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Historyof Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois – 1882


Benton, L.M. (nee Dupuy)Pleasant ViewPleasant ViewRetired TeacherGreenup Co., Ky.1834
Benton, George R. M.D.Died Oct. 28, ’64Late husband of L.M. BentonAdams Co., Ill.1852
A. G. DupuyPleasant ViewPleasant ViewFather of L. M. BentonGreenup Co., Ky.1834
C. A. Dupuy (nee Metz)Pleasant ViewPleasant ViewMother of L. M. BentonHarrison Co., Va.1834
Barnes, Amanda P.RushvilleSect. 21Farming and Stock RaiserWestmoreland Co., Pa.1857
Barnes, James W.Died April 3, ’76Late husband of Amanda P.BarnesWestmoreland Co., Pa.1857
Bellomy, George W.Pleasant ViewSect. 35Farmer, Stock Raiser andT-ship 
Schuyler Co., Ill.1850
Frances A. GreerPleasant ViewSect. 35Wife of George W. BellomySchuyler Co., Ill.1848
Brewer, James M.RushvilleSect. 31FarmerMuskingum Co., Ohio1867
Sebra A. ShoreRushvilleSect. 31Wife of James M. BrewerClay Co., Ill.1854
Crandall, Harvey F.RushvilleSect. 12Farmer and Stock RaiserFulton Co., Ill.1867
Mary Agnes SandsRushvilleSect. 12Wife of Harvey F. CrandallSchuyler Co., Ill.1859
Dimmick, EbenezerPleasant ViewPleasant ViewGeneral Merchant and PostmasterOntario Co., N.Y.1829
Margaret PhilipsDeceasedFirst Wife of Ebenezer Dimmick
Sarah LordPleasant ViewPleasant ViewPresent Wife of EbenezerDimmickEngland1840
Mallory, WarrenPleasant ViewPleasant ViewGeneral MerchandiseBrown Co., Ill.1846
Clementine GardnerDied Dec. 16, ’73First Wife of Warren MalloryMorgan Co., Ill.
Mary E. RacePleasant ViewPleasant ViewPresent Wife of Warren MallorySchuyler Co., Ill.1862
McMaster, Robert B.RushvilleSect. 22Farmer and Stock RaiserHighland Co., Ohio1838
Rachel QuinnRushvilleSect. 22Wife of Robert B. McMasterHardin Co., Ill.1836
Portwood, StephenRushvilleSect. 19Farmer and Coal MiningKentucky1858
Jenett LawlerRushvilleSect. 19Wife of Stephen PortwoodSchuyler Co., Ill.1856
Potts, John T.RushvilleSect. 19Farmer and Prop. of RushvilleNurseriesRoss Co., Ohio1852
Sadie E. GoodwinRushvilleSect. 19Wife of John T. PottsRushville, Ill.1848
Serff, A. H.RushvilleSect. 28Farmer and Stock RaiserYork Co., Pa.1866
Catherine TroneDied May 29, ’72First wife of A. H. SerffYork Co., Pa.1866
Amanda E. PierceRushvilleSect. 28Present wife of A. H. SerffSchuyler Co., Ill.1842
Teel, James A.RushvilleSect. 2Farmer and Short Horn BreederWashington Co., Pa.1835
Elizabeth SmithRushvilleSect. 2Wife of James A. TeelSchuyler Co., Ill.1834
Vance, John S.Pleasant ViewSect. 36Farmer and Stock RaiserSchuyler Co., Ill.1832
Vance, Lucy A.Pleasant ViewSect. 36Sister of John S. VanceLivington Co., Ky.1829
Whitson, Wilbur F.RushvilleSect. 28Farmer and Breeder of FineStockLancaster Co., Pa. 1837
Mary A. TaylorDied Dec. 26, ’61First wife of Wilber F.Whitson
Eliza E. BellomyRushvilleSect. 28Present wife of Wilber F.WhitsonSchuyler Co., Ill.1839
Wheelhouse, Samuel D.RushvilleSect. 19Farmer and Stock RaiserCalifornia1859
Ida McKeeDied April 4, ’80First wife of Samuel D.WheelhouseSchuyler Co., Ill. 1860
Nancy J. BlackRushvilleSect. 19Present wife of Samuel D.WheelhouseSchuyler Co., Ill.1861

Source: 1686-1882Combined History of Schuyler and Brown Co. Illinois with IllustrationsDescriptive of their Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of theirProminent Men and Pioneers, by W. R. Brink & Co., Philadelphia,Corresponding office Edwardsville, Illinois, 1882

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