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Early Deaths 1852

The Schuyler Citizen, January 26, 1859

Deaths in Rushville for the Year 1852.
Furnished by Mr. Samuel Hindman.

Jan. A child of Silas Brown.
Feb. 22. Dr. W. W. Lee.
Feb. 29. A child of W. H. Ray.
March 16. A stranger in a wagon.
March 19. A child of A. M. Nance.
April 22. A child of Thos. Kirkham.
April 22. A child of H. R. Witt.
May 13. A child of William Peters.
May 26. A child of Jo Smith, killed.
June 12. A child of Josiah Parrott.
June 20. Sheldon Moore.
June 26. A child of Mr. Haley.
June 30. A child of J. Montgomery.
Aug. 18. A child of John Fey.
Sep. 1. Rosina (colored woman)
Sep. 11. Miss Susan Parrott.
Sep. 14. Mrs. J. Todhunter.
Sep. 23. Miss Martha Callison.
Sep. 30. Mr. G. L. Greer.
Oct. 5. A child of W. Corbridge.
Oct. 9. A child of Mathew Seeley.
Oct. 9. A child of Thomas Scott.
Nov. 5. William A. Minshall.
Nov. 5. A child of Asa Nutting. 

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