleRetired CapitalistMontgomery Co., Ind.1829
Smith, H. A.RushvilleRushvillePrincipal of Rushville CommonSchoolGrafton Co., N. H.1875
Alice S. JeffersonRushvilleRushvilleWife of H. A. SmithCook Co., Ill.1875
Webster, DanielRushvilleRushvilleConfectioner and OysterHouseCayuga Co., N.Y.1873
Fanny F. KaufmanRushvilleRushvilleWife of Daniel WebsterLancaster Co., Pa.1873
Wells, Charles H.RushvilleRushvilleClothierSchuyler Co., Ill.1846
Tede TurnyRushvilleRushvilleWife of Charles H. Wells1879
Warren, AugustusRushvilleRushvilleBankerWinchester, Tenn.1833
Mary SpeedRushvilleRushvilleWife of Augustus WarrenDanville, Ky.1855
Walker, P. H.RushvilleRushvilleJudge Supreme CourtAdair Co., Ky.1834
Susan McCroskyRushvilleRushvilleWife of P.H. WalkerAdair Co., Ky.1834
Wilson, ThomasRushvilleRushvilleGeneral MerchandiseIreland1837
Susan ClarkRushvilleRushvilleWife of Thomas WilsonWestmoreland Co., Pa.1837

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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